Sunday, February 27, 2011

In loving Memory of my Grandpa Eddie, My emotions and feelings.

To my lovely readers,

This blog I write here is more for my Family and Friends to understand whats going through this difficult time I welcome anyone to read. This past week I lost someone I loved and cared about the past oh many years. I lost my step grandpa on February 22, 2011. It has been a difficult loss for me in the inside more than showing it on the outside.

Eddie has been in our lives for a long time even before I knew who he was, and when he starting hanging around more after I lost my grandpa I called him the man in the hat. He always wore his cowboy hat and beige leather jacket. He soon became closer to our family and he was another best friend around the house. He and my grandma got married December 4, 2004 and he became family, I asked him that night if I could call him grandpa sometimes and he told me he would love that. I didn't get to call him grandpa much but I considered him a grandpa. The past couple years have been hard with his health he having Alzheimer's disease and I believe blockage in his leg causing amputation. As time went buy he slowly started losing his memory and he asked my name each time I said hi to him. I didn't give up, I told him my name each time and I sat with him when he was at the table to listen to him talk. He sometimes would talk about the Korean war he was in and it felt like he just came back telling me what happened I enjoyed it a lot. The past 4 months He started getting a little worse and I prepared myself for the worse ahead of time. Making sure I told him goodbye if he was awake and gave him sweet kissed on his forehead. His reply would always be "thank you" ALWAYS!

When the worse came my heart stopped and the pain throbbed through my body as if someone had stabbed me a 100 times all over. I controlled my emotions soon after and hid my pain to help my family. I am one less person they need to be sobbing all over the place. With months of preparing for pain I have a grip on my emotions being strong for my loved ones holding in my tears to wipe the tears of others.

My selfish mind could only think "I lost my last grandpa" it has taken me 4 years to heal from losing my umpa(grandpa) I am not even fully healed I still cry at night missing him. If I am not healed from losing him how can I heal from losing my Eddie? I am an emotional wreck pretending like everything is okay. I know not everyone has grandpa's but I envy the ones who still do. I wish their grandpa was mine just so I can feel that grandpa love. I know all three of my grandpa's love me in heaven, but I am a selfish brat that wants my grandpa to be right next to me, give me kisses on my forehead, call me mija, and tell me they love me every time I see them.

My inner emotions haven't been let out yet and they are just building up inside waiting to be let out. I know tomorrow when I see him for the last time I might break down but I know I will have my family their to wipe my tears and give me love to help me get through it. I hope I prepared myself enough to help me get through these next two days without breaking into pieces.

It's been a little hard on the family because the day he passed (Feb 22, 2011) was the anniversary of my grandpa's passing (Feb 22, 1995?) Those silly billy's were best friends and were in the Korean war and worked together in the steel mill. They almost shared a birthday just a month apart and a few years. They both lost a leg due to health (same leg) and they both loved my grandma. So he had to go the same day. My grandma tells us her story of the moment he was alive and it breaks my heart into pieces each time. My grandma visited him that tuesday morning and he wanted to give my grandma a kiss so she leaned in and gave him one, he reached for her hand they held hands, and he smiled he closed his eyes while my grandma closed hers sitting next him. He passed away in his sleep. I am thankful she got to say goodbye, I wish i could have gotten one more goodbye in while he was alive but I couldn't but I know that the last time he was awake and I saw him I said goodbye.

I have been wearing my grandpa's neckless to keep me strong and remember the night he walked into my room when my uncle passed he told me "crying makes a beautiful face look sour, we have to remember that he is heaven partying next to Jesus and he has no more pain" he' wiped my tears away and gave me a kiss on my forehead and said goodnight. it made no sense to me then and I cried myself to sleep. Today his words make sense to me and have helped me be strong. I have to remember he has no more Alzheimer's disease, he has both legs, and he is smiling and having a good time up there with my grandpa and all his loved ones.

Please keep my family in your prayers these next couple days to give them strength as we go through this difficult time.

This blog has helped me in so many ways, I cried the tears I have been holding in, I told my emotions, and I have shared that life is precious and we aren't here forever. If you have a grandpa please give him a kiss and tell them you love them. If you don't have one with you anymore tell them you love them in your prayers. I have told all three I love them today.

