Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Silvia's Birthday/Christmas/Want list.

Hello my dearest friends and family,

I know my birthday is very close. I firgured I would make a little birthday list that can be converted into a christmas list then into a wish list after. haha I don't ever ask for anything I just let it be known that a girl does have a wish list and if you truly want to get me something from it...well here it is.

1.) Wine Glasses 4-Set (Check**)

2.) Z-stem Martini Glasses 4-Set (check**)

3.) Cover Girl Lash blast Mascara-WATERPROOF-VERY BLACK

4.) l'oreal carbon black lineur intense felt tip liquid eyeliner
(totally available at target, and walmart...just not on their website for viewing!)

5.) Urban Decay Primer Potion
(Tube or Potion bottle is coolies =) sephora and ulta have them.)

6.) Glee-the power of Madona Soundtrack

7.) Glee-The Warblers Soundtrack

(available at Target too)

9.) Back to the future dvd set

10.) Pretty Little Liars Complete First season

11.) Pretty little liars-Wicked-Paperback

12.) Pretty little liars-Unbelievable-Paperback

13.) Pretty little liars-Twisted-Paperback
The author hasn't released the book in paperback yet. =( but my whole collection so far is in paperback.

14.) Victoria Secrets Gift Card
So let me explain this one before you all think i'm getting all greedy with the gift cards.
I need me some underoos. lol and I got two $10 coupons from cousin Vicky (victoria S.) so heres my thinking I get a $25 dollars I get the 5 for 25 deal use the coupon it cost 15...use the gift card i have 10 left come back an hour later...pick out 5 more underoos give the other coupon it's 15 something...hers my gift card again...bam 5 dollars...heres my angels card. I got 10 panties :D yea? if not i'm still going to do it...hahaha but a gift card would be nice. :)

15.)iTunes Gift Card

My list is done.....seams like A LOT! and VERY EXPENSIVE! cause well it kinda is. You have to remember this is my wish list for my self as well. i'm just sharing it with you too. =)
the top two things on the list are being purchased for me by my bf and madre being why it say (check**) lol the rest isn't. I love little care baskets. thats why I included mascara and eye liner cause those are my favorite in the entire world! the primer is expensive! I figured eh...why not..sounds like i'm making a list of things i need. haha The three glee cd's I don't have what so ever! I know thats crazy talk!

Well I'm off to bed! lots of homework to do later. Cause I have a birthday to celebrate on Monday. :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dear Friends: My health isn't doing well.

Hello friends...

I'm not doing so well...i'm trying my best to hang in there but it's really hard.

My health isn't the best it should be and i'm fighting small battles compared to some people but for my age they are big ones.

I Have severe migrane headaches diagnosed by a doctor that said could be something more i'm waiting to get cat scan.

I was just told today I have hypothyroidism which I don't have full details yet but the ones i've seen online.

Both are mild conditions at the moment but I am beyond scared. Never in my life did I imagine I would be going through something like this before my 21st birthday. I've always pictured myself planning a party at a bar or casino. Not appointments at a hospital to go into a tube for observations.

It truly puts that aspect on life "enjoy every day as it was your last."

I'm really scared and i'm praying for the best. For those who are reading if I may ask, can you say a prayer for me? I would greatly appreciate it.

My appointment is 21st until then I will keep you my friends updated.

I love you all so much.

<3 Silvia

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

By Request....

I've put the comment boxes back on the bottom of each blog post. I don't like having comment boxes there but we shall see how they go. :)

Hope you all are having a wonderful week...i'm working a few blogs right now for this week. yay! :)

Also...I'm thinking about getting a tumblr...hmmm

<3 Silvia

Friday, September 2, 2011

My top 6 favorite Glee project contestants.

I watched the glee project from begining to end, not know if I was going to love it because to be honost I didn't want new people on the show. I fell in love the show and i'm excited to see the winners be guest stars. I know I am beyond late but here is my top 6...well 7 because I planned this blog mid season and well you know people get kicked off. haha So just go with it...i'm aware of what happened with the show.

7.) Damian Mcginty
Lets just say I wasn't a fan of his first episode but his innocent boy charm had me cheering for him a little bit. He showed a little bit of his Irish personality and made everyone smile with his silly dancing rain boots routine.

6.) Alex Newell as much as I didn't dig Alex's sassy attitude at moments I could not deny his amazing talent! Especially in drag! He has pure talent and what his kid has gone through in life, there is a reason why he sings like he does. I knew he would make it to the top 3.

5.) Hannah Mcialwain
I loved Hannahs funny personality and they way she wasn't afraid to openly admit to adoring Damian. I can't help but think maybe the emotions of that caused her to go home and I was sad to see that happen.

4.) Marissa Bleicken I originally had Marissa at number 3 in the beginning but because I had included her she is number 4.) I loved her personality, she was fun, I loved the duet she did with Samuel! that was my all time favorite! She was one of the most open girls on the show. I was beyond sad and shocked when they kicked her off.

