Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sephora, Teavana, and Lush blog haul. (delayed)

Hello my lovely bumble bees,

So this blog post has been way over delayed I have been horrible with blogs lately and i am so sorry. So here is my birthday blog haul.

I only went to a couple places because of time, my school meeting went a lot longer than expected and I had to catch a specific train because I had a flu shot appointment.

First Stop: Sephora
I had my birthday certificate to turn in and you know you have to turn it in to a sephora store, and not a branch in JCPenny. So I was there right away!

Buxom Lash liner- This has to probably be one of the best gel liners I have used! It has a nice and easy application. The box states Nourishes & Strengthens from the roots for longer, fuller foxy lashes. I believe that is true, the directions say to dab the liner in dots close to the lash line as you can go and then draw the line. If you follow the directions I truly believe your lashes will grow. I have little lashes right now growing between the big lashes. The lash liner cost $15.00 at sephora.

The eye shadow in the gift is called Aspen Summit and its a nice white frost color amazing for a highlight color, the eye liner is Silver green and its a nice green color with tints of silver in it. Its not too much as some greens would be and thats why I love it. It also comes with a mascara which I threw in my makeup bag in my purse.

I then went to Teavana which I was so amazed by all their teas and how they smelt and tasted and walked out with two tea's.

The first tea I got is called Acardian Apple which is a green tea and white tea and has papaya, pineapple, and apple. In the description it states the following health benefits "This tea contains a high amount of antioxidants, including EGCG. Studies show that green teas may boost your immune system, inhibit certain cancers, regulate blood sugar, lower cholesterol, soothe the stomach and digestive system, and promote healthy skin, teeth and bones. This tea contains approximately 5% of the caffeine in a cup of coffee." Which i think is true because i drank it when i was sick and it really helped.

The second tea I got is called Youthberry it's a white tea and has candied mango pieces, candied pineapple pieces, rose hip peels, apple bits, hibiscus flowers, red currants, flavoring, rose petals and acai fruit powder. You read it and say hey thats a lot well it is you should see how it looks haha. The health benefits of the tea is " This tea is extremely high in antioxidants and low in caffeine. The Acai berry is known for its rejuvenating and detoxifying properties. Studies show that white teas may inhibit the growth of certain forms of cancer, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and act as a natural detoxifier for the body. White tea is good for the skin and complexion. This tea contains 1% of the caffeine in a cup of coffee"

All health information came from check them out they have really good tea's for different causes.

Last stop I made was at lush, I went in for one thing and walked out with 2 things.

Mint Julip Sugar Scrub, I love this stuff! it is a sugar scrub and what you do is scrub a small amount on each lip and when you are done scrubbing you just lick it off. It comes in bubble gum, chocolate bar, and coconut.

Angels on bare skin- This has been an amazing skin product so far, i haven't had a reaction to it. It makes my face feel soft and smooth and is a great exfoliator for sensitive skin it also has a hint of lavender in it and makes me feel calm and sleepy, its great before bed. I want to try the ocean salt and i think i will buy a container the next time I go, its between that and Mask of Magnaminty. More likely i will get the Ocean salt.

That is all I got. Even though it wasn't alot it felt like i spent alot for it all. The liner was $15, The tea was $6 2oz., $12 2oz., $6 each tin, $10 angels on bare skin, and $9 for the lip scrub. Plus train fair, lunch, school admission fee, and cab fair. All very expensive so it's okay i didnt buy alot.

Love you all more than you know thanks for reading

<3 Silvia

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Day at the Circus with me and 10 kids

Helloooo my loved ones,

I know im slacking on blogs, I miss writing them. I also miss just writing random blogs so here is my random blog all about my adventure of a day at the circus with 10 kids.

The job program that I am in is pretty much a program in the unemployment category giving young adults ages 18-23 jobs for the summer, which was extended for it's success and will end when fall ends. I'm not going to say how much i make but its a good paying job for little work that we do. Although in the beginning of the summer we worked our behinds off cleaning the building we were in. I literary had a sweat shower on my face for more 4 hours and 10 days total. Then in the beginning of September I was sent to help the day care in the lower level of the building, which i was semi excited about I knew the kids were trouble and was always getting yelled at.

