Monday, August 8, 2011

Whose to blame Taxi drivers or Pedestrians?

Just recently 2 little children were struck by a cab driver on Michigan Ave. in the Chicago downtown area. The little children are reported to be okay, the 6 year old has a broken femur and the 8 year old has abdominal bruising.

As much as I emphasize for the little children I can't help but blame both cab driver and parents. If the they were struck close the curb after exiting a vehicle why wasn't he cautious of pedestrians? Today cab drivers are on the phone almost all day while driving around, can the phone be distracting them from driving even if they are using a headset?

What were their parents doing that allowed them to both be hit? If they were about to cross the street then why weren't they holding hands? If they were exiting a car why were they exiting on the street side? Every parent knows better to have the children exit on the side with the curb.

Though I fully believe Cab drivers are one of the craziest drivers around because I take one to school every day, I believe sometimes it's the persons fault for getting hit depending on the situation. Some pedestrians just walk in the middle of the street not caring about the on coming traffic, cause they think the law will save them.

Before you know it taxi's are going to have full camera views to prove who was in the wrong.

<3 Silvia

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