In Loving Memory of my Grandpa Eddie

I dedicate this song: On Eagles Wings.

<3 Silvia

Ps. Towards the end of writing this blog I heard a noise outside my door and it was a man saying "meow" when I got up to check no one was there. It was my Eddie Spaghetti telling me he's okay because I felt comfort right after.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Missing in action, Recap of my favorite blogs.

my lovely readers,
I'm sorry I went M.I.A, i was on a roll with blogs but something happened in the family and i have been having a hard time with it I am currently working a blog to explain and express all my feelings. It's really hard to do so and i hope you understand. My next blog is very close and personal and thinking about everything i want to say makes me want to cry. I might have it up tonight, if i finish it.

For now here a few links to some of my favorite blogs I written.

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Thats all the blogs I remember enjoying the most to the max! hope you all enjoy until next time.

<3 Silvia

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Random: Rain, Camera, Computer, and Lady GaGa

Hello my lovely readers on blogspot or google or where ever you came across my blog,

I love being able to write blogs without having to appologize for being lazy and not writing a glee recap/review...don't you? Soo thursday evening I got sick :( I was cleaning my room and had the windows open because it was super nice outside and I wanted to air out the closed room. well I fell asleep after 3 hours of cleaning on my bed of no covers (they were in the wash) and during the 40 mins i was knocked out the temp. dropped and I got sick. It's sad I know, I had just gotten better from my month cold. After lots of medication I am starting feel better so lets cross our fingers
I stay this way.

It has been raining all day here in's nice because well i'm tired of snow and I had been wishing for a rainy day. I love rainy days...especially rainy spring days. Too bad it's not spring yet..but soon my love buttons soon!

Some of you wanted to know the camera I have to get for school So heres some photo's

Pretty fancy huh? It's a cannon 60D with a Sigma 30mm f1.4 EX DC HSM Auto Focus for Canon. I'll be sure to take a picture of myself with my baby. Pretty Esited! and for those asking which iMac...if you must know 21.5-inch: 3.06GHz. Annd for those wondering where I live so they can rob me...I live on the north pole next to santa clause and a block away from the tooth fairy.

I've been getting myself ready for the Lady GaGa Concert coming up next Monday. So exciting I don't have the best seats but just to be in the same building as GaGa is a thrill! I'm doing her telephone makeup just less dramatic eye brows because i have to take public transportation to the united center and it's the same route i take to school so I can't be looking crazy haha

well I have to get my homework in order for Wednesday, I got doctors appointment tomorrow and tuesday my mom is getting her tooth pulled...I need to get my license already so I can drive legally. grrr! anyone want to take me? i'll buy you dinner. :)

Love and kisses,

<3 Silvia

Friday, February 18, 2011

Love: Arguments, Jealousy, Compliments, and moving on.

Hello all you lovely bloggers,

So i wanted to talk about something I have been dealing with, I was gonna wait till next month to make it an advice question but I have to get it out now, LOVE.

Yes the magical 4 letter word is my quick topic. Love is beautiful and I don't think I have been in love, the love I thought I had was petty school girl love because when I go back and think about it I think I was more in love with the idea of being in love. Which wasn't love at all Arguments, constant jealousy, and lack of compliments. Now I know what you all are probably thinking well everyone argues, gets jealous, and compliments are just luxury and something girls feel they need.

Yes arguments happen all the time but when you find yourself constantly arguing about little things can start to gett ugly, one can say something they don't mean at them one moment and scar the other person for a long time. Try to work on your arguments and if they can't be resolved then are you truly in love with them?

Jealousy, yes it can be cute but is it cute when your other half ask you 100 questions about someone you were talking to and then accuses you of liking them more? NO! it gets annoying after awhile especially when it starts moving on to friends and family. Jealousy can drive people apart or create abusive situations that sometimes leads to death. Many murder cases are of someone killing someone because they "THOUGHT" they were having an affair with their girl or guy. It's really sickening what some people do when their jealousy levels are super high. Take my advice lady and gents Moderate your jealousy, it's okay to be a little jealous but not too jealous.