For the past month I have been with these kids and I have grown to love them so much! they make my day, they make me go crazy, and they really know how to make me laugh! I wish I could show a picture of them all but for the safety of the children I will not. There are 11 kids Logan, Ava, Daniel, Selina, Michael, Jezel, Myron, Aaliyah, Amarii, Jaylin, and Abdus. It brightens my day and heart when they come running to me screaming my name when I walk through the door. Well today we went to the Circus that was in town and I was not a happy camper about that. I like Circus's but I don't know this one never interested me when they advertised it on the television. So we rounded up the 10 kids because little Jaylin couldn't go and loaded on the van. I was so upset and mad about this situation because we had a crappy van with non working seat belts. So I am sitting at the edge of the seating putting alot of pressure on my tail bone that I injured 3 months ago which I talk about in another blog (click here to read it) to put my arms out trying to protect the kids I am sitting with. The driver (day care owner) wasn't really a safe driver either she slams on the breaks way to much. I was fumed with anger that we drove 20 mins to this circus with no seat belts on the kids.

So we get to the circus which was a big mess trying to get in, it was not organized at all! I had two kids hold my hand and two kids in front of me to watch and they are so little compared to alot of the people there. I found my self kneeing the kids in front of me to the right direction of our seats, not hard on their backs or anything I am a very short person so kneeing them means their butts. Finally we are in our seats and we are sitting by the um crap i forgot what it is called but its were they have the sound and light board to direct the show. I once was a techi so I am familiar with this kind of stuff and found myself looking over now and then. The circus started and I wasn't too fascinated with the opening act. I was interested in the poodle show kind of but when they had the trapeze act my eyes were on the performer that goes by the name Henry. He was very um... fascinating! haha When that was over my eyes were back on the sound guy, he was watching Ncis while working the lights. haha Then there was intermission and The kids got cotton candy which I had to watch them because they sometimes put it in their ears GROSSNESS! Finally the show came back on and they had my favorite animal of all time!!! The Tigers!!! Not to mention they had WHITE TIGERS! I love white tigers I have lots of little ceramic white bangle tigers I have 10 stuff animals, and a few shirts. Oh and Big fleece blanket of one. They were so pretty!! well the show continued, and it ended with all the act performers dancing thriller.

So we started walking out and once again I had two kids in my hands and two infront and moved them along with my knees. Once we go into the van I had all the little ones sitting around me so I can keep them safe in my arms and the bigger ones sat up front. Ava sat right next to me and was talking about tigers and tinkerbell and my back was showing from sitting at the edge and she putt her little fingers on it and i started wiggling and laughing. She said why are you laughing? i told her cause i am ticklish there and she said oooh and did it again and i started tickle attacking her and she was laughing like a giggle monster. Giggles from children warms my heart. so the 20 mins back was hard but okay I protected all 7 children with my short arms and put a lot of pressure on my tail bone, which hurts right now but it's okay. I protected them like they were my own.

I had fun with the kids they make my day each and every day that I am down there. I am truly going to miss them and probably cry my last day. I hope I semi entertained you with my blog, if you are as outraged as i am about the seatbelt situation send me an email, tell me what i should do because i feel like i need to tell their parents but i am not sure how.

I still have 2 glee reviews to do which i will do soon, one blog haul, and a beauty review. I am such a slacker. It will get done i promise to be caught up with glee before the rocky horror glee show.

I love you all more than you know.

<3 Silvia

Monday, October 11, 2010

Review/ Recap: Glee; Britney/ Brittany

Hello my lovely bloggers,

In last weeks episode "Britney/Brittany" The McKinley High Glee club wants to do numbers by Britney Spears for their fall homecoming performance. Will tells the kids no because he doesn't think she is a very good role model. Brittany then agrees with the funniest statement of she too doesn't want to do Britney because her whole life she has been in her shadow. "My name is Brittany Suzanne Pears, Making it Brittany S.pears" When Kurt makes a statement Santana did the famous "LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE" line. Which I couldn't resist laughing at.

