Friday, May 21, 2010

You put your deodorant where?

Hello my loves,

So the other day I was getting ready and my mom happened to be in my room while I was putting on my deodorant and gave me the most unusual stare. Reason being because I took my deodorant and swiped it between my girls and a little under. I didn't think it was unusual because well I have been doing it for about 5 years now. Why not put deodorant there? I don't do it every day but I do it when I wear low V neck shirts, dresses, really anything that my cleavage is being exposed and open. Why you may ask? Well our breast produce as much sweat as our under arms. Especially for ladies with larger breast. I am a C almost D cup it depends on the store I get it from. The ladies at Victoria Secrets insist that I am a D but Insist that im a perfect C and D is too big but they like to forge the push up bra's hmmph. Well any who, When I put deodorant I feel dry the whole day until well your second application that is normal though. It gives me a fresh feeling and I don't feel sticky and my only worry is my forehead being shiney.

My favorite deodorant brand is Dove in Original clean. Its so pure and smells amazing. Im not a fan of powder or the other scent that they have. I use their other brand too Ultimate Visibly Smooth in wild rose for when stubble starts coming in but its too short to shave just yet. I havent tried their clinical protection yet but its on my list of things to try. I have tried the secret clinical and i thought it was amazing! I used that alot when i was in Quinceanera's and Weddings it's good. only thing is I can't use their orginals for two reasons. one after about a week my underarm breaks out into a rash, and two the formula stains my whites and bras. I'm not sure why it does that but i know im not the only one that it's happened too. Then I tried the secret with olay in it and it was working soo good then before you knew it my underarms were in a rash felt so raw it was nasty/ pain full. I later then discovered from my doctors there is an ingredient in olay/ secret that my skin is allergic too. So i'm thinking great another product to add to the "I can't use because i'm allergic too" list. I swear its so annoying! so then I stuck to dove and its perfect for me and won't consider trying anything else!

So what Deodorant do you use? do you like it? are you allergic to any brand like I am? Do you put deodorant in between your girls like I do? If you don't is it something to consider on a hot summer day? let me know i'm curious message me if your too embarrassed to say publicly I 100% understand its a privet subject.

Goodnight my loves!
<3 Silvia