Monday, August 30, 2010

Welcome September 2010

Hello my love bugs,

Okay so this month I plan to write a blog twice a week about the following subjects;
-Girl problems
-High school situations
-Life in general

I was sent about 60 questions and picked out the ones I thought should be answered and subjects I can relate to and share my experience to help another out.

I know this is a day before September 1st but i just wanted to get ahead of myself. hehe

Dates I promise to blog;

Week One: Sept. 1st, Sept. 3rd
Week Two: Sept. 7th, Sept. 9th
Week Three: Sept. 14th, Sept. 16th
Week Four: Sept. 21st, Sept. 23rd
Week Five: Sept. 28th, Sept. 30th

I have it all written in my planner so I don't forget.

I got to get back to catching up on 3 months of cosmo haha i am so behind! I also had the weirdest dream about Shane Dawson that is stuck in my head. I should write about it because its so vivid, it can be a short story haha we will see. I dont want to make too many promises.

I love you all more than you know.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Silvia's advice: online dating.

Hello my love angels,
So over the weekend I was sent this really awesome and sweet letter from a girl name Alli and she is a 15 year old reader who found my blog by searching friendship advice and thats back when i was having a little friendship problems (which im going through again) and didnt get the full intake of what i wrote but still got the feel of what it was about. So she sent me this cute email saying how she admired my blog and all the advice and rambles i do on here. i was thinking oh im getting views but not many and i should just give up on bloggin and go back to my silly facebook notes but when i seen that people do read my blog, like my advice and rambles, and reviews why should i quit? i dont need 400 followers to keep writing plus not everyone signs up for blogspot they just google and stumble across random bloggers. so thank you Alli i will continue writing blogs and i will try and answer all your questions through out the month of september that is my goal.

Blog subject: online dating.
So question number one was what are your views on online dating, have you ever dated anyone online?

I found this question to be perfect timing my close friend just recently met a guy online and im not sure if its official but it sure sounds like it to me but they are a couple and thing is he lives far so its a online relationship. he truly is a sweet guy to her. so when i got this question i was like...*Chelsea are you sending me a message from a new email in disguise? but as the email went on i knew it wasn't her.
So here is my view,

I think online dating is more complicated than dating someone who lives a couple miles away. Reasoning being you dont get to know them personally like i make funny faces when i pronounce certain words the guy im talking too would never know that and that right there could be one thing he loves and adores about you. you will never know if he or she is lying to you about something because your so far away. He or she can tell you they are going to work when they really are going out with a bunch friends doing stuff they promised to stop doing. Not that, that can't happen with a local relationship but its easier to spot if he is local rather than long distant.

I know you are thinking well a lot of those answers are based on not trusting him or her. well that brings me to my next reason you can't always trust someone you met online. It sucks to have to say that because you have those rude, mean, and sick people out there that take advantage of the internet and peoples trust and lie about who they are. So girls and guys dont fully trust that person till you know they are legit. Don't let the good words fool you.

Have I ever had a online relationship?
Yes I have. I have had 2 relationships and one was horrible and the next was such a dream but i quickly snapped out of the dream. My first online relationship was with a boy named cody and he was sweet and kind said all the right things i was 14 and naive he was a year older and lets just say after 2 months he was ready to do things i didnt want to do. I think you know where im going with this. I stopped any kind of contact with the guy before it got any worse and he contacted me again from none other than a juvenile jail campus. He was caught with drugs and alcohol and crashed a bike that was stolen. I had nothing to say to him i simply said well thats what you get and deleted my email/screen name so he could never contact me again.

Months later I met someone new by the name of Jon and he was the sweetest guy ever i had my gaurds up at first but as months went by i slowly let them down. only thing is i went by a different name and made myself a year older just for the sake that i was scared of him looking for me. (I as well did this for cody but i used a different name from the name i used for jon) i used my confirmation name. I stayed up till early hours of the morning, if i wasnt in school i would stay up till the sun rose and he was an hour ahead of my time. Jon told me great stories of his life and i told him mine. he was always there for me when i had problems and as i was for his. we exchanged the i love you after 5 months and talked for 2 years. I on the other hand was the bad guy in this situation and started talking to guys in my area i was social with alot and i was "involved" with them i dont want to say relationship with them because they all ended badly and its a experience im not ready to talk about. He some how found out and did the same thing and we slowly grew apart and started living our own lives. Month later we started talking as friends and thats all we are now. Now he has been sent off for training and will be sent off to iraq sometime after christmas. So now i plan to still email him and it can be my own little personal Dear Jon.

So My view on online dating? it can work for people who are down right serious about it and who are 100% faithful and know the other is 100% faithful. Just remember not everyone has Clean paws someone always has a bad record somewhere. dont let your gaurds down too fast cause you might get a cody, but if your patient and you wait you might get a Jon.

I hope my story of experiance help some of you out there. some may feel different about the situation. i mean some people do meet their soul mates and get married and have a family but some do get caught in a sticky situation and end up well you know...i love you all PLEASE! be safe if your going to online date dont give any personal information out till your ready to trust them and more than 2 people know about this online friend. Always tell someone if your online dating. dont ever keep it a secret its not me.

I love you all soo much thank you Alli for your super sweet email, you encouraged me to write more blogs. Join blogspot so i can follow you and you can start writing about your life and advice for girls your age. you can write your experience through high school. I promise to answer your questions maybe two a week or one a week. how ever many it is they will all be answered.

one more quick thing. if your going to have an online relationship don't drop your life to be online 24/7. you still have friends that want to hang out and need your attention as well. just because you have this online boy doesnt mean the world stops. as much as the feeling is unexplainable and thats all you want to do is talk to him. you still have family and friends to communicate with dont leave them hanging. but also have fun enjoy the fun butterflies.

Blog Question: Have your ever dated online? how did it work out? If you haven't would ever consider dating online?