Tuesday, May 3, 2011



My lovely blogging family whom I have missed writing to soo much!
I feel like each time I write a blog I have to update you all on my life because it has been so long. Well here it goes....

I have been overwhelmed with things this past month and a half? From school, to family, to having problems with my laptop. I wanted so badly to do a Happy birthday blog from when I first started bloggin but missed that date because for some reason I thought I started in May but I didn't it was in April...FAIL! Maybe I will do a one year, one month blog hehe So lets talk about School, I had so much happening I had to get ready for Finals and final projects get everything together. In the mean time of working on my photo shoot My laptop decides to give me problems! The back light went out and everything was dim I had to flash a flashlight onto to it to see everything. It too 10 mins to just open a file. So then i borrowed My uncles laptop for the mean time while getting everything situated. When I went to school on the 15th of april I discovered I had gotten part of my loan for summer semester and supplies and jetted home after to order my iMac. I ordered it and got it on Monday the 18th and had the rest of the night to work on all my photos editing them on iPhoto. then sent them to the printers early that morning. I then had to mount them and cut the little one for my history project then study when i was all done. Come wednesday I had to present them in class. They came out really well and I wish I could share them but under release forms I can't. they are on my personal website for client views only. Then in the mean time While my grandma was away with our out of town family I was watching her doggie and spending lots of time with her. My grandma came back yesterday and let me tell you taking Lolly (the dog) back was so heartbreaking and i felt lonely when i came back home. I miss her soo much already. =/

Well bloggers I am back for awhile until school gets overwhelming again which i know it will cause i'm taking college math and english! gah! I have a few surprises for you all and gonna work on them tomorrow. :)

I love you all so much thank you for coming back and reading old blogs for the ones that sent me an email telling me they read some over and over again. for new readers hello! my name is silvia and i like to blog and spell things incorrectly. =p

Until next time.....

<3 Silvia

Ps. New glee in a half hour! hehe