Compliments, Every girl and guy needs to hear a compliment every now and then. A simple you look nice in red, your hair looks adorable, This dinner is amazing, I like your ____. Just give a little compliment and I am almost positive it will brighten their day and make your relationship strong.

I have had a two bad relationships in my life time and i let it stop me from trying to find love again. In my mind any relationship I get into that guy will be just like *Brody and he's just going to hurt me all over again. I couldn't bare to try love again and just get heartbroken all over again, it will take forever to heal my soul. Little did i realize I was never healed at all, avoiding possibilities of love and putting my guard up at all times was me still emotionally healing on the inside.

I have finally let my past go, *Brody is no longer going to stop me from being happy again. If he moved on and found love again I know I can too. All the possibilities that could have happened in the 3 years I was broken I can never get back So I have started fresh. I am in a new environment at school with new guys, new friends, and new possibilities. I forgot how much fun it is to be flirty cute inviting conversations and introducing yourself with a whole new insight.

I am currently looking for a new ring to wear that doesn't look like a commitment ring i am thinking of getting a cute little silver heart, no rhinestones just a simple silver ring for my right hand and I will keep my pink heart ring on my left finger because it is my promise ring I got at my Quinceanera and taking it off only makes me break my promise.

So my lovely readers,
Live, Love, and laugh each and every day. Don't be afraid to love good things can come out of it.

I love you all so much

<3 Silvia

*Changed name.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Back to normal, 2nd blog, Cameras, and Summer Field Trips

Hello my lovies,

So with 2 weeks of long thinking I have come to the decision not to continue writing glee recap/reviews. They were so much fun but a lot of work and it took the fun out of watching glee. How ever this doesn't mean i'm going to stop talking about glee, I might write a short paragraph about the episode of all my reactions with out a recap. So let me show a short example below of this past weeks episode.

Take me, or leave me had me sing at the top of my lungs when Rachel and Mercedes belt out the broadway number. I about peed my pants when puck walked in the room with a bieber wig. Boys had me running out the room covering my ears crying for mercy, it was horrible and should have been edited out. Will and Sue going to sing with children with cancer was the sweetest things ever. Rachel and Finn being nice to each other gave me hope for Finchel again. I don't really feel bad for Quinn, your not hannah montana you can't have the best of both worlds and you should have thought about being with sam before lying. I think Sam and Rachel should give it a try instead of Santana and Sam. etc.

[Favorite song, youtube video]

<3 Silvia

So thats what they will look like, I will more likely be doing them at school on my lunch break so thats why so short and simple. I used to do all my reviews like that and I started making them longer and more professional but I had to remind myself why my true followers kept coming back. so i'm going back to when i first start short simple and unedited. Moving on...

So I am thinking about making another blog, I got the idea from Kalel Cullen blog page and what she does is take 10 pictures of what she did that day and uploads them as a blog. I think thats an Amazing idea especially since i'm currently studying photography, it's a great practice for me and I can display some of the work I do in school. I am super excited to get that started but that probably wont happen until the end of April when I get my DSLR.

I have to wait for all my yucky loans to go through and then I will have some cash to FINALLY get my camera...let me tell you they ain't cheep...I wish we could use the little 600 dollar cameras to practice but noo...we gotta get the $900 camera body and $600 lens. Plus other equipment I am also getting the "proper" computer for photographer which is an iMac lovely right? arg, i'm so used to PC's but i will learn i guess. You know what sucks the most is i have to rearrange my room all over again =/ I don't think my makeup table is going fit where my dresser is and the my dresser by my closet plus a small desk for the imac. I can't mount my tv because my walls have old dry wall, it's going to be a big mess but i will make it work I hope. It sounds like I am complaining because well I am but I am also extremely excited for some changes.

Oh and I have also decided to do some fun field trips in the summer, I'm going to all the Chicago Museums and attractions oh and zoo! Gonna work on my portfolio and have fun with my friends. I am Super EXCITED! I always loved going to stuff like that, i think i am more excited to go to the shedd aquarium. I have been there in like 13 years! crazy!!! and i'm like 20! haha Oh and the Zoo I love the zoo! that one i might go twice, once with my friends and once with my family.

