Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Review/ Recap: Glee Season 2 Premiere; Audition

Glee Season 2 Premier!!! How awesome was that episode?

Warning it's long.

So lets recap/review this episode Silvia style;

The show begins with a new school year the kids are coming back from summer break and there are new juicy things to gossip about such as Rachel's controlled relationship with Finn, Puck getting "fixed" so he wont go through what he went through last year-wah? I know thats crazy!, Quinn being back to herself again, and much more.

We Meet 3 new Characters in this episode First up is Coach Beiste Pronounces "beast" it's just spelled fancy. Before we are introduced to Coach Bieste we learn that the Cheerios and Glee clubs funds have been cut 10%. Sue and Will aren't to happy about this and get angered. After Will reads some comments on Jacobs blog and decides they need to bring in some new members so New Directions Preform Empire State of mind (song reviews at the end) to make the club more upbeat.

Will agrees to team up with Sue to bring Coach beiste down which sounds like a bunch of trouble. While all of this is happening Finn Is hanging up flyers to bring in people for auditions when he discovers Sam Evans Singing "Every rose has it's thorn" in the shower, sound familiar anyone? When Rachel is hanging up her flyers in the girls bathroom she is introduced to the exchange student "sunshine" and then go into a fierce/friendly song battle of telephone. I found this whole scene hilarious.

Will and Sue start their pranks by sending 50 pizza's to the school in Beiste's name, when the deliverymen says she has to pay for them or he has to and his baby will be reusing pampers for another week, Beiste pulls out cash to pay for them and their prank back fires when she gives the pizza's to the team and offers Sue and Will some pizza. Over the summer Tina became close to Mike and dumped Arti when he didn't spend enough time with her. So Tina and Mike are now an item and Arti wants his lady back and gets the idea of joining the football team and asks Finn to help him get on the team.

Finn hunts down Sam Evans and tells him all about glee and uses his popularity to bring him in. When he agrees to audition he comes to meet Puck and Mike. Puck makes a statement about Sams mouth being big asking "how many tennis balls can he fit in there" making the moment awkward and a reply of "I don't know I never had balls in my mouth, have you" hahaha I found this scene super funny for the lamest reason. Sam Then Pre-auditions with "billionaire" and the boys join along.

After Rachel discovers that Sunshine is really good she feels the competition and makes notice of Sunshines height saying she's shorter than me. She asks someone to slushy Kurt, Mercedes, and herself in front of sunshine so she will change her mind about glee club Mercedes and Kurt tell Rachel no. Sue make a plan called "the mean girl plan" where they don't let coach Beiste sit with them at lunch and after Will tells Beiste no she then makes note that she knew Sue was the school bully and was told Will was the cool one but obviously they were wrong, making will feel bad for what he had done.

Coach Beiste is then seen crying in the locker room and takes out her emotions on Finn when he brings Arti in asking her to let Arti try out by saying Finn is off the team for making her turn down a kid in a wheel chair. She then starts yelling at him to get out when he says "calm down dude". I felt bad for Coach Beiste at first then got mad at her then felt bad again. After Finn was kicked off the team he felt the need to be apart of a team to be popular so he tries out for Cheerios. Which was the funniest scene in the whole show! didn't see that part look it up on youtube!

When Quinn was turned down to audition for Cheerios again she went to Sue to tell her about Santana's summer plastic surgery. When Sue calls Santana in she tells sue she got her boob job to be noticeable. Sue reminds her of the no plastic rules and demotes her from the top of the pyramid and says Quinn will take her spot as top cheerleader, which leads to a huge fight between the two in the hallway. Which I found to be completely shocking and yet a whole new side of Quinn.

Sue Reaches an all time low when she gets Britany to lie and say Coach Beiste Touched her chest, when Will finds out that Britany is making false Sexual Accusations he convinces her to tell the truth when she does she says that she didn't touch her breast but she kinds wants to touch hers...oh Britany. Rachel goes to tell sunshine about auditions and gives her the place and time to go. Which turns out to be a crack house. Making sunshine a no show for auditions and Sam as well didn't show up. Mike and Tina find out about what Rachel did to Sunshine and tell Will and everyone isn't happy with Rachel. Rachel then apologizes to Sunshine and tells her to come to the auditorium the next day to try out. Sunshine Auditions the next day with the song "Listen" and is welcomed to the Glee club.

Will Apologizes to Coach Beiste and Sue then comes in with some whole grain special cookies that are actually made out of dog poop. When Will tells Sue the pranks are over she informs will he will pay. They all later find out that Sunshine is leave Mickenly high to go be in Vocal Adrenaline because they gave her a condo and green cards for herself and her mom, also because she can't trust Rachel. Turns out Sue called the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline. Finn finds Sam to ask him why he didn't show up to audition for glee club, Sam tells Finn he couldn't join because he's the new guy trying to fit in.

