Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Got a Geeks Number?

This might sound Rational but its true and yet funny.

Girls do you ever feel like when your not looking your best you meet the cutest guy and he's talking to you like your some goddess in the building? well i always run into situations like these i'm either in no makeup, have my geeky glasses on, or have that little black spice on my front tooth. Now don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with glasses, but I have grown to love my red glasses that make me think of ugly Betty's glasses and aren't all that attractive but feel more comfy than my black sophisticated bottle caps.

Well on Monday I get a call from geek squad informing me that my lap top is ready to be picked up at my local best buy. So i throw on a clean t-shirt, recycle the pants i wore the day before, wipe my face real quick from left over makeup, throw my bangs back in a clip, and throw on matching flip flops. I rolled on out of the house looking a hot mess with my mom. I get there and its a little crazy and a man 5'8 black hair spike up with axe gel and green with a tint of blue eyes said how may i help you and i hand him my geek squad folder and said i was here to pick up my laptop and he views the papers and says i will be right back so im standing around and i sit down and about 10 mins later he come back with my lap top and says im looking through the files and hes talking about a bunch of stuff i'm not sure what it was and words i didnt know the meaning too and i just shake my head and say ooooh, awww, really?, no way. my usual i have no freaking idea what your talking about sounds. haha well he goes on and then he said im going to turn it on and check out whats up, so when he flips it open and turns it on let me remind you he is talking to me trying to get me to conversant but i cant because i have no idea what he's talking about so i just smile he turns on the laptop and see's this picture...

now let me share my background information on why i have this picture. okay this picture is of Joe Penna aka Mysteryguitarman on you tube. check him out he's awesome! well he posted this picture on twitter and couldnt help but put it on my background simply because it gave me the greatest laugh around. well i hardly ever close tabs so i forget what my background is and before my computer crashed well thats what it was. so back to my day...

He looked at the background a little shocked, but he just smiled and continued to talk to me and he's talking about how he just wants to check something out and what not i say sure go ahead. So then he starts talking about how he owns his own business and then i got interested because well when i hear someone has their own business i find it fascinating. So the 5'8 black hair spike up with axe gel and green with a tint of blue eyes male continues to talk about what he does and why he's working at best buy and so he practically flaunts that he has 55' tv and blueray player at home worth about 3,000 bucks and he only paid 1,500. He continues that he works at best buy for two days does his own business and goes part time to school for something. finally my mom comes into the picture I was getting a little uncomfortable because i didnt know what to talk about and my mom was all friendly and flaunting her miss goody two shoes daughter. Then my mothers mouth opens and says the words "Do you have a business card she can have just in case something wrong happens with her computer she can call you instead of coming to best buy" roll out of her mouth, nice move MOM! haha he seemed so happy to write it down. oh and the 5'8 black hair spike up with axe gel and green with a tint of blue eyes male goes by the name Paul. =) he was so sweet and talked about his services and then he was talking about how i can probably do some of this stuff at home by myself and if i didnt know how i can ask someone to do if for me and if i knew anyone.

Then my mom starts talking about her nephew, my cousin how he is a wizard at the computers and so on, then he asked what school is he going to then i mentioned the school and then a whole new conversation sparked about a school i had no clue about. then he asked the question when did i get my lap top and i said May 7, 2008 and said aww thats when iron man 2 comes out and asked yet another magical question have you seen iron man 1? no but i know the 2nd one actually looks good then he goes into iron man. haha but he was so funny about it and convincing me i had to see it! now when i see the previews i think paul from geek squad. haha

Finally the scan was over and he said some other things and we said goodbye and my mom threw in the "if something happens we will give you a call" oh mom your so darling! he was simply a pleasure to talk to and he seemed to have interest in me talking to him and what not. he was so sweet and if something does go wrong i will call Mr. Paul. best part? he didnt have a ring on that left finger and he said he lives at home to support his mom! awww so sweet!!!!! ooh and he kept assuring me that they pick up the computer or you can drop it off,and when they are done they will drop it off to you. haha what does that mean paul? lol

Whats the best lesson taken from this? that you dont need makeup, fancy clothes, the perfect body, or a perfect smile to stand out to someone. if a guy can obviously show he's into you and you arent looking your best that just means he lookes behind the outer beauty he looks deep within and past perfect and thats one good guy there and you should hold on to him.

best service at Geek Squad i must say!