3.) Lindsay Pearce
Her bitchy attitude made me dislike her the first 9 episodes. I could not deny her amazing talent! Her singing was Phenomenal and her acting was beyond amazing on que and off! Sitting there watching the show I was just imaging all the different stories the writers could make if she won..sadly she didn't. Maybe they can make her 2 episode walk on role like sunshine and ship her off to vocal adrenaline. if they do I called it first!!! =p

2.) Samuel Larsen oh man! I had a hard time deciding who should first and second and honestly as i'm typing this I want to change it so bad! but i'm going by the list I made half season through, I'm being fair! I just loved his rocker vibe! his shyness! everything about him and his performances amazed me! I kept seeing him as Puck jr. but the one who was opposite of everything puck believes in.

1.) Cameron Mitchell I loved Camerons free spirt nerd side! He did great on almost all the assignments except a few. He showed devotion to what he truly believed in. I was really disappointed to see him quit I think him and Quinn would have made a cute couple or or him and brains are a rolling with that one.'s with Quinn and rachel is so jealous because he sings outstanding so she throws on a noun out fit and they roll around the stage singing some love song. hahaha WHAT?!?!?!

I look forward to seeing The winners (in order of how announced) Samuel, Damian, Lindsay, and Alex as guest stars on the show! So far Damian's name is Rory and will start showing up in episode 4 according to Michael Buckley.

Hope you all enjoyed!

<3 Silvia

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Lets Catch up! Summer break, Makeup school, Glee, and Emails.

Hello lovies,

Summer semester is finally over!!

Even though it was kind of easy for me and I made some great "acquaintances" I am a bit relieved.
I had great teachers and the people in my english class were great but I didn't really get to enjoy summer too much. I tried my best but with classes two days a week and sometimes homework was piled up to the fro of my frizzy hair on a hot summers day. I just didn't have time to enjoy my self and the nice summer weather and summer activities. Let me tell you about the adventures to school...the Train rides would be miserable at first because they would be 20-40 minutes late. Then when they were on time they were packed with tourist and crying babies. Now I love babies don't get me wrong but I like a little peace on the way to school.

I am however going to miss my little english class, maybe i'll see them in english 101 in spring. :)

I have decided to take next years summer semester off from photography school to go to make up school! it's not set in stone yet, but it's being worked on financial wise. :D I discovered it will benefit me So much to go to make up school in the summer before my senior semesters. I will have this certificate to do high quality makeup that will help make my photos look fabulous, and help earn me some side cash working for other student photographers. This is an opportunity I am practically being handed and I can't say no! So I have to go get one of those financial bankers and get the ball rolling for me to enroll for summer courses. :) I know it's so far away but heres a little advice for you high schoolers out there...."PLAN AHEAD OF TIME!" it never hurts to plan ahead, because if your plan fails you still have time to come up with plan B.

September is only 12 days away!!! :D
If September is 12 days away then that means my birthday is only 45 days away!!! hehe little miss Silvia is Turning the BIG 2-1!! too bad I can't enjoy it. I have school. :( and the next day too! I was told I was being held hostage downtown at every bar and a nearby hotel to sleep for a few hours before class. haha ooh I love my close friends and family. :)

September 20th is the first day back of Glee! :)
I want to start doing short review/recaps again but short never happens for me. =/
I believe the season 2 part 2 dvd release is September 13th. pretty exciting.
Oh speaking of glee, I've been really enjoying the Glee project! I wanted to post a blog about the top 6 contestants that I liked most. Maybe I will after this little ramble about my life and other shenanigans.

Your Emails,
You all say you love receiving personal emails as oppose to me posting them on a blog answering them. My heart melts knowing you all love my emails, it makes me feel like i'm helping the youth in some kind of way. I do however plan to do an email response on my blog, i'm just not sure when and when I do let me know if you want your names to be changed. :) I'm a creative writer I can totally give you a dramatic name.

Need advice, and think I can answer it? send me an email:
I will try to answer as soon as I can and with the best advice I can, If I can.

Well I must go get some rest because all day I am relaxing, being a lazy bum, and watching a roseanne marathon. This weekend is going to be Crazy with a capital C!

Have a great weekend Lovies!

With all my love,



P.s I promise i'm back to normal blogs this time. I hope you enjoyed my english extra credit blogs. :) so far it seems like a lot you really enjoy the one about the iPhone, Xbox, and Lady Gaga.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lady Gaga's You and I video gets creative.

One of the most talked about news in the entertainment world today is Lady Gaga's new video for You and I. Lady Gaga planned on premiering her video on thursday on her 10,000 tweet via twitter. She couldn't stand the wait any longer and premiered the video Tuesday afternoon with 4 tweets away from 10,000 she simply said "F*ck", "Thurs" "Day" ">Link<" and linked the video premiere on the last tweet.

The video is one of the many creative video's she has done in the past but, this one really sticks out the most. Maybe it's because it's a slow country rock like beat, or maybe it's because she really outdid herself in the costume department. Not only was Gaga in a Mermaid fin, she was dressed as a man! She almost looked like Al Pacino. She released pictures of herself dressed as a man before the video released leading the whole debate is that her? or is it an actor?