Rachel and Finn talk about what she did tells her she was selfish because they could have used Sunshine to beat Vocal Adrenaline, Rachel tells Finn to do it already and break up with her, when he reminds her that hes not in football any more and he's just a glee loser. They both tell each other they wont breakup with each other and Rachel keeps assisting she did it for the team. She then closes the episode with "what I did for love".At the very end she walks into the classroom to apologize. I found the last scene to be very emotional and hard to take in at first.

The show was awesome, there was way too much going on to really talk about what i felt about certain parts so thats why the blog is mostly recap. Hope I filled you in on the Episode "Audition"

-Empire State of mind ***** I am not a big fan of rap or R&B and I hated this song when it was sung by Jay Z and Alicia Keys! When Glee Sung it I seen it in a whole new light. It was nice to see them sing a song from a different catagory and see Cory Monteith Rap =)

-Telephone ***** I love this SO much I think the one major reason is the competition between Lea Michele and Charice. Lady GaGa would be proud!

-Billionaire ***** I like this version better than the original and I think its a clean version. :) plus Chord Overstreet is gorgeous!

-Listen ***** Woah! do I need to say more, Charice has some lungs on her!

-What I did for love ***** I have always loved this song and Lea did the emotions of the song justice!

I hope you enjoyed the review next review is the Brittany Britney episode Which should be more of my opinion than a recap i promise, unless you like the recap then i can do both.

Love you all!

<3 Silvia

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

M.I.A, and Upcoming events.

My lovely readers of the blog world,
I am so very sorry for disappearing on all of you. I was suppose to write a blog for Thursday evening but then i became overwhelmed with things that were happening around me. Friend problem, Bank problems, Cell phone problems, internet problems you name it i probably had it. Pure craziness happening in the little city I live in.

So let me fill you in with a few exciting things happening in my life. Numero uno

Yes indeed that is Michael Buble in concert and im going, My best friend got tickets. she totally shocked me, shes lucky i had control of my feelings cause of not i would have jumped up and started dancing around the room looking like a fool. hehe =O She's Amazing i know!

Numero dos:

LADY GAGA!!! in Concert! My hair in coke cans and poker face glasses! yes my lovely readers i am going to a lady gaga concert! I have been in touch with my childhood best friend alot lately and discovered she too is obsessed with lady gaga just like me! gahh!! So when she called me asking if i wanted to go i was like YESSSS! and in that moment i remembered why we were such awesome much in common! hehe

So this winter i will be going to two amazing concerts with two amazing people! Gah I love them so much! Then in December i will be going to see Wicked with a h/s Friend.
I have some good plans ahead of me. :)

Friday night i will have haul for you all. maybe depending on if im tired. if not saturday morning.

So this week i have 4-5 blogs planned for you all
Tonight: Glee: Audition Review, I might have to rewatch the episode.
Tuesday afternoon: Silvia's Advice
Tuesday evening/ Wednesday: Glee: Britney/Britany review
Thursday afternoon: Silvia's Advice(last for september)
Friday night/ Saturday: Birthday Shopping haul.

As for Silvia's Advice I think in the month of october i will only do it once a week. or I was thinking One Silvia's advice and one Silvia's Beauty Review where i talk about a beauty product pro's and cons.

Well i need to finish this blog so i can write my review.

I love you all!

<3 Silvia

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Silvia's Advice: Putting bad friends behind you/ life story.

Hello my lovely bumble bees,

So im actually posting a blog super early because of my own selfish reason...Glee hehe well on a serious note i desided not to write a blog about relationships and sex and all that important stuff I am privetly explaining the situation with the reader for the simple fact that I dont feel comfortable explaining it to the hundreds that read my blog. Maybe one day down the line but not this month. So im just going answer small questions about it.

Subject: Putting bad friends behind.
Question: How do you seperate from bad friends without hurting them or making them think your stuck up? I don't want them to hate me but I dont want to hang around them.

This subject hits home so close so sharing my experiance will hopefully help many.
Through out your years in school you will witness different groups of kids, the smart kids, the not so smart kids (who are the rebelious bad kids), the quiet kids, and the kids that just talk way too much. I was always the kid who was quiet but yet smart and if I got in trouble it's because I was talking to my friend. As 1st grade turns into 4th grade and 4th grade turns into middle school Kids go through stages the bad kids become good kids and the quiet kids sometimes become the bad kids you never know. I found that my friends from middle school started changing when we were in 8th grade. we were the big hancho's now of the school. I was sadly a follower I wanted to be with my friends I did all partying rebelious style.

One day I looked into the mirror I seen a face and said "look at that stupid girl I never want to be that girl. look at her with her blood shot eyes, smeared eye liner, chipped tooth, and look at that hair she's a mess" when I opened my eyes a little wider I noticed it was me, I became the girl I said I never wanted to be. I cleaned my face and the next day I made some major changes in my life. I did not want to be a disappointment to my parents, I refused to be a failer. So my 8th grade year I still talked to my friends but hung out with them less than I usually did. I started reconnecting with the friends that I left behind when I got close to my other "friends". One friend I remained close with and we both tried to work our way away from all the bad stuff. We even started seeing the school psycologist.