What is my background picture now you ask?

None other than my idol little Miss Woods comma Elle. =)

<3 Silvia

Missing Mama Daughter time.

Hello fellow blog readers...since non of you want to join just read. sorry i havent written anything really lately got alot going on so im going to write two different blogs because one is a serious emotional blog and the other is a funny flirty blog post.

Okay so lately i found myself getting a serious mature reality check. Like I am realizing that i am not longer this young teen needing her parents to help her with everything. I have been going out with my friends dealing with real world things I got my own bills to pay and if want something I have to pay for it. I cant go to my parents for movie and popcorn money. Hell I don't get birthday money from them anymore I get a nice card, hugs and kisses, and a cupcake. When I see teenagers my age still get spoiled by there parents sometimes I get jealous but then i think damn their parents are going to have a hard time cutting off the cord specially when it comes to money. seriously you cant count on money from your parents every other week thats for teenagers in middle school. if you clean thats because you are thankfull they still let you live in the house for free.

well any who getting to my point me and mom had a talk about growing up and what not. With me finally going off to school, in which i will be paying for all by myself with my own credit. she realizes i wont be around the house much, kind of how like i been these past months and i told her well it doesnt start till September we have plenty of time to bond. Then she goes into the whole well i dont want to hold you back i know you have to have fun with your friends like how i did when i was your age. She went on and then i told her well i want her to have fun with her girlfriends from work too. so basically we told each other to spend time with our friends to better prepare ourselves for when i finally leave the birds nest to start my own life.

Well I didnt expect it to happen so fast. I mean withing a week she was going out every other day with her friends right after she gets out of work. the time i look forward to when we sit on the couch or stand in the kitchen just talking about our days and whats new. i mean that was our time and she just starting leaving right away and today it really hit me hard. she jolted in got her normal clothes on and said goodbye. I was so heartbroken that she had just left, when i had been looking forward to her coming home so we can talk and eat dinner together. when she got home i just too heart broken to even say a word, so broken to be nice, so broken i gave her the cold shoulder. she made dinner i graved my plate said thank you and ate alone in my room.

She had gotten herself ready to sit at the table and was grabbing two cups but i simply ignored it and looked the other way. i know that sounds so mean of me to do but i was so hurt i just couldnt talk to her with out crying. I then realized how mean i had been and went out to the living room to sit by her to talk but she didnt say much just asked me what was wrong and i said nothing and asked her how was her day and not even far in the conversation my dad comes walking in the door telling my mom if she wanted to go with him to the store and there she goes she gets her jacket on and leaves. i was yet again hurt, i left and went to my room were i soaked my emotions in watching the hills. i think later she realized that she was neglecting me and came in trying to talk but i just didnt want to anymore and just layed in bed ignoring her. she simply gave up and went to the kitchen to clean.

I sound spoiled i know but how would you handle the situation? think of it this way my mom is out and about with her friends im stuck at home with no licence, no car and all my friends are busy or still away at school. i dont get along with my dad enough to hang out with him and if i did he was at work. my grandma likes to watch tv alone sometimes so i am left alone wanting to talk and no one to turn to because my mom is out and my friends are busy. it sucks! i think my mom took one step further than i expected and one foot further than i took. i dont want to start leaving with my friends all the time because then i would never see my grandma or my mom much. i dont know i just want more silvia mom time. someone else always has to be in the picture. i just want my MOM! is that so much to ask for? oh well i guess this is just part one of growing up. and if thats the case i hate it! i love maturing but i still love the time i get to spend with my mom and wish i could have more of it.

this song has little similarities to the situation but the one thing is for sure i just need to fly on my own and she one day is going to have to let go and i am going to have to let go too. Mamas song by Carrie Underwood

Monday, April 19, 2010

Looking into their eyes i see myself....