In the video you can clearly tell it is Lady Gaga herself. The video shows all aspects of her creative side, how strong she is as a performer, and how well she does at putting her visions together in the editing room. Some singers will be there to shoot the video and leave to go out and do something else, Gaga is in the room editing with them making sure it is perfect. Perfect indeed it is. Not only does she have amazing costumes in this video but she really expresses the different sides of love.

She has the forceful side of love, she has the bad side but you just can't resist, and she has the love that sits around listening to her playing music. She really shows her passion for love in this video.

Maybe this will be her next big Video! Her current number 1 video is Bad romance at 406,937,264 views.

The official Television premiere for "You and I" is on Thursday at 7:49 on Mtv.

<3 Silvia

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Are the Bachelor Pad games discriminating?

The Bachelor pad season pad has just began and it is already getting some high speculation from it's latest episode. Monday's episode showed games asking the females to strike one man who they believe is the dumbest. When the females were done the roles were switched and the men had to strike the women who they thought was the least attractive. Not only were these hurtful questions but they were hurtful all together, they were striking each other with eggs filled with paint.

In a man's perspective, most will laugh the response off. From a women's perspective getting hit with an egg by a man that symbols, your not attractive hurts only that much more. One poor girl got hit repeatedly over and over again through out the game, including one really hard throw.

The guy who threw the egg really hard felt guilty later and took her on a date after he won the challenge. how nice? kinda?

Some of the games these reality shows are coming up with are going way too far! Especially right now when we are struggling to teach teens/ young adults about self love. It doesn't help to flip on a disney partner channel and see a show like the bachelor pad making males and females dis each other for money. I can see if it was on a cable network channel such as MTV because thats not a family channel, but this is Disney ABC.

It's understanding that games should be a little hard, but they shouldn't be emotionally picking at your self confidence like that. dating show or no dating show, it's harmful to the person on tv and the people watching.

<3 Silvia

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Indiana Smoking Rates Decrease!

Just recently Indiana reported it's smoking rates have dropped 6.2 percent from 2001 to 2010 and dropping more. Indiana isn't the state with the lowest smoking rate, that would be West Virginia. What could be causing the smoking rate to start dropping?

Indiana believes that their contest program helps smokers work hard to quit smoking. They offer cash prizes to those to who can quit smoking. I don't think it's just their program that is helping people quit smoking, some just can't afford to smoke anymore. That 6.2 percent that quit smoking in a decade are the ones that have will power to give up a pack of smokes a day to pay a bill a week.

Think of it this way,

A Box of Kool green cigarettes cost $5.31 today with taxes in Indiana.

I highly addicted smoker will smoke 1 pack a day so heres the math:

$37.17- 1 week
$164.61- 1 month
$1,938.15- 1 year

That is A lot of money! $37.17 a week can pay for gas the pump to last a week. $164.61 a month can pay for a utility bill. $1,938.15 savings in a year can help your child go to college so they wont have to take out loans.

Some smokers are going the right route by quitting as the economy is hitting the rough patches of the road right now. It will not only put money in their savings account but it will save their lives from cancer or any other heath issues.

<3 Silvia

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Whose to blame Taxi drivers or Pedestrians?

Just recently 2 little children were struck by a cab driver on Michigan Ave. in the Chicago downtown area. The little children are reported to be okay, the 6 year old has a broken femur and the 8 year old has abdominal bruising.

As much as I emphasize for the little children I can't help but blame both cab driver and parents. If the they were struck close the curb after exiting a vehicle why wasn't he cautious of pedestrians? Today cab drivers are on the phone almost all day while driving around, can the phone be distracting them from driving even if they are using a headset?

What were their parents doing that allowed them to both be hit? If they were about to cross the street then why weren't they holding hands? If they were exiting a car why were they exiting on the street side? Every parent knows better to have the children exit on the side with the curb.

Though I fully believe Cab drivers are one of the craziest drivers around because I take one to school every day, I believe sometimes it's the persons fault for getting hit depending on the situation. Some pedestrians just walk in the middle of the street not caring about the on coming traffic, cause they think the law will save them.

Before you know it taxi's are going to have full camera views to prove who was in the wrong.

<3 Silvia

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ashton Kutcher shares credit advice with teens!

Tonight the teen choice awards announced it's winners of the nominees voted by teens. Ashton Kutcher was the first to win an award for the night for best male actor in "No strings attached". When Kutcher approached the stage to give his speech he didn't give the normal thank you to all my fans speech, he told the teens sitting in the audience he had some advice for them. "Don't ever charge anything on credit card, if you don't already have the money in the bank!" After his advice he started singing Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" and walked off stage while fans continued to sing and clap.

Critics are calling Ashton "wacky" for giving advice like that on an awards show, but I think it's quiet smart. You have a anticipated show that brings in a few million views of an audience of teenagers or younger. We have a debt crisis that will effect the future generations when it comes to school, medicare, and retiring. This is the perfect place to make teens aware of whats happening in the country. If they can ask a teenager or 8 year old to donate 10 dollars to a cancer foundation during the show, Ashton Kutcher can tell his teen fans stay away from credit cards if you don't have money to pay it back.