So what im saying from this little flashback is there are steps to slowly seperating yourself from friends without making a big mess.

Step one: notice whats going on around you, tell yourself you need to seperate and tell yourself why. Why do I need to leave this friend behind? what will happen if we remain friends?

Step two: slowly seperate yourself from the other friend or friends. Hang out with them here and there. ocasionally answer their phone calls and call them to see how they are.

Step three: notice the improvement.
Show yourself the good benefit's of not being around the bad crowd.

I started noticing how good it feels when they would get in trouble and I didn't. Rarely did it happen but when it did I was happy to know that I was truly not guilty.

When high school came around it was really easy for me to seperate from the friends i no longer wished to be around. I kept the good ones close and let the bad ones float about their life. Some went to new schools and others just found different crowds to hang out with.

Step four: Start new.
When you finally have a nice seperation from your old friends start making new ones, never be afraid to make new friends. Before you know it your on your own kid.

I started making new friends and had a life of my own I met some really good friends and I'm proud to say that my two best friends I met in high school.

Step five: Give your old friends some acknowledgment.
Even though your not close friends with that person anymore still tell them hi every now and then. If you dont acknowledge them, that's when you look like you are stuck up.

Im still friends with all those people just distant friends and I met a lot of new friends and they all taught me many lessons in life.

Friends will come and go but the good ones will stay by you forever.

I hope my life story and lesson learned steps help you with your near future friend situations you will go through them, everyone does.

I love you all.

<3 Silvia

Monday, September 20, 2010

top 10 favorite glee episodes-season 1

Warning: potential spelling errors i will correct them tomorrow afternoon.

Hello my lovely bloggers,
It has been WAY TOO LONG! I know I said I was going to write two blogs over the weekend but I wasn't feeling to good, and too much was going on. So here is my semi surprise blog...well its not so much a surprise im sure you all knew it was coming. hehe


10.) BAD REPUTATION: Physical! Who doesn't love this episode for that reason, it's about time they show Sue and her hidden talent. The students come across a glist and are shocked by who's on it and where they stand and turns out Quinn wrote it to boost up her popularity since its gone done with the pregnancy. You can't touch this! Has and always will have me LAUGHING extreemly loud when I see it. It's just one of those performances you have to watch over and over because of it's silliness. We also see sues soft side when she visits her sister who has autism. Run joey run, I have to admitt the biggest reason for me liking this episode is because of the run joey run and how horrible but good it was. the song is just a bad song but glee made it amazing! Then the ending song Total eclipse of the heart just gave me chills.

9.) Laryngitis
Rachel becomes sick with a soar throat, later Finn takes her to the doctor where she discovers she has tonsillitis. Finn still has feelings for her and starts singing his assignment which just happens to be Jesse's girl. After Rachel complains about how her voice is her life how will she go on if she loses her voice Finn takes her to his friend Jon's house whome had a bad accident and lost all feeling from the shoulders down. She them realizes that she can't rely on just one talent. Meanwhile Kurt changes his style and status to be more like his dad because he is feeling left out when his dad starts hanging out with Finn more. When he starts dressing "straight" Brittany because attracted to him. Rachel goes back to Jon's house to help him with his one talent he wishes he did while he can which is singing.

8.) Wheels
New directions works together to earn money to be able to pay for a bug that will hold Arti's wheel chair. Although before they didn't want to work to earn the money and simply said his dad can drive him to sectionals. When he admits that it hurts they then take the challenge to sit in a wheel chair for 4 hours a week and make a bake sale to earn money. Rachel later gets the lead solo in the famous song Defying gravity from wicked. Kurt gets mad and later petitions to try out for lead. Puck over hears Quinn tell Finn that he needs to start helping with the medical bills, he then tries to do good by giving Quinn his left over money from his last job. With Quinn having to leave the cheerios Sue has to have auditions for a new cheerio. mean while the glee club is selling cupcakes which no one wants to buy from kids in wheel chairs, you then see Brittany bring becky whome has autism and buys her a cupcake and is super nice to her. Later Beck tries out for the cheerios and sue accepts her. Sue writes a check to the principle for new ramps in the school for handicap students, Will discovers this when Arti wants to donate the money they made from the cupcakes(that puck spiked with mary jane) for ramps and volunteers to just ride with his dad......woah full