So Today went different than i planned it to go, i didn't expect to cry and i didn't expect to go down memory lane. but i did and it happened for good reasons. Listening to the people surrounding me talk to a girl about home problems made me feel like i was looking in a mirror flashing upon my teenage life and having adults tell me you can NOT do this and you can NOT do that you should do this and you should do that and in my heart i felts it just rip apart as i look into this young girls eyes and see the pain behind them the bittersweet truth she knows is right but hates being told what to do by others. I can see the rebellious in her eyes the rebel that screams i am going to do what i want to do and there is nothing you can do to stop me. when i looked into her eyes i seen mine when i was 13. My heart went out to her and i fought the urge to blurt out STOP IT! LEAVE HER ALONE! I felt like i went back in time when i was 13 and unable to say my opinion without getting slapped or yelled out. I am not saying "oh i lived a hard life, no one listened to me blah blah blah." because others have lived a more tougher life than i have but i have had bumpy road in my life and i know what its like to be in her shoes.

As we sit there talking about protection on the internet going into the ten commandments "thow shall not kill" come upon subject and people refusing drugs to help them to get better really hits the tender spot on my heart. something i wish not to mention at this time, but to see a young girl with so much pain of lost pet really shows me no matter how old you are, no matter what race, what gender, what family you come from, we all come together to share the same emotions for a reason. The reason being we can console each other help them be okay. As i sat there and cried i looked up to see a full table crying with me, sharing my emotions to help me feel better. At the end of class i look at the other teenage girl 6 years younger than me shed tears out of her beautiful eyes and says "i have no reason to cry but to feel the pain of others makes me cry." I shed tears now realizing how much of a good soul that young girl has, i too see my self within her. myself when i was more mature and cried when others cried, cried when an elderly man cried in front of me because he had just lost his wife of 50 years and he was just purchasing bread and butter. I reached out to the old man and said I will pray for you Michael and to this day i still do. These young ladies are more than ready to be confirmed and i couldn't be more proud of them than i am now. They have a long road of bumps and smooth rides to go but if i see some parts of my self within them i know they will have the strength and ability to get through what ever life has to give them.
God bless,
<3 Silvia

In Memory of my Grandpa Jesus Lopez Sr. and for encouragement of the young ladies in my class to help them get through the many tough years to come I pray for you and this song will help with what ever trouble you may come to because you have to remember what ever trouble you come to, you can always to turn to Jesus.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A day in Chicago

Monday April 12, 2010

What a day I had, I am still overly tired and I have been home since 4:00pm. Oh Chicago how I love you but why must you be a lot of walking? haha only a person out of shape would say that. okay so lets talk about my interesting day in Chicago! In order of what i did and what i can remember! =)

Mission on the way there:
So I woke up at 5:45 AM! and i went to bed at 4:15ish AM! yea so an hour and a half of sleep for a full day out in Chicago is not a very good idea! Well any who i woke up took a nice long relaxing shower and i got out and realized i took too long of a shower, only Silvia would do that right? well I get ready do my face ritual and start putting on my foundation and silly me decides i want to put it on with a foundation brush instead of putting it on with my god made fingers and just buff it out with a dual fiber brush for that air brush look. so i had kind of caked it on today which isn't good for a day of walking. So i put that on and my make up, i've been realizing i reach for my silver colors to do my Kristen Stewart inspired smokey eye. it just so neutral but yet dressy at the same time.

So my mom walks in and tells me i have 20 mins to finish so i put the blow dryer to my hair and straiten my bangs and put on my hot pink lipstick from Mary Kay and throw on my outfit I picked out the night before. throw on my gym shoes and we are out the door. So we get to the train station and the train is filled with a bunch of people there is like one full cart of cubs fans. so my mom and I sat in the same row just with different people. I am sitting there listening to my ipod and I get a text and its from my mother and shes like can we text each other? she is such a dork! so we are texting and I can feel the man sitting next to me looking so i look with my eye balls and i can see he is reading my text messages. So my mom text me "What do you think of the guy next to me?" and the guy sitting next to me sits up and ajusted his self and I said no comment...oh goodness that was a ride to remember. I got full service lady gaga was playing the day was going go just on the train ride there!