<3 Silvia

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

We celebrate Lucille Ball's 100th Birthday!

Lucille Ball would have celebrated her 100th birthday today. Lucille know as Lucy was born August 6, 1911 in Jamestown New York. After a long struggle of proving she was good at everything she has ever wanted to be, Lucy landed a role in her own show title "The I Love Lucy Show" in 1951. The show rised quickly to the top receiving many awards, and many first records including "first longest live audience laugh recorded." The show end in 1957 with a spin off call the Lucy show.

How ever it is you may remember Lucille Ball whether it's by her shows, her red hair, or smile. She is one person who will never be forgotten and will go down it hollywood history for years and years to come. New generations today find the show to be entertaining, sometimes I find myself staying up late to watch the marathon on hallmark on sundays.

Today Google is remembering Lucille Ball by displaying a small retro box that plays 5 favorite scenes from the I love Lucy show. Tv networks such as Hallmark and Tv land are playing weekend long marathons.

I sure look forward to watching a I love lucy marathon while I piece together my Image analysis Essay. :)

<3 Silvia

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Monday, August 1, 2011

HP free Xbox offer out of line?

Back to school sales have been advertised all through summer, but the end of July and first weeks of August Advertisers like to blow up the commercial world with back to school ads. They have the really cute uniform commercial, college furniture commercial, and then they have the technology commercial for college. The one commercial that makes me want to throw a pencil at the screen, is the HP desktop/laptop commercial offering a free Xbox.

HP names furniture items a college student is bond to buy like a small fridge then suggesting that all they receive is a free ice tray. Then they mention a beanbag and suggest that all they get is a bunch of beans. Then they reveal their big deal of buying a desktop or laptop (mainly laptops) and you can receive a free Xbox. What is HP encouraging college students to do in college?

Isn’t a laptop and the internet enough? Now to add a game counsel to temptation. I think HP went the wrong route with this commercial with college students because it only encourages them to take it to college with them. They are going to want to play it every night instead of college. I rather have spent an hour on facebook than spent three on playing games. Sure it sells their product a little more, but it sells it for all the wrong reasons. For that I think HP isn’t a college friendly product this year.

Apple is offering a $100 app gift card for every purchase of laptop of iMac. With that app gift card you can buy software programs, editing programs, E-textbooks, and even some music. If you have a few bucks left on your card, you can buy a few games such as angry birds. Who doesn’t like to play angry birds to pass time in between class?

Hewitt packer is only concerned about selling their products this year, but really if they would have just put a good sale they would have done fine. They now Dre beats in their speaker systems making their laptops a little more wanted. A good sale and maybe a free gift card for music downloads would have done their sales good. No need to offer a free Xbox! Especially when parents and students are paying a lot of money for school.

<3 Silvia

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Will Apple's iPhone sales succeed in September?

iPhone 5 worth getting excited about? Many apple fans were expecting Steve Jobs to reveal the new iPhone back in the late spring when he always reveals the new iPhone. Instead a white iPhone 4 was release and that was it. Now rumors are the iPhone will be released late September but how many apple fans will run to buy it?

The First iPhone came out June 2007 selling over 1 million phones before September 10 at the price of $499 for 4G and $599 for 5G.

The Second iPhone (iPhone 3G) came out June 2008 selling yet again over 1 million phones but in just 3 days! This year apple lowered the price to $199 for 8G and $299 for 16G

The Third iPhone (iPhone 3Gs) come out June 2009 selling yet another breath taking number, 1 million phones in 2 days! Apple kept the same prices but raised the phones gigabytes $199 for 16G and $299 for 32G.

The fourth and current iPhone (iPhone 4) came out June 2010. Apple changed the appearance of the iPhone and kept the price the same making their fans completely in awe. Apple put the phones on pre sale on their website and sold 600,000 before they even came out. When the phones came out they sold an additional 1 million. That’s a whole bunch of iPhones! Later apple release the iPhone to Verizon and sold an additional million iPhones. There is said to be over 5 million iPhone 4’s in the world today.

My reason for going into a time line is because of Apple’s timing, why release the new iPhone in September? Why not in June like the other 4? A lot of customers have their updates in June to get the new iPhone, why screw them over? Better yet why screw your sales over? Does apple really have that much confidence in themselves that fans are going to spend $400-$600 to break their contract for the latest iPhone?

It makes a patient person like myself a little upset because I waited till I had an update on my contract to get my very first iPhone (iPhone 4), which was in October. I had to wait 4 long months to get this awesome phone as well as for it to be restocked. Now if I want to update my phone I won’t be able because I will have to wait even longer because apple decided to start releasing iPhones in September.

I guess die-hard apple fans will be devoted and buy the phone and others will wait for the next phone.

The new iPhone is rumored to have a bigger screen and features like an android. If that’s the case I can defiantly wait for the next best thing and I’m sure a lot of other people are with me on that ;)

<3 Silvia

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Casey Anthony the new face of Halloween?

Casey Anthony to be the newest Halloween mask has many biding. An EBay seller put a latex sculpture of Casey’s face for auction after using it for a skit online. The seller earned a whopping $999,900.00 for the mask.