Okay my lovies I think I wrote way too much! I will let you all know about the second blog I am working on Silvia's advice for next month. Need advice send me an email my address is on the top to the left.

Hugs and Kisses,
<3 Silvia

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I tried but failed...Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

I'm sorry I didn't finish all the reviews before the super bowl. I tried but failed...err but I will have the rest up this week except Tuesdays new episode that will hopefully be up by monday next week. :) i love you all have a fun and safe super bowl day. now off to do all my homework before half time and the new glee episode. muah!

<3 Silvia

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Review/ Recap: Glee; The Substitue feat. Gwyneth Paltrow

“The Substitute” featuring Gwyneth Paltrow Air date: November 16, 2010

Sue becomes principle after she makes Lauren purposely sneeze on Mr. Figgins whiles she has a nasty cold causing him to get the flu. When Will greets Sue in the morning she stops to correct him making him call her Principle Sue. She proceeds to tell him she plans to destroy Glee club while walking away Lauren sneezes in Wills face. Will starts feeling sick when he is in Glee practice and starts losing It when he see the Glee club as little children. Which I thought was so adorable because they all look like the actual characters (at the bottom of blog there is direct links to photos and videos). Will goes home sick and Terry pays him a visit to nurse him back to health. Rachel thinks she is head of the Glee club while Mr. Schuester is gone, and she drives everyone crazy. Mercedes shows he obsession of tator tots in the lunch room when they bring in a new batch.

We meet Ms. Holly Holliday when she becomes the Spanish substitute for Wills Spanish class and teaches the class how to say Lindsey Lohan is crazy. Kurt interrupts class to be Ms. Holliday to because the Glee substitute and becomes very happy and accepts. Puck tries to pull a trick on Ms. Holliday and puts butter on the floor, it makes Rachel slip and fall but Ms. Holliday doesn’t fall for it and slides right through without falling leaving Kurt to slip and fall right behind her. This scene had me laughing for a good 4 minutes uncontrollable silly I know but I couldn’t help myself. Ms. Holliday comes in and speaks their mind when she tells them their performance at regional’s wasn’t good because it wasn’t song they picked, When she asked them what they wanted to sing they were completely speechless. She shows the class what she got when she performs “forget you” while Rachel sits in the back mad and the others are dancing and singing along.

Sue starts her evil ways as principle when she tries to cut the football team and ban tator tots from the cafeteria. Mean while Will is dreaming about performing “make em laugh” with Mike. Rachel pays Mr. Schuester a visit to talk about Ms. Holliday taking over glee club because Sue likes her and the rest like her too. Mercedes gets insanely upset when Sue takes away her tots. Ms. Holliday wins Rachel’s love when she accepts a duet invitation to Rachel’s singing and dance number of her dreams. Terry is still comforting Will while he is sick, Terry does more than comfort when she rubs Vicks on his back and things gets a little steamy. Mercedes creates a riot in the cafeteria when she holds up a tots sign.

Rachel and Ms. Holliday perform “nowadays/ hot honey rags” with an amazing dancer performance. When will returns to school Sue send him right out when she informs him that he is fired and she is at the top because of her healthier eating plans for the school. So there is no reason for Mr. Figgins to return because he is fired too. Mercedes goes out to dinner with Kurt and Blaine after she has been feeling neglected by Kurt. When she finally gets to hang out with them both she zones out because she has nothing in common with their conversation and has nothing but tots on the mind. Will confronts Holly about taking his job and getting the kids too excited with too much freedom. She tells him that a connection with the kids is important and it’s hard to get a good teaching job and leaves it at that. Mercedes causes trouble for herself when she does 17,000 worth of damage to Ms. Sylvester’s car. Sue is in an uproar when Holly shows now big concern for what Mercedes did.