7.) Funk
Vocal adrenaline shows new directions what they have in store for regionals and they go into a funk when they see how good they are. When glee has the assignment to sing about something that is funk will leaves the assignment up to Mercedes Quinn then gets mad and says she can sing funk and says she wants to try it. She then later sings "this is a mans world" and Mercedes gets offended and tries to out beat her when Quinn later opens up and they both are on the same level and Mercedes opens Quinn in her house with open arms to stay. When Jesse calls Rachel to come outside to see him all of vocal adrenaline eggs Rachel and the members of New directions gets mad and want to pay back which they have been doing all of the episode. Later glee gets Vocal adrenaline back by singing a style that is weak in the knees for them, funk. they sing "give up the funk."

~~~~~~~~~I'm going to write why i liked the episodes from here on~~~~~~~~
6.) Vitamin D
The biggest reason for me liking this episode is the way the guys and girls united together and all the energy they put into their performance. I love it's my life/confessions, and Walking on sunshine/halo.

5.) Preggers
SINGLE LADIES!!! my goodness this episode is one of the funniest episodes on glee every time single ladies is shown in the episode it was the best most epic part! I also love how they show the soft side of finn in this episode. :)

4.) Hell-o
I have to admit the only reason why I love this episode is because they introduce Jesse. Also because of the songs they perform such as Give's you hell and Hello.

3.) Theatricality
LADY GAGA AND KISS! are the main focus in this episode. In the episode you truly understand the artist by everything that happens such as dressing the way you like and being friends with whom ever you want to be friends with. I love that they mention twilight. all songs performed are some of glee's best!

2.) Sectionals
Everything just comes out in sectionals and its like a big relief you had building up the first part of the season. I love the way new directions worked together to overcome the leaking of list to make new songs to perform at sectionals Don't rain on my parade made me cry of happiness. THEY WON! :)

what is there not to love about this episode? Finn and Rachel become close again right before their performance of faithfully and unite for any way you want it and love touching squeezing and ending it with don't stop believing which started the show. the best performance though had to be BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY! by vocal adrenaline! gah! amazing! during the song Quinn is having her baby so with that and the song you can't help but shed a tear. Although they lost it was still amazing show and i love that they put that in the episode it just sends the message that not everyone wins and you will always have another chance to try again.

well loves that is my list of favorite episodes sorry i didnt continue to recap the episodes it became to be to much time spent i was going on 2 hours just by 7! wow! i know! I want to write another blog with just a list of my favorite songs from glee maybe i will do it at work if i have time.

other than that regular blog tomorrow following a review of the new episode of glee if i find myself taking notes to remember what to write about lol we will see if not it will be up next monday. lots and lots of show reviews coming up now that all new shows are on now.

I love you all!

Goodnight loves.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Silvia's Advice: Friends and their Relationships.

Hello my love birds,

Subject: Friends and their relationships.
Question: My friend is in a relationship and I feel like they think i'm trying to steal him/her from them what do I do?

I have come across SOOO many conflicts with my friends relationship it is kind of sickening. 97% of the time it was my guy friends and their girlfriend, their girlfriends would not like me hanging around at all! It's not like I would be flirting with them because I seen all my guy friends as big brothers cause if I ever had a problem I would call them up and be like hey so and so is trying mess with me and so on you get the point I hope. So I have had at least 5 girlfriends come up to me and say "what is your connection with *Alex?" I would simply say he's my best friend, then they would send their friends to spy and do background checks on me like we were in a episode of Csi. It gets really tiring!

So after so many years of dealing with high school girl jealousy I have learned to do the following:

1.) Spend less time with the friend. As much as this idea sucks Popsicle sticks! it truly does help the whole situation. If you are not crowding your friend while they are in this new fresh relationship they have time to get to know each other and he or she will introduce their friends slowly and their partner will feel at ease when they start hanging out with them and getting to know them. This way the partner wont suddenly feel threatened by anyone hanging out with their new beau.

2.) Introduce yourself right away as *Jesse/Jessica's best friend of so many years. Come right out and tell her you have been friends with *Jesse/Jessica since your were in diapers, slowly tell her what kind of friendship you have with him/her. Then you can tell her how you look forward to seeing him/her around more often. Become friends with the partner it helps I promise!

3.) Well what if I don't like the partner? We have all come across these kind of situations were we just don't like the choice our friend has made in partners. You just have to breath in and breath out. Putting yourself in the middle will only hurt your friendship with your friend. That friend will despise you and think you don't want them to be happy. Sometimes a simple sit down talk will help, if you can't express your feelings write a letter and give it to them in person. NEVER I repeat NEVER send a letter filled with your heart and soul over the internet! It just leads to blackmail! Write the letter give it to them and ask for the letter back, it's only protecting you from them using it as a reference. If talking isn't your style go back to number one and just keep your distance for awhile.

