Friday, December 10, 2010

6 days of gleekmas, upcoming plans, and thoughts.

Hello my lovely blogging people,

I know I know where are glee reviews?

I have them all written and ready to be posted but im gonna do a 6 days of glee-mas and post them 6 days before Christmas Eve. I figured it would be a nice Christmas presents for you gleeks out there.

I have been doing an exciting experiment for the ladies out there and I just started on Monday and im going to do it all the way till Christmas time. I can't wait to write the results..I'll give you a hint engagement ring and boys. hmmmm Hehe

I've gotten a few emails asking to please put the comment box back, im not sure if i want to. I've gotten some ugley one, some bad ads, or no comments at all. So i'll have to think about it for awhile. I know you all are reading the blogs I post. I see them in the stats and I am overwhelmed and happy that you all still come back even without new blogs.

I'm planning to bring back Silvia's back in January. I will only do it once a week though because I am finally going back to school. :)

But I will be posting some more blogs within this upcoming week got lots on mi mind!

I love you all so very much for reading.

<3 Silvia