Thursday, September 9, 2010

Silvia's advice: Makeup for work and school.

(kind of a sloppy blog im sorry)
Hello makeup lovers,

Subject: Makeup for work and school.
Question: what are some good make up products i can use for school and work without spending 40 minutes in front of the mirror?

So yesterday in my blog i mentioned i would make a little make up video of a look you can wear to school every day. well I FAILED! My lighting was horrible, My memory card wasnt taking good video, I kept messing up. It was horrible not to mention i dropped my 88 pallet on my hard wood floor and 10 shadows fell out of the pallet. =( so this blog will just be about product that you can use every day for a quick make up fix before your first class of the day or work, and inexpensive.

I don't like putting on foundation or pressed powder before going to school or work so the perfect coverage for me is a tinted moisturizer. Its great for summer and its great for working women on the go.
Sephora's tinted moisterizer is just as amazing as Laura Mercier's Tinted moisturizer

The tinted moisturizer is $21.00 and last me about 3-4 months maybe longer you dont need much for a good coverage. its a whole lot cheaper than lauras thats for sure, its half price.

I only put on concealer if its a must but, we all have those mean pimples that like to pop up on our face while we are sleeping. so a good concealer to use with your tinted moisturizer is Mac select cover up.

its $16.50 and works like an eraser im quiet found of their studio sculpt concealer as well.

Eye primer:
eye primer is obviously a must im really digging the Mary Kay eye primer works good and is cheaper than urban decay primer potion, which too is an amazing primer.

it cost 12.00 and is in a squeeze too better for application.

Eye Shadow:
As much as we all like our individual eye shadows or dust i find that the Coastal scents 88 warm pallet is the best go to pallet for a quick simple look in the morning. you make a simple eye to a really dramatic smoky eye.

it's only $24.00 for 88 colors thats a deal right there.

Blush is optional to many people, i dont wear blush every day just the days i want to dress up my makeup with some blush and lipstick.

I love Mary Kays tinted lip balms, they give you a little color with some moisture at the same time. along with that i like lip stains they last almost all day and you can dress it up with your favorite clear or shiny lip gloss. =)

Here is the look i tried to film for you all.

(sorry the picture doesn't show the look to well the one that eyes look crazy like lol)

All products used and web sites where you can purchase them are below:

Primer- Avon,Magix face profector
Foundation- Cover girl, clean for sensitive skin in soft honey; All drugstores.
Concealer- Mark, Speedway concealer; Discontinued.
Powder-Mac,Mineral Skinfinish natural in Medium Dark
Blush 1: Mark, mark Good Glowing Mosaic Blush Custom Color Palette in Chica
Blush 2: Mary Kay,Mineral Cheek Color in Shy blush

Eye primer: Mary Kay,Eye primer
Eye Shadow
(My poor chipped pallet)
Coastal scents 88 warm pallet
Eye liner: Loreal, carbon black lineur intense; All drug stores
Eye liner: Avon,Spectra Define Eye Liner
Mascara: Cover girl, Lash blast waterproof in black; All drug stores

Mary kay, tinted lip balm in apricot
Nyx, Round lipstick in Darlng

And thats what i pretty much use every day...with the exception of all the foundation, sometimes i just dont use it at all.

I hope you all found this helpfull...kinda sorta....REMEMBER:you don't need make up to make you feel beautiful,your beauty comes within you. buts its just something us girls like to use and buy =)

with love,

<3 Silvia