Finn is bullied by the members of the football team when they take his lettersman jacket and rips it in half and calls him all sorts of names when Arti comes to appologize about getting him kicked off the team the jocks then leave. We meet Emma's new boyfriend Carl who is a dentist and Will lets him come to Glee practice to teach kids dental hygiene and gives them all capsules to see how much plaque is on their teeth and what they miss when they are brushing. Lets just say Rachel, Arti, and Brittany don't pass the test. Brittany says she washes her mouth out with pop, how many people wash their mouth with pop? Then again Kesha brushes her teeth with a bottle of jack. Brittany is later sent to the dentist office for some heavy duty work and is put to sleep with anesthesia while pandora is playing Britney Spears's "Im a slave for you" Brittany then has a dream she is reacting the song with different outfits Britney wore such as; Oops I did it again red leather outfit, Toxic Nude jeweled outfit, and the VMA's Slave for you outfit with yellow boa.

Finn and Rachel talk about Finn not being on the football team and Rachel admits she is happy because now she doesn't have think about what song she would sing by his bed side while he's in a comma or all the cheerleaders chasing after him. Her selfish honesty makes Finn upset. Santana goes to the dentist with Brittany to get anesthesia and they both have fantasies about reacting Britney's video Me against the music which was an exact replica of the video. Brittany was Britney and Santana was Madona.
Britney Spears makes an appearance at the end of the fantasy.

Brittany Demands she has every solo after she tells the Glee club about her and Santana's fantasy. Kurt sticks by Brittany's side and says Britney gave her confidence with a reply of "I'm more talented than you all and I can see it clearly now, It's Britney....Bitch!" Kurt then starts talking about how they need to do Britney and talks back to Will getting him sent to the principles office, which is something that isn't something we see happen to Kurt that often or even Will sending anyone to the office in general.Will Is later in the dentist with Carl and we then see Will's jealously with him and they both talk it out about the situations they both could be in. When Will comes out Rachel is in the waiting room, when she then has her own Britney fantasy Which is "Baby one more time" She does an exact replica of the video the school, the gym, the outside, and all the same clothes. Britney Spears makes an appearance as the teacher.

Rachel then changes her style after she had been teased once again by Santana and Brittany earlier and Finn agreed responding to her hurtful response of him not being a football jock. Finn isn't too happy that She did this because of all the attention Rachel starts getting. Rachel then tells Finn he can rejoin the football team if he wants. Will buys an exact car like Carl's but in yellow and shows it off to Emma, by taking her for a ride in the parking lot when his ex wife shows up telling him to return the car and its not right.

Artie has his own fantasy of being on the football field and in the gym working out while singing Stronger. He then later goes to ask Finn to help him convince Coach Beiste to let him be on the team, when Finn says he needs to help himself right now. Coach then walks in telling them that Artie can be on the team and to go get some equipment. Later Will agrees the kids can do Britney at the assembly but he will be joining them in their performance.

Rachel changes back to her old style, which i found to be better than her kitten sweaters which were too adorable. She goes into the locker room to show Finn she changed back to make him feel safe and happy and in hopes he would quit the football team to make her feel safe and happy. Reminding him the fling he had with Santana and Britney and she feels better if they were losers together. When Finn tries to tell Rachel that he will acknowledge her as his girlfriend she doesn't think it's enough. In that time that they were hugging didn't Finn look like a giant monster next to Rachel?

The Glee club performs a seductive performance of Toxic in front of the whole school with a good feedback except Jacob, my goodness was that disturbing all together. As well as Laurens response to Will's performance. When the performance was over Sue ended the "Britney sex riot" by pulling the fire alarm sending every kid out the door. Later Sue has a neck wrap from the acts of a sex riot running out the door and threatens will with everything he has. Emma gives Will some advice to be himself and not someone who he is not, such as Carl when will then leaves to return his car.