Holly goes to Wills apartment where she has a break down and tells Will about Mercedes shoving tots up Sues tail pipe and she didn’t know what to say or do in the office and let Mercedes get suspended. Holly tells Will about her past (trying to be traditionally nice gets her knocked out and her air jordens stolen) which leads her to be mellow and fun and not committed to anything for a long time. Terry walks in on Will and Holly having a conversation and instantly gets jealous. When Holly introduces herself Terry insults her name by asking if she was a porn star or drag queen then introduces herself as Wills wife, and Holly says to will “wow your wife is a bitch” giving Will the opportunity to snap at Terry calling her his EX wife and tell her the night before was a mistake. When will asks Terry to leave and never come back again she gets mad and tells him if she leaves that’s it! What do you think about that one night mistake? Hmm do you think they are going to make that night a longer story than expected? Hmm When Terry leaves he tells Holly he is considering her lifestyle with no consequences.

Kurt confronts Mercedes when she sneaks in tots telling her she is substituting food for love and Kurt for a boyfriend and asks her to take care of herself and give herself a little more respect. Mercedes agrees and considers talking to Anthony who Kurt suggested to her earlier. Dave threatens to kill Kurt if he spills what happened in the locker room. Sue returns Wills job after the New Directions convinced her to bring him back. When Mr. Schuester talks about doing a number from singing in the rain that was made in the 1950’s the kids get upset and he goes to Holly for advice. They all sing Singing in the rain/ Umbrella.

I simply adored this episode I think Gwyneth really brought fun and happiness in the episode and I really hope they consider bringing her back for more episodes.

Songs and ratings:
1) “Forget You” *****
2) “Make ‘Em Laugh” ****
3) “Nowadays / Hot Honey Rag” *****
4)“Umbrella / Singing In The Rain” ****

That was my recap/ small review I hope you all enjoyed see you in the next review. Don’t forget to check out the photos of the mini and big gleeks below.

<3 Silvia

Review/ Recap: Glee; Never Been Kissed.

“Never been kissed” Air date: November 9, 2010

Finn and Sam discuss how they forget about putting out since they both have girlfriends that wont go all the way. When Sam asks Finn how he gets passed it he tells Sam about his mail man story Sam finds his own mailman story when coach Beiste walks in yelling at Artie (to wear a jock strap) and she is picking a mean wedgies. Puck is welcomed back to school after being in juvenile jail for driving into a store taking out a atm machine. Mr. Schuester reveals the sectionals competition an all boys school The Dolton academy Warblers (which Santana has jokes in her head) and The Hipsters a bunch of elderly getting their GED. The Glee club thinks its wrong to go against a bunch of cute old people but Puck convinces them they have nothing to worry about. To get the kids excited and ready for sectionals Mr. Schuester makes a 2nd annual boys vs. girls competition.

Puck helps Artie with advice and pushing him around the school for his community service. Kurt continues to be bullied by Dave and it starts to get to him and Mr. Schuester notices it. When Kurt tells Mr. Schuester he’s not being challenged enough he mixes up the competition by having the boys sing songs traditionally sung by woman and girls the opposite as well. Sam and Quinn get a little close and steamy and when Sam needs to put his mind in a different place he pictures coach Beiste in lingerie cutting meat and, when Quinn tells him to say her name he pictures Beiste in a cheerleading outfit and says Beiste’s name instead of Quinn. Uh oh that is never good in any situation. Quinn tell Sue about the incident with Sam and convinces her to make the story public so they can bring Beiste down.

Puck shows Artie that cash is kind and pulls out his guitar and starts singing “One love” with Artie and walks around the grounds showing people that they should pay up. A little demanding don’t you think? Puck offers to help Artie with his Brittany situation and take the money they just got and take the girls out for dinner and put his skills to work. Artie accepts and Puck community service. Kurt sneaks into Dolton Academy and is welcomed by Blaine when Kurt asks where everyone is going. When he realizes that people their think Glee club is cool he is welcomed in by a performance by the warblers singing teenage dream. Mike reveals the Beiste secret to Tina and she gets turned on by it and brings mike into a room to get steamy. When they are getting steamy Tina pictures beiste in a tutu and says her name aloud, when Mike makes notice of what she said Tina denies it and walks out.