We Made it!
So me and my mom get to our stop and we get off and go to millennium park and we sit down and we are talking and I am eating my cookie i bought at the station along with a banana and apple juice. Then a pidgin come along and gets really close wanting my cookie i said no bird fly away and right when i said that my cookie broke and fell on the ground so i picked it up and gave him a piece. Check him out....He started calling out to his friends i guess and then i told him no more Charlie run along and he starting talking and I told him no more and he walked away. haha so me and my madre walked to the bean to take our picture together. well it took awhile cause a cleaning lady was cleaning the bean and took a long while then some guy stands right in front of us and I am thinking come on now there are plenty of spots to take a picture on this bean did you seriously have to stand in front of us? so he finally moves and we get our picture which looks like this... I look Short and Stubby and my mom looks like she is trying to check out her butt or something. haha my mom would look like too wouldn't she. I guess that's why were are so alike. So we walk around a little more and I tell her its 10:00 Am can we go to Macy's? So we start walking what seemed like a forever walk to Macy's.

Macy's: Lush and Benefit! So have been Dying to go to a lush store I have seen many Haul videos on you tube and I have tried a massage bar at a friends house and fell in love with it. So i get there and the guy there was so friendly he was showing me some awesome things and letting me try things and feel them it was amazing i really wanted to get a massage bar but i found other things i wanted lol. so I was looking around and he showed me three things that I couldn't resist to buy.

Joy of Jelly Which is a shower jelly on the web site it is described as "Filled with beautiful aphrodisiac essential oils and made with a Carrageenan seaweed base (to make this soap extra nourishing, softening and wiggly), Joy of Jelly is a truly sensual experience." It also mentions its good sexual experience for you and your partner...umm thats probably why the guy was like wah? when me and my mom said we wanted that jelly. haha but he knew she was my mom and was calling her mom the whole time.

Sex in the Shower which is a Emotibombs and you put a few pieces under hot water in the shower and it creates a steam on the web site it is described like this "For those who like to do it standing up, Emotibombs give you the power of mood altering essential oils in fizzy Bath Bomb form for the shower. Perfect for all states of consciousness and especially nice for sharing, these unassuming little fizzers steam up in the shower to wake you up, put you in the mood and help relieve your hangover." Sex in the shower is described as "pack with lovely relaxing and aphrodisiac essential oils to put you in the mood (you may recognize this sexy fragrance from our Retro Ginger fragrance line)" Sounds interesting huh?

Fresh Farmacy Face Soap Last but not least The Guy talked me into this when he said it would help with my blemishes and put it on my hand...ooh it felt so soft on the web site it describes it so well im just going to copy and paste the whole thing. "If your skin is troubled, sensitive and reacts to nearly everything you put on it, lather up with this nightly. It's pink because it's packed with calamine, the stuff your mom put on your mosquito bites to calm down your skin and stop it from itching. We also add chamomile and rose to soothe, and a bit of tea tree oil to help cleanse for blemish-free skin. It's soft, creamy and delightfully effective so give it a try, rub the pink frothy foam all over."

Benefit Silky finish Lipstick in Ms. Behavin. So i have been on the hunt for this lipstick once i found a significant for it! This particular lipstick was used in the twilight movies "twilight" and "New moon" This lipstick was used on all the Cullens. So I said if this lipstick was used on Robert Patinson i want it! lol I had already gotten the lipstick they used on bella (Kristen Stewart) Called Good 2 Go. This baby is Discontinued (Ms. Behavin) and when i seen it i was like score! and pulled out the charge card and bought it!