Getting involved with a friends relationship;

When your friend is in a relationship and always has you around and asking your advice about different things. Remember the number one thing when a friend is asking for advice and pretty much puts you in the middle they will keep asking the question until they hear the answer they want to hear. Love truly does blind a person they do not want to hear negative things and you have to be patient for them to really understand the advice you are trying to give them. Sometimes you have to let them get hurt to snap out of it. We all don't want our friends to get hurt but getting hurt is the heartbreaking lesson that sticks to us the most and helps make better choices the next time.

I don't want to go too into this subject being that i'm suppose to talk about it in a few weeks. I might write two blogs this weekend 1 on some new Mary Kay products i just got yesterday and another of well its a surprise.

Love you all more than you know.

<3 Silvia

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Silvia's advice: Healthy snacks for school and work.

Hello my lovely readers,

So I have been sitting in front of my laptop thinking and thinking, how should I tell my lovely readers about relationships and sex, it's not something you just talk about on blogspot, but to make sure that I say all the right things, give the right examples, and have some reliable resources that you all can look into for more advice after I share mine. I'm asking a few of my friends on their views of relationships and sex and I will put it all together. I think I will post this blog subject the last week of september to give myself some time. So for now I will talk about something else.

Subject: Eating healthy snacks for school and work.
Question: What kind of healthy snacks can I eat during the day at school or work?

When you are at school or work you get the munchies to eat some snacks and most places have those lovely snack vending machines with a bunch of junk food that is not healthy what so ever. So you then have to bring your own snack in your backpack, purse, and or brief case. So below are a few things I would recommend to bring along with you, and I personally like as well. they are not 100% healthy but they are much better than junk food.

If you are a chip lover I recommend you buy the baked potato chips. They are slowly starting to come out with all kinds of flavors but so far all I have seen is regular potato chips, cheetos, and doritos. I would have these only two times a week.

Vegetables: Vegies are a really good snack to have at work, school is a little more harder to eat because of the crunchiness of the veggies might disturb other students but it would make a great side at lunch. as for work its great to whip out of your lunch bag and start snacking on while you are reading reports or what ever it is you do. Sometimes you can go a little crazy and bring along a small ranch dipping cup to give your veggies a little favor. I like using hidden valley light ranch dipping cups.

I used to bring a small bag of fruit to school for a snack, I would slice apples into bite sizes or put some grapes in a back. Some fruit were a little messy to cut and put in a bag for school so I stuck to apples and grapes. As for work I made a small bowl of mixed fruit.

I loved whipping out my can of yogurt in class. Yogurt is one of the most popular snack of all ages for students and working people. Although yogurt isn't something that you can keep in your purse for 3 hours plan out when you can bring yogurt.

The best beverage to drink during the day with your healthy snacks is water. "Silvia I don't like water" well try out Crystal lites packages to add some flavor to your water. Still don't like that idea try Vitamin water its flavored water with vitamins added in the water. Still don't like that idea and only want to drink pop well try the coke zero or pepsi max. Any kind of diet soda is better than regular soda.

Well my loves I hope this helped you in some kind of way to start eating healthy during work or school. when you eat health you get more energy in your body to get through the day without yawning or falling asleep at the table. Don't think you have to eat healthy healthy healthy you can always have a small fix of your favorite guilty junk food snack.

What is your favorite snack to eat during the day?

<3 Silvia

Important message from yours truly Silvia

Hello my love,

I just want to write a quick blog, no worries i'm writting my regular blog later this evening. there are three things I want to cover,

1.) When I link sites its for you the viewer/ reader to be able to click on and see the product and discription if you want to buy it. it's not me saying click this link and go and buy it. When i link a Marykay web site i link my Marykay lady website, if you have your own rep type in name) and you can buy from them.

2.) this weeks blogs will be a little serious I was asked to very important and serious questions that any young reader may have and i want to answer it in the best way. Today will be about relationships and thursdays will be about sex and all it's consiquences. I just ask for any readers support these are very tough to talk about i have been thinking about it all day i do not want to write the wrong thing. I wont be going really deep into the subjects but I still ask for your support and any question you might have please send it to my email. i will be writting the blog about 7:00pm chicago time.

3.) You all have been loving my makeup blogs i know because you send me awesome emails saying you do. i find it sooo funny that no one comments on the blog but they send me personal emails. dont be afraid to comment i'll read them i promise. :)
I cant promise a makeup blog every week but i will promise i wont stop writting them. i Have a big trip to chicago planned for october 1st so i will be writting about that. I will be going to some cosmetic places.

love you all muchos


Monday, September 13, 2010

Shopping with me at Sephora, Bath & body, Target, & Ulta