Sam is questioned about Beiste by Quinn and is quick to accuse him of getting it in where ever he can including the boys locker room with Beiste. Just then coach Beiste happens to walk by and Quinn shouts “it’s a lovers swirl and it’s your fault” to beiste. With a shocked reaction Mike walks by Beiste warning her to stay away from his girlfriend. Mr. Schuester questions Sam about what just happened and Sam confesses to picturing Beiste when they are trying to think about something else. Mr. Schuester yells at them for doing such a thing and reminds them that it is hurting her. After Kurt is busted for spying Blaine, wes, & david sit to talk to him and offer him a latte. When Kurt learns they have zero tolerance for bullying he confesses to Blaine about his troubles at school. Blaine completely understands where Kurt is coming from and gives him advice to stand up to his bullies because, he got chased out of his old school by bullies and he regrets not standing up to them.

While the girls are discussing last years competition Puck and Artie walk in and offer Brittany and Santana a deal for dinner, If they show up at breadsticks and they don’t find hot dates that night they might show up. Of course them being…well…dumb they fell for it. Later Puck and Artie are at dinner with the girls and Puck is sharing a lovely story about his “waffles” while Artie is playing hard to get with Brittany. When the check comes to the table Puck wants to bail without paying the check but Artie can’t bail so he stays behind to pay and Puck gets upset that he paid and leaves Artie behind and takes the girls back to his house.

The girls perform Start me up/ Livin on a prayer with full out leather outfits and rocker hair and makeup. Was it just me or did this look make them look their actual age? Hmm Sue tells will about Coach Beiste quitting but shooting off confetti cannons and gives thanks to his glee kids for finally kicking her out. When Kurt gets pushed into the lockers by Dave he builds up the courage to go after him and stand up for himself. He shouts to Dave “What is his problem” and Dave keeps threatening to hit him Kurt tells him to go ahead and hit him Dave kisses him instead. When Dave pulls away and goes in for another one Kurt pulls back, Dave then runs out mad at what he just did. So many questions got answered when this happened it’s like oh that’s why he was beings so mean especially to Kurt. Talk about shocker of the season!

Mr. Schuester tells the boys about Coach quitting and they are shocked and he tells them to find a way to bring her back and they should be ashamed of themselves. He is then called into the office with Puck when his probation officer finds out he isn’t doing proper community service she threatens to put him back in Juvenile jail if he doesn’t find another community service and raise his geometry grade. Blaine comes to McKinley high to help confront Dave about what he did and he comepletely denies everything and starts to threaten Blaine for bringing it to attention. Kurt gets really upset and tells blaine he was never kissed before yesterday. How horrible for Dave to take something so precious away from Kurt he’s such a bully! Arrrg!

Will goes to Shannon to talk her into staying, Shannon tells Will that she is just a who wants to be treated like one sometimes. She confesses she’s never been kissed and Will consoles her by saying she is beautiful and gives Shannon her first kiss. Will asks Shannon to come to the Glee room because the boys have something they want to tell her. Artie convinces Puck to stay after he catches Puck getting ready to run and confessing that Juvenile jail was horrible. Artie offers to tutor him in geometry while he picks up garbage on side streets and Puck apologizes for everything he did and accepts Arties offer. Kurt continues to be bullied.

The boys perform Stop in the name of love/ free your mind as an apology to coach and compliments her on how pretty she looks.
I thought the episode was fabulous because it shows the troubles of bullying it is not fun at all! Nor is it funny to watch! I think the show had a good idea in the message of bullying but didn’t fully go into it too much. Oh one more thing did anyone feel like in the girls performance Rachel and Brittany weren’t Rachel and Brittany? I felt like I was watching Lea Michelle and Heather Morris perform. Which is not a good thing…but I still loved it. :)

Songs and ratings:
1. One Love / People Get Ready ****
2. Teenage Dream *****
3. Start Me Up/ Livin' On A Prayer ****
4. Stop in the Name of Love/ Free Your Mind ****

That’s my recap/ review I hope you all enjoyed it, see you in my next one.
<3 Silvia

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review/ Recap: Glee; Rocky Horror Glee show