Mission to the School: So i am going to school for makeup and i was checking out a school downtown. So i set up and appointment to view the learning facilities and ask questions and get an idea of what exactly i would be doing. They mention interview when you call in and when i got there they didn't ask many questions but i did notice they study your face, like they are checking out your make up and see what kind of skill you have and see what kind of routine you use to do your make up. The school is so clean and colorful. We talked financial situations and schedules for the courses. As me and my mother were getting ready to leave the owner and creator of the school walked in the door i was stunned by how pretty she was. She asked me a lot of questions about what i do with make up at home. My mom being my mom she mentioned me covering up my grandmothers black eyes and nose from when she fell and how it didn't even look like she had black eyes anymore and how i work on my moms face and over up her old age spots. The owner was stunned and very impressed and she showed us a video of pictures of the school and makeup and so on and she just kept talking and she was so friendly she told me they work on fashion shows and stuff and talking about the things they do besides makeup. i was so impressed. Then as we were leaving she said i look forward to having you as a student. I felt good and confident as i left the room. I can not wait to start there!

Tired, hungry, and going home! So when we were all done with the school tour and interview me and my mom stopped at the McDonalds and ate lunch there and we talked about a whole bunch of stuff and she was giving me some awesome advice on friendships and encouragement of throwing away being scared and to be confident and just jump the rope. Just because one guy really hurt you doesn't mean the next guy is going to. So when we finished our one hour and a half lunch at Mcdonalds we left and went back to millennium park to walk the long bridge to the art institute. I was so Tired walking up that bridge haha After that we made our way back to the train and she really wanted to sit on top so i say okay and when i got up there man oh man was i sick! We got to our train station and walked the long walk to our car and came home. I came in stripped my shoes off and fell asleep. it was a long day but it was a very fun day!

Goodnight all I feel like I am leaving stuff out but if I am i will post in tomorrows blog. also im sorry it was so long. if you read through it thank you for baring with my ability to talk a persons ear off. haha

To end a good day with a positive song: The climb By Miley Cyrus

<3 Silvia

Prices of lush:
The Joy of Jelly-Shower Jelly $11.60 7.0 Oz.
Sex in the Shower-Emotibombs $3.95 2.5 Oz.
Fresh Farmacy Face Soap $8.85 3.5 Oz.

Benefit Silky finish Lipstick in Ms.Behavin $18.00

Monday, April 12, 2010


I really dont have much to talk about because it is 215 am and i have to get up in 4 hours so i will keep it short and simple. I realized that best friends truly do stand by your side even if you doubt them. I almost bought a flat screen but the stupid store ran out. DANG IT! i love my best friends Ashley and Mari with all my heart. Im going to Chicago tomorrow to check out my school of choice and talk payments of schooling and see how i like it. =) i also get to go to lush! ive been dying for a massage bar. cant think of anything else, i promise to write a lot tomorrow night talking about my day and so on. sorry my grammer sucks im just trying to get to bed. goodnight loves,

to end the day with a good song So much Better, Laura Bell Bundy and LBTM Cast.

<3 Silvia

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ups and downs of friendships.

Saturday April 10,2010

Wow so much happened today that i cant remember everything. maybe i should have been blogging through out the day. Maybe i should just start vloging and just post it on here so I dont have to write so darn much lol, but i love writting though so it is all good in the bucket. okay so lets start off from the beginning of the day. =)

So i woke up today at like 7:50 to get ready to go out and have break fest with an old friend. I haven't talked to this girl for two years. We went to break fest and caught up and I didn't realize how much we both have grown up and matured like seriously i looked at her and i looked at myself and thought dang we aren't teenagers anymore we are full grown adults. It's crazy how time goes by so flipping fast. we went to Petsmart and she bought a hampster and it was so freaking cute i want to eat it up lol. I got to name her and her name is Lola and she calls me (the hampster) Auntie Silvia! =) I had a really nice time with her and i hope we can do it again sometime soon.

