Thursday, February 24, 2011

Missing in action, Recap of my favorite blogs.

my lovely readers,
I'm sorry I went M.I.A, i was on a roll with blogs but something happened in the family and i have been having a hard time with it I am currently working a blog to explain and express all my feelings. It's really hard to do so and i hope you understand. My next blog is very close and personal and thinking about everything i want to say makes me want to cry. I might have it up tonight, if i finish it.

For now here a few links to some of my favorite blogs I written.

Got a Geeks Number

You put your deodorant where?

32 Questions about yours truly

Making an old lady mad

Simple make up for a girl on the go

School organization

how to prepare for an interview

Thats all the blogs I remember enjoying the most to the max! hope you all enjoy until next time.

<3 Silvia