It is way too soon for something like this to be occurring, especially when they don’t know who killed little Caylee. Though I still believe 90% of all evidence lead to Casey killing her little girl or taking part of her murder. To sell a mask with this woman’s face on it is only bringing attention and praise that she wants after being set free. She if currently selling interview times for 1 million dollars. The only thing going for her right now is the humiliation being created with Halloween mask, t-shirts, and other novelties. Hopefully Halloween company’s are a little considerate and hold off at least a year on the mask. Though the mask should never be created, it’s the business world and they want money. For Caylee’s memory and justice I hope they hold off a little while longer.

<3 Silvia

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Hello!! Englishhnesss.......history?

Hello my lovely and dear readers,

those who have sticked around I thank you! I apologize for not blogging, I haven't had the urge to blog like how I used to blog. Have no fear i'm back and hopefully I can get my views back up in there in thousands....this has been the lowest month of views since last year when I just started. It makes me sad that I let that happen, I know half the views are for the pictures but the other half are from people googling certain things and then end up staying on the site to read a few post which I absolutely adore! I do it all the time. I've been thinking about making a tubler but still undecided.

I am currently in an english class this semester and I have a pretty awesome teacher who is more modern with the reading styles of english stuff. In high school all my teachers where for instants freshmen year, I had an hours teacher who was all about hard work and boring books. I wasn't even in honors and she made us keep up with her honors class. she was absent 45% of the year. sophomore year I had yet again another honors english teach but she was cool as ice cream but then left the school at the beginning of the year because her husband got a job in arizona. so we got stuck with a student teacher who was cool too I guess but she was a student about nervousness. Sophomore year I wrote the best essay's, poems, and short stories! one of my essays was in the running for some essay contest...didn't go very far but it was awesome! Junior year, haha well...the teacher was awesome but just not english material, we watched a bunch of movies and read some boring modern books. I took a second english course and had the teacher for suspension...he was an interesting cup of tea! I had a high b average in english 11 and 115 percent in my second english class.

after all that goodness my counselor wanted to put me in honors english finally my senior year and i was like no no no! (amy Winehouse style) being because the english teacher was insane! and crazy! also against all religion. So she put me in three english courses....she was so mean! haha no she wasn't but gah! so I had english 12, contemporary english, and journalism. my english 12 teacher was bias and rude so mid year i switched to a more nicer teacher who turned out to be a pushover with other students and gave us all the cliff notes for each assigned books. contemporary english (I think thats what the name of the class was current issues.. basically article reviews, current issues, and all that jazz) that lady was something else. let me tell you she was soo snobby but yet so serious! is was frightening! Journalism...he was a cool dude and we became friends. man was he serious about his journalism though!

My english teacher for Eng099 (I know! i was shocked too...stupid placement test!) is super duper nice! she keeps the english lessons modern with today events. The class is going over your basic english needs for proper writing. All the stuff you learned in high school is taught again with a better understanding. Which is great for me because I never fully understood the meanings. getting to the whole point of this "short" blog I get to write 10 blogs for extra credit. Though i'm slightly confident i wont need it, i'm an over achiever and feel like i need to do it! So 10 blogs with a funny title are my extra credits. :D Hopefully you will enjoy them, and I promise to get back to normal with reviews and maybe some "short" recaps.

I love you all and I look forward to writing again. I see your emails and it makes me want to keep going! :) i've replied to you all the past couple weeks. hope you enjoyed the emails.

<3 Silvia

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Difficult online shopping methods....STRESS!

Hello Night owls,

Anyone else a night owl like me?

These past couple nights I have been stressing over what Equipment and supplies I need to order next week wednesday when I get my student loan in. Let me tell you about the stress you go through making sure you have all the right things. So here is how the process goes...

1.) Add your camera of choice....Canon EOS 60D DSLR your cart.....Suggested lens......Canon Zoom Wide Angle-Telephoto EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM Autofocus Lens-USA

2.) Add your Lens of Requirement...Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM Zoom Lens-USA your cart.....Suggested lens hood.....Pearstone-LHC-EW83J Dedicated Lens Hood (EW-83J)

3.) Add your lens hood of choice...Canon EW-83J Lens Hood your cart.....Suggested UV Lens protector.....Hoya-77mm Ultraviolet UV(0) Haze Multicoated Filter

4.) Add your lens Uv Shield of choice...Canon 77mm Ultraviolet (UV) Glass Filter your cart....

5.) Add your lens bag of choice...Pearstone Onyx 50 Lens Case your cart....

6.) Add your wraps of choice...Tenba Messenger Wrap 10"(lens) & 16"(camera) Black your cart....

7.) Add your Memory card of choice...SanDisk 16GB Extreme SDHC Memory Card your cart....

8.) Add your Tripod of choice...Slik Pro 340DX Tripod Black your cart....

9.) Add your photoshop of choice...Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Standard Software for Mac your cart....

Congratulations you are eligible for free shipping!


I shouldn't be taxed either! haha so yea now I have a cart full of stuff on hold waiting for my deposit. once it's in i'm clicking submit order. I swear the process of choosing what to get took longer than typing all the correct names. Half of stuff in the cart is required/ recommended by my school and the other half was chosen based on reviews and ratings on different forums online.