Rachel asks Quinn to go up to Finn to try and get him to hit on her or take her back to see if he truly loves her, Finn tells Quinn he will always have feelings for her but he loves someone else. Rachel then is happy and sings "The only Exception" in glee practice and dedicates it to Finn and apologizes for trying to control him.

I would give this Episode four stars out of five because I expected to see a little more Britney and possibly a few more songs from her. They have put more songs in one episode. Heather Morris was absolutely AMAZING in this episode and i am glad they finally showed off her talent in singing and dancing!

Songs and Ratings:

Slave for you ***** Heather did an amazing job singing it, and she looked amazing in all the different outfits

Me against the music ***** Yet an another amazing performance couldn't tell the difference from the original.

Baby one more time **** It was good but not the best, i would have rather seen Heather Morris perform this song Lea's pitch was to high.

Stronger **** For a guy singing it, it wasn't bad at all but I just didn't feel enough emotion in the song like original but it was still amazing!

Toxic ***** I love that it was half acoustic and Half with music, the seduction was quiet seductive.

The Only Exception ***** This was AMAZING sounds just like the original Lea Michelle did a fantastic job, Haley Williams was quiet impressed as well.

I hope my blog recapped you on last weeks episode and my next review Grilled cheesus will but up tomorrow (10/12/10) afternoon or early evening depending on if I can sneak away from work.

Love you all more than you know!

<3 Silvia

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Addicted to cough drops.

Hello my loves,

I am extremely sick and I have been not myself since my birthday! Which sucks monkey balls! On my birthday something happened to my elbow, something i can't even explain because it is still a mystery to me. I woke up from my little nap i took after my class to energize my self for a birthday dinner with my family and, my elbow felt so sore! it was like i had hit it really hard on concrete. My bed is next to the wall and the only thing i keep on it is my lap top but it was not in a position where i would hit my elbow. So it was like that the rest of the day until that night, it got so much worse i could not move my arm at all if I did a scream would be let out from the pain. I had my mom rub icy hot on it and just the simple touch was like I was being squeezed by the hulk. Monday i couldn't move my arm at all and tuesday it finally started feeling a little better and i got to move my arm a bit more. when wednesday came around i was feeling alot better still a little sore but i could move my arm which was good because i was taking the kids to the fire department for a field trip and i had to carry little Jaylin when crossing the street.

Thursday I started to notice my throat was dry i just though i was really thirsty because i climb alot of stairs when im at work and its a constant workout running after all the kids. thursday left and friday came and i started sneezing like crazy and i felt absolutely miserable! Saturday i still had a runny nose and a small cough and i had a Tuition meeting for school which was complete torture! now at this time i have this horrible cough which is keeping me for sleeping. What i have noticed though is that if i put in a cough drop it calms it down if i go a minute without it i start cough like crazy until i put a new one in. so i have been putting cough drop after cough drop in my mouth to calm my coughing down. I hate cough drops the menthol in them give me a cold headache. im not sure if those are real but my head gets cold and i have a throbbing headache.

My friend Ashley used to eat cough drops like candy and my other friend ate 107 in one day which i find insane and unsure why he didn't overdose! i am working on my 6th cough drop and quiet sleepy. oooh when ever you are sick do you feel like you have a whole in your mouth when you drink anything? I ALWAYS! spill my medicine and water when sipping.

Speaking of Medicine i HATE! drinking medicine!!! When i was 10 i learned how to swallow pills because i was tired of drinking meds! The taste is horrible and i prefer a pill! I also hate chew ables! they are the most gross disgusting thing on the planet! it taste all chalky and i truly believe 65% of the medicine stays on your teeth rather than go down. So when the doctor asks liquid, chew able, or Pill i quickly say pill!