Why hello my lovely bloggers,

So over the weekend I went shopping with my friend Gabi and I got a few things I thought I would share my purchases and what I think of them so far while I watch glee season 1 volume 2 again. :)

So when i went to sephora I didn't have anything in mind of what I wanted to get or buy anything but then....I came across this.

First I smelt the shampoo, body gel, and bubble bath bottle and it smelt AMAZING!
then I look up and there is the lip gloss I had no choice I had to buy it! It smells amazing, it looks amazing, heck it tastes pretty amazing! you can get it at Sephora for $10.00.

Next item I got was Benefit's Bad cal lash I heard many good and positive reviews on it I just had to try it. Now I only the trial size just in case I didn't like it because i'm very picky about my mascara. The brush its self is huge! and it gets every lash on your eyeball! the mascara is very whats the word i'm looking for creamy? I dont know but its perfect! When I go back in a couple weeks I will be purchasing the big tube. Benefit bad gal lash is $9.00 for the small tube and $19.00 for the big tube.

Bath and body works:
Usually I just walk in just to smell the new products sometimes i'll purchase a good sale product. I smelled the most amazing candle! Its from bath and body works but its under the brand Slatkin & co. and the scent is.....AUTUMN APPLE! it smells just like a freshly cut apple! every time I smell it I want a apple! they had a sale 2 4oz. candles for $10.00 so i got 2 because they were limited edition. Autumn apple is a must if you like apples :)

So the target I went to was mm maybe 40 minutes away and so far the only target i've seen with e.l.f cosmetics on it's shelf. So I took advantage and got all the things I have been wanting to order from the web site. so far I like every item purchased with the exception of the studio fan brush, the brush hair smells horrible and I have washed it twice and used the mac brush cleaner as well. So the list below is every I got not much to say they all have good pigment and work just as good as high brand cosmetics.

Waterproof eyeliner $1.00
Brightening eye color In drama $1.00
Wet gloss lash & brow clear mascara $1.00
Therapeutic conditioning lip balm In strawberry cream $1.00
All over color stick In pink lemonade $1.00
Tone correction Concealer $1.00
Fan brush $3.00
Complexion perfection $3.00
Studio Blush In candid Coral $3.00
Contouring blush and bronzing powder $3.00

So i'm not an ulta girl I love ulta but I dont have a ulta close by to run to when ever I need to but they are opening one a bit closer about 20 mins away so I will be showing my face at ulta more often. Well I got Nyx jumbo Pencils, and Nyx Pencils. These pencils are amazing I always had to borrow friends pencils which I know isn't healthy but I loved them so much! I finally got my own and I adore them and using them everyday.
Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk $4.19
Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Black bean $4.19
Nyx Slim eye pencil in black $3.59
Nyx Slim eye pencil in Velvit $3.59

Last but not least I got the Redken satin wear blow dry lotion. $4.00 .825 oz. and $16.00 for the big bottle.

And that is what I bought over the weekend. I love them all i would go more into details about the products but I haven't really gotten the change to really try them for a long period of time.

Tomorrow is Silvia's advice Tuesday, I'm still trying to figure out what question I want to talk about. well we will see.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening!

<3 Silvia

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shopping list, Making an old lady mad, & making a worker laugh.

hello loves,

so i promised i would write a blog about what i bought today......i didnt buy anything exciting at all but, i will tell you what i got anyways you are warned right now boring blog ahead.....kinda funny stories at the end.

My most exciting product bought!
1.) Winter boots I was sooo excited to get these boots (click the link to see the picture) i was waiting and waiting for my local target to get a shipment of them. I was super lucky because i got the last pair in my size. =D

2.)Blow Dryer I wanted a new blow dryer because my other one was too big and bulky i bought it 5 years ago and it was time to upgrade so i bought the new conair i series. the whole line looks amazing i want to go back and get the curling iron and straightener as well. Should i get them all in pink? or should i get the blue and green? hmm maybe pink.

3.) 17 again the movie with zac efron

4.) Edward Scissor hands the movie with Johnny depp

5.) Cd sleeves to put the new 30 dvds i got within the last 2 months lol

6.) A flat brush and round brush for my hair, i was in need of new ones

7.) Glee volume 1 cd, i bought vol. 2, vol. 3, and journey to regionals a while back but never bought 1 i think its cause i had the least favorite songs but i figured why not. then i went on itunes and bought some songs that arent on the cd's. now i just have to buy the madona edition but i will get that when season 1 part 2 dvd comes out on tuesay. im getting ready for season 2 can you tell? lol oooh i heard they are doing Rocky horror picture show! im EXCITED!

8.) A new swiffer sweeper and refills

9.) kleenex

10.) Cheese in a can called easy cheese lol

11.) a package of gum

And that was it, after i stopped at the little food stand got me dinner.

How boring was this blog? lol omg got to tell you bloggers 2 funny stories

Old lady:
Okay so i was in the food market section of my local target and i was looking for the cheese can thing and every time i wanted to look into an aisle an old lady would get in my way and prevent me from looking. i kid you not i ran into 5 of them and i was thinking what the heck? its 5 in the evening shouldnt you be in bed already? and as im going down the 13 aisle of food one would pop out of no where. well i finally found the cheese and went on my way to get kleenex. So when i get to the kleenex this old hag is right on my ass with her cart so i finally find the tissue i want and i threw it in the cart well i guess i was in her way so she turned her cart around to go the long way around so i start walking and there she is so i run and cut the prune off and shes was all ughh so im walking a decent pace until i spot the swiffers so i stop and she almost hits me then i paused and shes getting ready to go around so me being a teenage rebel i start walking getting in her way and then i stop really fast and slowly turn into the cleaning she goes around me you just hear her go uughh really loud and im in the aisle laughing my butt off! thats what she gets for being so impatient!