So after i came home i felt a little sick even though i only had a plate of fries and a pop at the restaurant. So I laid down and took my self a nice little nap and got up two hours later to go to my grandmas house. I hung out at my grandmas and then got a text from a friend needing my support so i went with her and supported her and listend and all that good stuff friends do. we ended up having a really good time. had us some pepes and vanilla ice cream. yum right? well now i feel sick. haha not a good mixture. so now i am back home and super pooped.

Okay So i deleted what i said because i felt it no longer needed to be shown, but pretty much my friendship was tested i got a 20% and my best friend got a 100% and i need to work on my jealousy problem and realize shes not going to ever leave me! =)

To end a good/bad day with a good song: Crash and Burn by Simple plan.

Goodnight loves,
<3 Silvia

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Clinique 3 step skin care system review.

Friday April 9, 2010

I didn't have adventurous day today so there wont be much to talk about. so maybe i will do a product review on something I am loving at the moment. Which would have to be The clinique three step skin care system.

So the way the system works is you get a face wash, Clarifying lotion (a toner), and moisturizer. When you go to your Clinique counter you will be asked a series of questions about your acne problems, oil problems, sunburn, and so on. based upon the questions the Clinique specialist will tell you what your skin type is and give you a number of which system you should buy; Skin Type 1: Very dry, Skin type 2: Dry combination, Skin Type 3: Combination Oily, and Skin Type 4: Oily.

First step is the cleanser. Take one pump of the liquid soap, that's all you really need. lather it up in your fingers and wash all over your face for about a good 2 minutes you really want to cleanse your pores. Make sure you get your trouble spots. What i like to do is take the product and cleanse my T zone well and then my temples and i take it down my neck. After two minutes are up rinse the product off and pat your face dry don't rub the towel on your skin just light pats until your skin is dry.

Step two is the Clarifying lotion (toner). Depending on the bottle you have (because around the holidays they have a bonus bottle with the pump) all you have to do is take a cotton ball or cotton round and either take two pumps or damp the round or ball half way and gently rub all of your face and neck. DO NOT PRESS HARD ON SKIN! if you rub it hard on your skin you will get a burning feeling. If you did it correctly you will have a light tingling feeling. I have the bottle with the pump and I use one cotton round with two pumps but when I have the regular bottle it takes two cotton balls to cover my face and neck. Let the Clarifying lotion air dry before moving on.

Third and last step is Moisturizing Lotion or Gel. Skin type 1-2 will get the lotion and 3-4 will get the gel. The last step is pretty simple pump as much lotion or gel onto your hands as needed i usually use about 2 pumps sometimes 3 pumps depending on how my skin is that day. make an even coverage on your face and let dry before applying your foundation.

The only thing about the three step moisturizer is it doesn't have a SPF in the product so what i do is apply a thin layer of the moisturizing gel and then apply a fourth product sometimes i skip the third step of the three step system and just apply the fourth product. The fourth product is called: Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40. I apply the SPF 40 if i know i will be in the sun all day and apply the City Block Sheer Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 25 for every day exposure to the sun. Protecting your face with SPF is very important to do everyday. The sun is very dangerous and damaging to your skin. This product goes on very well and it doesn't have a greasy feel that some face sun blocks have.

All in all this three step skin care product and routine is the best I have ever used! I highly Recommend it to anyone with acne, oily, redness, and etc problems. You can buy this product at your local Macy's department store or anywhere a Clinique counter may be. List of products and prices below.

Clinique 3 step system:
Liquid Facial Soap 6.7 oz.: $15.00
Clarifying Lotion 6.7 oz.: $11.50
Clarifying Lotion 13.5 oz.: $20.00
Moisturizing Lotion or Gel in Tube 1.7 Oz.: $12.50
Moisturizing Lotion(No pump, not available in gel)4.2 oz: $22.50
Moisturizing Lotion or Gel with Pump 4.2 oz.: $24.00
City Block Sheer Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 25 1.4 oz.: $17.50
Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40 1.4 oz.: $17.50

Shop to view and order any products mentioned.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and shine bright.

Goodnight my loves,
<3 Silvia

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Burned fingers and confused about love?

