Saturday, October 2, 2010

Silvia's Advice: How to prepare for an interview (9/30/10)

Hello my lovely lady bugs...and...male bugs,

Sorry my blog is late I don't even want to tell you my excuse because I feel like I have been telling them too often. So here is Thursday's blog.

Subject: How to prepare for an interview.
Question: How do I dress for an interview, What kind of questions do they ask?

Any one who has been to any kind of interview knows how stressful this can be. So many things are rushing through your head the day before the interview up to the moment you sit down for the interview. Whether your going for School or a job.

The number one thing to worry about before your interview is your appearance, you want their first impression to be blown away by elegance. If you are dressed properly you earn some points. Remember you have to dress for the job, so if you are going for an interview for a job that requires getting sweaty and dirty don't go in sunflower dress and bring your coach bag.

Real Experience: I went for a job interview at target for flow team, which is basically night shelf stockers. I dressed in White dress Pants with a Halter top with a low V-neck black cotton sweater over it and 3 inch black heals. I had a soft black smokey eye and light tinted pink lips. Full foundations coral cheeks and contoured cheek bones. My hair was well done I had the whole enchilada. I went in and the assistant gave me a look like are you sure your interviewing for the right job. I was asked about 90 questions and was on my way home. I got an "EMAIL" 8 days later saying I wasn't fit for the job and sorry your not hired. pfff what ever...sorry I looked too good for you. ;-)

Never go in jeans and t-shirt your will get low brownie points for that. Even if you were going for an interview for a stocking job semi dress up. If you want to wear jeans dress them up. Wear a nice sweater and maybe some boots or 1 inch dress heals. If you are a male my best suggestion would be a button up dress shirt with a sweater vest or full sleeve sweater over it. Pull the collar out of course, and then put your sunday shoes on and you look good for a interview.

The questions they ask in job interviews are your basic What would you do?
What would you do if a customer was unhappy about a price?
As well as how would your rate your self 1-4 4 being the best
Brings a positive attitude even if your having a bad day
1-never 2-depends 3-sometimes 4-all the time.

These questions are what lots of places call "personality test"

you will also be asked about any job experiences you had and depending on your age they will ask about school. What you did in school how active you were and so on.

My number one advice for any interview you go to is "BE YOURSELF" don't try and be somebody you are not. Especially for job interviews because any false thing you say will come back to sometime. If your a shy person try and be open all jobs like social
workers so they can interact with other workers and customers. If you are a loud social person show that you are but not too loud, they don't want obnoxious workers. Unless thats a job requirement.

Well I hope some my advice helped.

I wish all of my lovely readers the best of luck in your next interview.

<3 Silvia

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