My camera bag is a purse like bag from Kelly Moore Bags which is the reasoning for camera and lens wraps. I go to school in the big city so keeping an expensive camera in disguised bag is a lot safer for myself. I don't trust backpacks because i've had a few brake on me and I am so used to slamming my bag on the floor there is no way I could ever try to use a backpack. Kelly Moore bags are simply amazing and made conveniently for a women photographer (they also bags for men). I am getting the B Hobo bag in black.

Aside from all the camera equipment I have been searching online for a mothers day present for my mama. This year is so difficult but, I think I might have found a good present. I will post pictures and product links after mothers day...I know my madre looks at my blog every now and then.

When all of this comes in and I got to work with them for a while I will do individual short reviews.

Goodnight Night owls,

<3 Silvia

Tuesday, May 3, 2011



My lovely blogging family whom I have missed writing to soo much!
I feel like each time I write a blog I have to update you all on my life because it has been so long. Well here it goes....

I have been overwhelmed with things this past month and a half? From school, to family, to having problems with my laptop. I wanted so badly to do a Happy birthday blog from when I first started bloggin but missed that date because for some reason I thought I started in May but I didn't it was in April...FAIL! Maybe I will do a one year, one month blog hehe So lets talk about School, I had so much happening I had to get ready for Finals and final projects get everything together. In the mean time of working on my photo shoot My laptop decides to give me problems! The back light went out and everything was dim I had to flash a flashlight onto to it to see everything. It too 10 mins to just open a file. So then i borrowed My uncles laptop for the mean time while getting everything situated. When I went to school on the 15th of april I discovered I had gotten part of my loan for summer semester and supplies and jetted home after to order my iMac. I ordered it and got it on Monday the 18th and had the rest of the night to work on all my photos editing them on iPhoto. then sent them to the printers early that morning. I then had to mount them and cut the little one for my history project then study when i was all done. Come wednesday I had to present them in class. They came out really well and I wish I could share them but under release forms I can't. they are on my personal website for client views only. Then in the mean time While my grandma was away with our out of town family I was watching her doggie and spending lots of time with her. My grandma came back yesterday and let me tell you taking Lolly (the dog) back was so heartbreaking and i felt lonely when i came back home. I miss her soo much already. =/

Well bloggers I am back for awhile until school gets overwhelming again which i know it will cause i'm taking college math and english! gah! I have a few surprises for you all and gonna work on them tomorrow. :)

I love you all so much thank you for coming back and reading old blogs for the ones that sent me an email telling me they read some over and over again. for new readers hello! my name is silvia and i like to blog and spell things incorrectly. =p

Until next time.....

<3 Silvia

Ps. New glee in a half hour! hehe

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random: family, school, my life, and Lady GaGa

Hello my lovely readers,

I haven't wrote in forever so I felt the need to inform you all on my crazy life. psshk i wish it was crazy...well it kind of is.

My Family:
My family is doing very well, we are all still broken inside but moving on slowly. My grandma is out of town spending time with her sisters who she hasn't seen in a while. She defiantly needs this time with them, I honestly think it's the best way for her to heal. In the mean time I am dog sitting her pup two days out of the week so she's not that lonely at night or during the day. She's a fragile little dog. Currently my other grandma's sister and brother in law are in bad health so i'm praying hard for good health for them.

My School:
My school is freaking hard! I swear college isn't easy and it isn't cheap. I swear people just don't understand how expensive being a student in photography or interior designing. You are constantly buying supplies for classes such as matte boards ($5-20), envelopes($4), gallery tickets($20), photo paper($20-30). Then you got your one time expense of a camera body ranging 980-1,200 and lens ranging 400-1,400 and one lens is never enough for the school either by the time you graduate they want you to have at least two to three. Lunch.... transportation...proper clothing for the windy city. It's really expensive after you add everything up monthly. I probably spend $200 monthly plus $480 for monthly tuition. I wasn't the lucky girl who got a lot of financial aid, I got $600. Hard shizz man! then the classes are complicated and boring all at the same time.

My life as Silvia isn't the easiest life to live, it can be fun but its hard. it comes with a lot of duties. I'm not looking for love at the moment but I am looking for someone to be by my side. I found someone great but times are rough for the both of us and I think our problems collided are only a warning of a train wreck. Maybe one day who knows, but he is sweet and adorkable! I've been approached twice and then i melt with adoringness and then we are face to face and it's silent...come on man! you made your move, I made my move, now king me! This is why i hate the internet sometimes.

Music: I have been listening to A LOT! of Lady GaGa lately I swear she is my soul! I walk down the streets of chicago dancing and singing to myself and i get these stares like what the fudge is her problem? she's weird! one day i'm gonna just shout "BABY I WAS BORN THIS WAY!I swear i get looked at like im some alien sometimes and it's so annoying but, I ignore those fuckers and do my thing. Oh the concert was amazing!! I had a wonderful time! she was beyond amazing! gahh!