Hot worker:
so when im in the aisle with all the mops and cleaning stuff laughing like Chelsea handler just told me a joke i see a handsome head pop out of the side of a cart full of stuff to put on the shelf looking at me laughing he's just smiling. well the handsome heads cart was in my way of the refills so i went around the long way to get to the refills and im looking trying to figure out the difference of them all...i mean is it really necessary to have 10 different scents? of a wet wipe that goes on rubber mop? so i see this lady grab the original and so i grab one too and say ooh so this is the one out loud like a crazy person. and i hear him giggling behind his boxes i look up and give him scrunched up (I probably looked disoriented) face and he just smiled.
So i threw the container in my cart (i literally throw every thing in the cart lol) and move on to the drier sheets cause im mighty low on my snuggle sheets. So there he is moving along to the laundry soap. So i am in front of the sheet looking for the original blue snuggle sheets and i cant find it, i say out loud "man do they not have original scents anymore? my goodness what is the world coming to" the handsome head is shaking and he is just smiling at me while breaking down a box. So i look at him and just smile and say "i guess not huh?" so then my phone goes off and it's katy perry's song Peacock hahaha i know wow! and its the part thats all "let me see your peacock cock cock" I answer and smile to him as i walk along. two aisles down i ram my cart into a aisle end thingy as im trying to turn into the hair dryer section. I'm pretty sure he was laughing or smiling at me.

I have some weird experiences at my local target, and im always by myself when they happen no one to witness the fun.

well no more blogs for the weekend. I hope you all enjoy your weekend be safe!

<3 Silvia

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Silvia's advice: Makeup for work and school.

(kind of a sloppy blog im sorry)
Hello makeup lovers,

Subject: Makeup for work and school.
Question: what are some good make up products i can use for school and work without spending 40 minutes in front of the mirror?

So yesterday in my blog i mentioned i would make a little make up video of a look you can wear to school every day. well I FAILED! My lighting was horrible, My memory card wasnt taking good video, I kept messing up. It was horrible not to mention i dropped my 88 pallet on my hard wood floor and 10 shadows fell out of the pallet. =( so this blog will just be about product that you can use every day for a quick make up fix before your first class of the day or work, and inexpensive.

I don't like putting on foundation or pressed powder before going to school or work so the perfect coverage for me is a tinted moisturizer. Its great for summer and its great for working women on the go.
Sephora's tinted moisterizer is just as amazing as Laura Mercier's Tinted moisturizer

The tinted moisturizer is $21.00 and last me about 3-4 months maybe longer you dont need much for a good coverage. its a whole lot cheaper than lauras thats for sure, its half price.

I only put on concealer if its a must but, we all have those mean pimples that like to pop up on our face while we are sleeping. so a good concealer to use with your tinted moisturizer is Mac select cover up.

its $16.50 and works like an eraser im quiet found of their studio sculpt concealer as well.

Eye primer:
eye primer is obviously a must im really digging the Mary Kay eye primer works good and is cheaper than urban decay primer potion, which too is an amazing primer.

it cost 12.00 and is in a squeeze too better for application.

Eye Shadow:
As much as we all like our individual eye shadows or dust i find that the Coastal scents 88 warm pallet is the best go to pallet for a quick simple look in the morning. you make a simple eye to a really dramatic smoky eye.

it's only $24.00 for 88 colors thats a deal right there.

Blush is optional to many people, i dont wear blush every day just the days i want to dress up my makeup with some blush and lipstick.

I love Mary Kays tinted lip balms, they give you a little color with some moisture at the same time. along with that i like lip stains they last almost all day and you can dress it up with your favorite clear or shiny lip gloss. =)

Here is the look i tried to film for you all.

(sorry the picture doesn't show the look to well the one that eyes look crazy like lol)

All products used and web sites where you can purchase them are below:

Primer- Avon,Magix face profector
Foundation- Cover girl, clean for sensitive skin in soft honey; All drugstores.
Concealer- Mark, Speedway concealer; Discontinued.
Powder-Mac,Mineral Skinfinish natural in Medium Dark
Blush 1: Mark, mark Good Glowing Mosaic Blush Custom Color Palette in Chica
Blush 2: Mary Kay,Mineral Cheek Color in Shy blush

Eye primer: Mary Kay,Eye primer
Eye Shadow
(My poor chipped pallet)
Coastal scents 88 warm pallet
Eye liner: Loreal, carbon black lineur intense; All drug stores
Eye liner: Avon,Spectra Define Eye Liner
Mascara: Cover girl, Lash blast waterproof in black; All drug stores

Mary kay, tinted lip balm in apricot
Nyx, Round lipstick in Darlng

And thats what i pretty much use every day...with the exception of all the foundation, sometimes i just dont use it at all.

I hope you all found this helpfull...kinda sorta....REMEMBER:you don't need make up to make you feel beautiful,your beauty comes within you. buts its just something us girls like to use and buy =)

with love,

<3 Silvia