“Rocky horror glee show” Air date: October 26, 2010

In the beginning they start the show just like movies with big red lips. The lips are Santana’s and she sings “science fiction double feature” I wonder what lipstick they used to make those lips so bright. Rachel and Finn are rehearsing in the auditorium to “There’s a light (over at Frankenstein’s place)” when Carl interrupts them half way through on a motorcycle shouting at Will for messing with his woman. Will goes back to the reason why this all started and it’s because Emma mentioned to Will that she went to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror. Will notices how much Carl has gotten Emma out of her Germ phobia shell when she has her crust on her bread, attending a filthy theater, and decides to go trick or treating. Out of Jealousy Will mentions he is doing Rocky horror for the fall musical, Emma is shocked they he picked such material to do.

When Mr. Schuester enters the room to tell kids Brittany is telling Kurt she is being a Peanut allergy for Halloween. She’s being what? Haha we should write a book of all the crazy things Brittany says. When Mr. Schuester announces the exciting news the Glee club shows a little concern but eases up when will assures them it’s okay and they will be charging admission for their regional’s trip. Mr. Schuester starts to mention characters Rachel jumps up and says she will play the role of Janet and Finn will play Brad. Artie already assumes he will be playing the guy in wheel chair (doctor Scott) and Mr. Schuester agrees and tells Kurt he wants him to play Frank N. Furter He refuses to play such a role and Mike Steps up to take the role. Sam takes the role of Rocky and Kurt takes the role of Riff Raff and the girls have to double as Magentas and Columbias. When Finn learns he is going to be in his boxers for a scene he gets really self conscious.

Sue tells the world they lost the true meaning in Halloween which is fear. After Sue’s segment she is approached by the local stage managers from the news while she is carving a pumpkin with her face on it, to tell her will is seeking stage rights to “Rocky Horror”. Sue gets upset at the words Rocky Horror she remembers people throwing toast at her sister which she thinks because of her disabilities(and we all know its part of the show bet her) and gets angered and agrees to do an undercover expose’ which she thinks will win her a Emmy.

When the glee club is in glass getting ready to practice Santana and Brittany criticize Finns body again. Rachel gets mad and tells them that was rude and Quinn fires back and tells them boys do the same thing and Santana tells them about what Artie said about her boobs earlier (if he can make an omelet when she’s done with the ostrich eggs she has in her bra). They then practice “Damn it Janet” with Finn in his costume glasses which I found to be super adorable on him and couldn’t help but laugh for a good two minutes. In the middle of the practice Sue walks in and pulls Will to the hall to tell him she heard about him doing the Rocky horror and she’s okay with it because, she cares about the performing arts. Will then offers sue the part as the criminologist and she agrees and tells him she will be at practice along with her rewrites because, she has say in the final script. We all knew it was too good to be true when sue was acting nice.

Sam discusses work out and eating habbits with Finn and Artie and tells them eating a chili dog makes him feel guilty and works extra hard the next few days to work it off. Will asks Emma to help him with the costumes for the show and she accepts with excitement. In the mean time Mike interrupts and tells Mr. Schuester he can’t play Frank because his parents read the script and don’t want him to play or dress like a “transvestite”. Will tells sue he lost his Frank N Furter and the show is cancelled and she finds a way to make it work. She walks into Emma’s office where she and Carl are discussing their Halloween costumes and she gets the bright idea to ask Carl to be in the musical. When Carl shows up in class Will gets angered and told Carl he has to try out like everyone else so he sings “Whatever happened to Saturday night?” (hot patootie-bless my soul) while Will sits with dissatisfaction and everyone is dancing around. When Carl is done Sue yells “we don’t need an Eddie!” Will is quick to agree and Carl fires back that Eddie would be more appropriate for the show. Will is being such a hater, I don’t like it one bit! Mercedes interrupts the tension when she says she wants to be Frank N Furter and everything is set in place when she becomes Dr. Frank and Carl becomes Eddie.