^^^That's the make up I wore to the concert^^^

I just recently bought the new Viva Glam GaGa lipstick from mac, it looks amazing!! I also bought the new maybelline mascara so you know what that means review coming up.

Well thank you all for reading up on whats going on through my life, I might talk more about that guy...I am unsure at the moment though.

I love you all more than you will ever know!

<3 Silvia

Friday, March 11, 2011

15 questions

Hello my lovely readers,
I have been watching CNN all night for the earthquake/tsunami in Japan. My prayers go out to those who have been hit, and will be hit may God watch over them and keep them safe.

To keep my mind off of the horrible tragity for a few mins I decided to snag a tag off youtube.

1. What do you think you can do but can't?
Sing! I can NOT sing but I convince my self I can especially singing Lea Michels parts on glee. haha I think i am fabulous but people tell me otherwise.

2. What's a difficult word for you to pronounce?
I have trouble with alot of words that i can't think of any right now.

3. What is a favorite TV show from your childhood?
oooh man...Rugrats, doug, the big comfy couch, zoom, so weird, and hey arnold. I have more but i just can't think of them all right now.

4. What are your virtues and vices?
Virtues-I am very caring, i care for people i don't know, I cry when someone dies and i only met them once. I will care for someone i hardly know and relate to them to help them. oh so many things but i have big heart that cares.
Vices-I take on too many things i can't handle. I say yes to people too easily it is really hard for me to say now and i loose sleep or personal time because im helping someone. So I guess that i can't say no?

5. What's more important: love, fame, power, or money?
Love of course, i feel with love you can conquer anything!

6. If you could live in any era/time period, when would it be and why?
1980's! I love the 80's i am convinced i should have been born in the 80's and gone to high school in the 90's i just love the style and music so much!

7. If you had to redo your entire wardrobe with 2 stores, what would they be and why?
Macy's and Target. Macy's because they have everything! from dress down to dressed up. and Target because its very casual and in today's style on a budget.

8. Can you recall what you were doing a year ago on this day?
No I can't but i wish i could. Im sure if i really looked into i would be able to find out but since its a laid back blog im not going to.

9. Do you have reoccurring dreams? If so, explain?
yes i have a few, one is falling down a narrow set of stairs face first. another one is at same locations lately it has been a hotel and sometimes it's a up class hotel and others like last nights dream it was a kinky hotel. last one is about my classmate whome i'm just friends with and things get heated up...boy thats embarrassing to admit but yea....lets see how i feel when i go back to class on wednesday!

10. What's your horoscope?
I am Libra! I don't really no much about tell me what libras are.

11. What does your dream bedroom look like?
big and spacey with windows looking out to my backyard that has a fountain or pool. and queen sized modern bed with beige sheets. beige curtains and cherry wood furnatire. with white and pink roses to decorate the room and a walk in closet and connected bathroom. ahhh so refreshing.

12. What position do you sleep in?
on my right side or back.

13. Who is your favorite vampire of all time?
Edward cullen both books and movie. :)

14. What are you currently wearing on your feet?
Totally barefoot! :)

15. Do you have neat handwriting? Show us!
I have semi nice writing....I will insert a picture tomorrow so come back to see. :)

Hope you all enjoy! I got it from Elle and Blair fowler on youtube.

Have a good morning. please pray for japan and all those in the path of this horrible tsunami.

<3 Silvia

Sunday, February 27, 2011

In loving Memory of my Grandpa Eddie, My emotions and feelings.

To my lovely readers,

This blog I write here is more for my Family and Friends to understand whats going through this difficult time I welcome anyone to read. This past week I lost someone I loved and cared about the past oh many years. I lost my step grandpa on February 22, 2011. It has been a difficult loss for me in the inside more than showing it on the outside.

Eddie has been in our lives for a long time even before I knew who he was, and when he starting hanging around more after I lost my grandpa I called him the man in the hat. He always wore his cowboy hat and beige leather jacket. He soon became closer to our family and he was another best friend around the house. He and my grandma got married December 4, 2004 and he became family, I asked him that night if I could call him grandpa sometimes and he told me he would love that. I didn't get to call him grandpa much but I considered him a grandpa. The past couple years have been hard with his health he having Alzheimer's disease and I believe blockage in his leg causing amputation. As time went buy he slowly started losing his memory and he asked my name each time I said hi to him. I didn't give up, I told him my name each time and I sat with him when he was at the table to listen to him talk. He sometimes would talk about the Korean war he was in and it felt like he just came back telling me what happened I enjoyed it a lot. The past 4 months He started getting a little worse and I prepared myself for the worse ahead of time. Making sure I told him goodbye if he was awake and gave him sweet kissed on his forehead. His reply would always be "thank you" ALWAYS!

When the worse came my heart stopped and the pain throbbed through my body as if someone had stabbed me a 100 times all over. I controlled my emotions soon after and hid my pain to help my family. I am one less person they need to be sobbing all over the place. With months of preparing for pain I have a grip on my emotions being strong for my loved ones holding in my tears to wipe the tears of others.