Thursday April 8, 2010

So I woke up today in hopes that my day would be much better than before and it started off better a little gloomy not too bad until.....i BURNED my fingers on a hot pan! who does that? me of course i swear i am sooo clumsy it should be illegal. I was cooking tator tots in a little ceramic bowl and the bowl handle was extremely hot well the pan glove slipped and i graved hold of the bowl and sizzled my skin off my fingers. as a result of my accident i have shinny fingers and possible can kill a person and not get caught because my finger prints are a little messed up...temporarily that is. also i have 3 blisters and and busted vain.

Oh so i had my phone on the charger and i was txting for about 30 minuets to a friend and then i put it down and when i went to go grave it again i burn my fingers (not badly though) the phone was extremely hot and the back part that covers my battery was soft like if it was starting to melt it was insane! Then it made a beeping noise and i thought it was going to explode into pieces but all i can think about is if it did i would sue At&t for a million bucks for emotional damage! haha but nothing happen it cooled down and everything was okay and my back cover looked like it didn't even get soft. oh the things that happen to me.

Okay so i was on facebook and talking to a friend at the same time not going to mention any names or anything. well have you ever had a friend that say the most uncomfortable things around you like if they were hitting on your or something and you just don't see them like that so your like uhh? well i get that alot and my friend was a victim today. how far is too far with words you would use on a random person but use them on a friend? She was so uncomfortable and so was i just reading it sent chills down my spine.

oh haha i forgot to mention So at my local Strack and Van tills there is a bag boy and he is one of those pretty boys. he's cute im not going to even lie but he smiles at me a lot and i just flash a smile and look the other way because i don't know it's awkward. I used to play the flirt game with him cause it was fun and i am a flirty girl but one day he was talking to my dad and smiling at me at the same time, that is good but bad. im not sure am i over reacting? maybe im just afraid to try the whole relationship thing again and i am just looking for excuses not to try. i found my self two great guys last spring and broke it up because i was afraid of getting hurt. Two boys really screwed me up in life and i guess i just got to take it as a lesson and move on because i know there are good guys out there.

To End another day with a good song; Haven't Met You Yet, Michael Buble

Goodnight loves,
<3 Silvia


So I thought i would give this Blog thing another chance since i didn't keep up with my other blog very often. I am not looking for followers but if you want to follow that's cool too. Okay so let me explain why im getting a blog. I was on my facebook writing notes about nothing. Stuff people were thinking "what the hell are you talking about Silvia?" lol so if i got a blog and wrote about nothing it would make more sense to the blog world. So that is my background so lets get this blog started!

Wednesday April 7, 2010
So today was a horrible day! I wake up to a horrible storm, now let me just tell you i hate storms! when i find out there is storm coming my eyeballs are glued to the weather channel making sure everything will be okay and if i should seek shelter. I become a nervous wreck. Well any who I made a phone call to the school i plan on attending to in August, and set an appointment to talk finances and so on. When I get off the phone i try to turn on my Television so i can catch the news (aka the Weather) it wont turn on i scream out mother "clucker!!" my Television went out! two days prior to this my lap top went out.

I was so upset then an hour later Geek Squad calls me to tell me i went over my Limit of back up storage and i need to come in and pay $50 more to have everything backed up or decide whats more important. So i had to get dressed and go in to pay $50 more to have everything backed up because my music and pictures are my life not to mention i have crap on there for school. So really i bought me a little mini external hard drive.yay me right? boo but i guess i need that if i plan on making youtube videos after my schooling.

So im walking around looking at the Televisions in Best Buy and realize all they sell is flat screens and the cheapest one was $200 screw that im better off reading all day instead of watching Television all day. So i came home and tried to convince my grandma to buy a new tv. she almost said yes but im not sure what changed her mind. hehe So after i go to at&t to get the bill fixed because they took off my data plan so i had $65 in data charges so i got that all fixed and now i love my Arabian friends at At&t again.

So to end a bad day good i sing a good song and say goodnight.

Song of the day: Bad Day By; Daniel Powter

Goodnight my loves,

<3 Silvia