Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Indiana Smoking Rates Decrease!

Just recently Indiana reported it's smoking rates have dropped 6.2 percent from 2001 to 2010 and dropping more. Indiana isn't the state with the lowest smoking rate, that would be West Virginia. What could be causing the smoking rate to start dropping?

Indiana believes that their contest program helps smokers work hard to quit smoking. They offer cash prizes to those to who can quit smoking. I don't think it's just their program that is helping people quit smoking, some just can't afford to smoke anymore. That 6.2 percent that quit smoking in a decade are the ones that have will power to give up a pack of smokes a day to pay a bill a week.

Think of it this way,

A Box of Kool green cigarettes cost $5.31 today with taxes in Indiana.

I highly addicted smoker will smoke 1 pack a day so heres the math:

$37.17- 1 week
$164.61- 1 month
$1,938.15- 1 year

That is A lot of money! $37.17 a week can pay for gas the pump to last a week. $164.61 a month can pay for a utility bill. $1,938.15 savings in a year can help your child go to college so they wont have to take out loans.

Some smokers are going the right route by quitting as the economy is hitting the rough patches of the road right now. It will not only put money in their savings account but it will save their lives from cancer or any other heath issues.

<3 Silvia

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