My selfish mind could only think "I lost my last grandpa" it has taken me 4 years to heal from losing my umpa(grandpa) I am not even fully healed I still cry at night missing him. If I am not healed from losing him how can I heal from losing my Eddie? I am an emotional wreck pretending like everything is okay. I know not everyone has grandpa's but I envy the ones who still do. I wish their grandpa was mine just so I can feel that grandpa love. I know all three of my grandpa's love me in heaven, but I am a selfish brat that wants my grandpa to be right next to me, give me kisses on my forehead, call me mija, and tell me they love me every time I see them.

My inner emotions haven't been let out yet and they are just building up inside waiting to be let out. I know tomorrow when I see him for the last time I might break down but I know I will have my family their to wipe my tears and give me love to help me get through it. I hope I prepared myself enough to help me get through these next two days without breaking into pieces.

It's been a little hard on the family because the day he passed (Feb 22, 2011) was the anniversary of my grandpa's passing (Feb 22, 1995?) Those silly billy's were best friends and were in the Korean war and worked together in the steel mill. They almost shared a birthday just a month apart and a few years. They both lost a leg due to health (same leg) and they both loved my grandma. So he had to go the same day. My grandma tells us her story of the moment he was alive and it breaks my heart into pieces each time. My grandma visited him that tuesday morning and he wanted to give my grandma a kiss so she leaned in and gave him one, he reached for her hand they held hands, and he smiled he closed his eyes while my grandma closed hers sitting next him. He passed away in his sleep. I am thankful she got to say goodbye, I wish i could have gotten one more goodbye in while he was alive but I couldn't but I know that the last time he was awake and I saw him I said goodbye.

I have been wearing my grandpa's neckless to keep me strong and remember the night he walked into my room when my uncle passed he told me "crying makes a beautiful face look sour, we have to remember that he is heaven partying next to Jesus and he has no more pain" he' wiped my tears away and gave me a kiss on my forehead and said goodnight. it made no sense to me then and I cried myself to sleep. Today his words make sense to me and have helped me be strong. I have to remember he has no more Alzheimer's disease, he has both legs, and he is smiling and having a good time up there with my grandpa and all his loved ones.

Please keep my family in your prayers these next couple days to give them strength as we go through this difficult time.

This blog has helped me in so many ways, I cried the tears I have been holding in, I told my emotions, and I have shared that life is precious and we aren't here forever. If you have a grandpa please give him a kiss and tell them you love them. If you don't have one with you anymore tell them you love them in your prayers. I have told all three I love them today.

In Loving Memory of my Grandpa Eddie

I dedicate this song: On Eagles Wings.

<3 Silvia

Ps. Towards the end of writing this blog I heard a noise outside my door and it was a man saying "meow" when I got up to check no one was there. It was my Eddie Spaghetti telling me he's okay because I felt comfort right after.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Missing in action, Recap of my favorite blogs.

my lovely readers,
I'm sorry I went M.I.A, i was on a roll with blogs but something happened in the family and i have been having a hard time with it I am currently working a blog to explain and express all my feelings. It's really hard to do so and i hope you understand. My next blog is very close and personal and thinking about everything i want to say makes me want to cry. I might have it up tonight, if i finish it.

For now here a few links to some of my favorite blogs I written.

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Thats all the blogs I remember enjoying the most to the max! hope you all enjoy until next time.

<3 Silvia

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Random: Rain, Camera, Computer, and Lady GaGa

Hello my lovely readers on blogspot or google or where ever you came across my blog,

I love being able to write blogs without having to appologize for being lazy and not writing a glee recap/review...don't you? Soo thursday evening I got sick :( I was cleaning my room and had the windows open because it was super nice outside and I wanted to air out the closed room. well I fell asleep after 3 hours of cleaning on my bed of no covers (they were in the wash) and during the 40 mins i was knocked out the temp. dropped and I got sick. It's sad I know, I had just gotten better from my month cold. After lots of medication I am starting feel better so lets cross our fingers
I stay this way.

It has been raining all day here in's nice because well i'm tired of snow and I had been wishing for a rainy day. I love rainy days...especially rainy spring days. Too bad it's not spring yet..but soon my love buttons soon!

Some of you wanted to know the camera I have to get for school So heres some photo's

Pretty fancy huh? It's a cannon 60D with a Sigma 30mm f1.4 EX DC HSM Auto Focus for Canon. I'll be sure to take a picture of myself with my baby. Pretty Esited! and for those asking which iMac...if you must know 21.5-inch: 3.06GHz. Annd for those wondering where I live so they can rob me...I live on the north pole next to santa clause and a block away from the tooth fairy.

I've been getting myself ready for the Lady GaGa Concert coming up next Monday. So exciting I don't have the best seats but just to be in the same building as GaGa is a thrill! I'm doing her telephone makeup just less dramatic eye brows because i have to take public transportation to the united center and it's the same route i take to school so I can't be looking crazy haha

well I have to get my homework in order for Wednesday, I got doctors appointment tomorrow and tuesday my mom is getting her tooth pulled...I need to get my license already so I can drive legally. grrr! anyone want to take me? i'll buy you dinner. :)

Love and kisses,

<3 Silvia