In rehearsal Finn tells Mr. Schuester he is saving his underwear debute for the opening show, the Sam interrupts and asks if he can have longer shorts because he thinks the one he is wearing is too short and he might show some serious nuttage. Mr. Schuester tells them they can’t talk about that now and continues the rehearsal when Mercedes belts out “sweet transvestite” I think she made an awesome Frank even though it’s suppose to be man her voice fitted the part. In this number you really notice how detailed the costumes and make up are I had to watch it 20 times because I was so amazed at how great they were and so close to the original.

Mr. Schuester convinces Sam that playing Rocky might not be a good idea after all since he felt so uncomfortable and then takes over his role. He asks Emma to help him practice “Touch-a touch-a touch-a me” a little uncomfortable about it she practices it with him while Santana and Brittany watch. Emma strips will and herself during the practice and dance around the room. When the two almost kiss Emma realizes what just happened she runs out of the room. What a steamy performance may I just say, who knew Emma could be so touchy.

Finn tries to work out more to be in shape when Sam tells him about not playing rocky he think it’s because of his self confidence of his body. When Finn starts to think he will be replace too Sam tells him no he’s not because “being Brad isn’t about being hot it’s about being confident and who you are and how you look no matter how douchie you look Brad is cool with being uncool”. Aw what a touching moment between them. Finn sees what Sam is talking about and gets more confident meanwhile, the glee club tries to rehears a scene without Finn there and it gets interrupted with Mr. Figgins calling him to his office where Finn is for walking around the halls in his boxers to get ready for his scene. Finn was facing one month’s suspension and summer school and Mr. Schuester fights to get that overruled. Mr. Figgins informs Will that 9 people signed up for after school therapy for what they witnessed after a bit of convincing Mr. figgins lets Finn off with a warning and tells Will going on with the show is putting himself and the Glee club on the line for hate and for whatever reason he’s doing it better be worth it.

Carl interrupts the practice of the show and tells Will he’s not quitting because unlike him he believes in the power of the arts and not using the show to pick up other mens woman. Later when Becky reveals that Sue called the Rocky show an obomination she shows him the tapping of her expose’ dissing the show revealing she was undercover the whole time. Becky then tells will “Give me my chocolate or I’ll cut you!” When Sue shoes Will that the show is bad exposure he agrees with her and decides to pull the show and Sue gets mad because he ruined her chance at winning a local Emmy. Will confesses to Emma and admits what Carl is doing is good for Emma and he loves her enough to let her go. He later apologies to the Glee club for putting them through the craziness and tells them the show is canceled but they are still going to perform it for themselves. The show ends with the kids performing “The Time Warp”.

Overall the show was absolutely amazing the costumes were outstand the makeup was fabulous and the storyline was exciting and interesting.
Songs and ratings:
1. Science Fiction Double Feature ****
2. Damn It, Janet****
3. Whatever Happened To Saturday Night?*****
4. Sweet Transvestite*****
5. Touch-A Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me****
6. There's A Light (Over At The Frankenstein Place)****
7. Time Warp*****
I hope you all enjoyed my recap/review I will see you in the next review.

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Sorry for bad quality screen shots im just starting. ;) all screen shots by me.

Update: BLIZZARD!, Cold, School, Glee, and Super bowl.

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Oh Glee reviews! I haven't forgot! i bet you all thought i forgot! pssshk who do you think i am? I have been working hard on them all weekend. I rewatched all the episodes and rewrote the reviews the old ones i had excluding rocky and never been (because they got deleted) were waaaaay to professional i read them and was like who the heck is this? it's not me! so i made them a little more unprofessional and little more laid back. I made them more into a recap and inserted my opinions where ever i desired as to the ones i wrote first it was a full on recap and then a small opinion paragraph which im sure some would have liked but thats not me. So it's going back to normal my reviews are all not the same, they have been changing because i can't stick to one style but for now this is how they look:
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Recap and opinions
song list with star ratings *****
youtube video of favorite song from episode.
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I've gotten a little more serious on the Glee reviews because it's in high demand I didn't think it would be but it is. I'm glad you all love my reviews and i will keep writing them if i have the passion and time to do so. the biggest review as of now is grilled cheesus which is at 780 something insane! i was expecting only 90 like the others.I love you all soo much!

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