Omg also i bought this icy hot vapor rub and i put it on my chest and throat and i felt it working but i couldnt smell at all and i was having trouble breathing so i put a little under my nose and it was working i couldnt smell a thing! ill write more on this in another blow but short story i got the worse allergic reaction EVER! my lips swelled up and turned really red! i read the bottle and it says DO NOT PUT ANYWHERE BUT CHEST AND THROAT wooops! i need to read the box first more often!

I know i have been behind on blogs, i have monday off and my plans are to wash and write blogs, i have 2 glee reviews, 1 shopping haul blog, and a beauty review.

This month im not going to promise silvias advice only because its going to be a very busy month. the only blog i will promise this whole month on a wednesday or saturday is my glee review i hope everyone understands.

I love you all more that you know.

<3 Silvia

Monday, October 4, 2010

Injured arm

Hey my lovely readers,

I won't be blogging for a little while, i hurt my Elbow and it's not letting me type and fast and comfortly as i want to. It seriously sucks because i still had to write a review for glee and my shopping haul.So until this elbow heals i wont blog...lets hope it feels better tomorrow or at least wednesday. until then i will be resting my little fingers, im soo sorry every!

<3 Silvia

ps. once im healed i will be writing my little fingers off.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Silvia's Advice: How to prepare for an interview (9/30/10)

Hello my lovely lady bugs...and...male bugs,

Sorry my blog is late I don't even want to tell you my excuse because I feel like I have been telling them too often. So here is Thursday's blog.

Subject: How to prepare for an interview.
Question: How do I dress for an interview, What kind of questions do they ask?

Any one who has been to any kind of interview knows how stressful this can be. So many things are rushing through your head the day before the interview up to the moment you sit down for the interview. Whether your going for School or a job.

The number one thing to worry about before your interview is your appearance, you want their first impression to be blown away by elegance. If you are dressed properly you earn some points. Remember you have to dress for the job, so if you are going for an interview for a job that requires getting sweaty and dirty don't go in sunflower dress and bring your coach bag.

Real Experience: I went for a job interview at target for flow team, which is basically night shelf stockers. I dressed in White dress Pants with a Halter top with a low V-neck black cotton sweater over it and 3 inch black heals. I had a soft black smokey eye and light tinted pink lips. Full foundations coral cheeks and contoured cheek bones. My hair was well done I had the whole enchilada. I went in and the assistant gave me a look like are you sure your interviewing for the right job. I was asked about 90 questions and was on my way home. I got an "EMAIL" 8 days later saying I wasn't fit for the job and sorry your not hired. pfff what ever...sorry I looked too good for you. ;-)

Never go in jeans and t-shirt your will get low brownie points for that. Even if you were going for an interview for a stocking job semi dress up. If you want to wear jeans dress them up. Wear a nice sweater and maybe some boots or 1 inch dress heals. If you are a male my best suggestion would be a button up dress shirt with a sweater vest or full sleeve sweater over it. Pull the collar out of course, and then put your sunday shoes on and you look good for a interview.

The questions they ask in job interviews are your basic What would you do?
What would you do if a customer was unhappy about a price?
As well as how would your rate your self 1-4 4 being the best
Brings a positive attitude even if your having a bad day
1-never 2-depends 3-sometimes 4-all the time.

These questions are what lots of places call "personality test"

you will also be asked about any job experiences you had and depending on your age they will ask about school. What you did in school how active you were and so on.

My number one advice for any interview you go to is "BE YOURSELF" don't try and be somebody you are not. Especially for job interviews because any false thing you say will come back to sometime. If your a shy person try and be open all jobs like social
workers so they can interact with other workers and customers. If you are a loud social person show that you are but not too loud, they don't want obnoxious workers. Unless thats a job requirement.

Well I hope some my advice helped.

I wish all of my lovely readers the best of luck in your next interview.

<3 Silvia

Ps. Birthday haul is being delayed I bought some goodies today(friday night) but im going back tomorrow (Saturday evening) and maybe i'll get something to add to my mini blog haul.