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Silvia's advice: Joining Extracurricular activities

Hello my loves,

So all of today i have been thinking what advice should i give today because i don't want to keep putting back to school advice because im not sure how it will apply to everyone, but the reason why I starting making these Silvia's advice is to help a lovely girl named Alli be less stressed about her first year in high school. So bare with me for the next few blogs they will be about back to school. I think tomorrows blog will be a video or pictures of a back to school make up you can rock every day and takes less than 15 mins if I can find my memory card and edit or put together in time for tomorrow evening. So lets end this blab with some advice.

Subject: Joining Extracurricular activity clubs.
Question: How will Extracurricular activities benefit me?

when you start school you will see and hear a lot of announcements about joining many different clubs. These clubs are basically there to 1.)Keep students involved with the school 2.) keep the kids out of trouble 3.) a good way to meet new people and make friends. The biggest pay off of joining many clubs is putting them on college application, colleges look at your list of clubs to determin how a.)social you are b.)personal interest and c.)how much community service you put into your school. When your in college depending on the school they still have some clubs you can join as well. When your out of high school and college job application now ask what kind of activities were you involved with in school. They recommand you list them all on your resume along with what you did when you were in that activity.

When I was in high school I listened to the afternoon announcments for all the different clubs and write down the ones I was most interested in with a date and time for sign ups. I was involved in a total of 5 extracurricular activities. Environmental, Philanthropy, Tech, Drama, and Yearbook. All very much fun I made many new friends in the clubs some becoming very close friends, I also made me some money in tech club, and went to prom for free because of tech. =)

Don't ever feel like you shouldn't join a club because you'll look like a school dork, because your not! You help make your school look better and I can only hope and promise it will make school alot more fun for you. plus you have a better chance at getting a fun job because you were so involved and social. So go out join all the clubs that sound fun to you and have a blast.

With love and encouragement,
Silvia <3

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

OH NO.....

hey my loves,

I totally forgot to write a blog tonight, I was going to get ahead of myself and write todays blog yesterday then i was going to write it at work but never got to it. I feel horrible!!! my goodness do i feel horrible i think the whole three day weekend screwed up my schedule so instead of trying to rush and write a blog and have lots of mistakes and make no kind of sense i will just post a blog tomorrow.

So heres the deal i will write a blog Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday after i go shopping with my mama and write about what i got and stuff something girlie hehe.

Im so very sorry again.

olive u all more than you know.

Sweet precious dreams.

<3 Silvia

Friday, September 3, 2010

Silvia's advice: School Organization

Hello my school monsters,

Subject: School organization
How can I keep all my class folders and notebooks organized?

When I am in school I am so organized when it comes to folders, notebooks, and binders I called myself OCD for being that way. The benefit for being organized in school is you will know where everything is, it's easy to concentrate on studying, and you will feel great about yourself. So here are my tips and ways to staying organized for school.

I had a separate notebook for each class and each notebook was a different color and properly labeled on the right hand corner for fall semester and bottom left hand corner for spring semester. This way if i went back to look at notes I know what semester im looking at and wont get them confused. My label usually read like this "Young adult litature, Mr. Yiakos(he totally taught health lol), Fall Semester, Silvia Lopez(sometimes Lopez, Silvia)". On the inside of my notebook would be all notes or self assignments. Each subject note would be properly labled with chapter number and page number of book readings, along with full date. This way when I went back to study I had the chapter,subject, page number, and date taken all right there.
*but to be honest I was horrible at studying only because I never made enough time but I had amazing notes.

Like Notebooks each class had their own folder and color all properly labeled on the upper right hand corner. I would have the clear like folders but with color and on the right hand side was all or any hand back assignments and on the left was loose leaf paper and any notes I wrote sloppy and I needed to rewrite again in my notebook at home. I would also have a calender facing up on the front of the folder with important assignment dates and lab days as a reminder.

If the class required a binder I would go to target for a 1 inch avery heavy duty binder with a window to lable the binder and decorate it to my liking. In each of my binders i had binder seperaters with the tabs on the side and i would label each tab with Notes, Quiz's, Assignments, Hand backs, and Projects. All depending on the class but that was the usual routine and in the back would be loose leaf paper.

Each and every student should have a planner for school and I dont think i need to talk about this too much but you use this planner to write down all homework assignments any social events and important save the date information. I would be lost if i didn't have my baby planner.

I loved taking totes to class cause i would keep all my folders and notebooks in there and carry my books. In my tote i would also have a mini purse along with a magazine or book to read when i had nothing left to do in class or to enjoy during lunch break.

Well i didn't really give too much advice I just shared what I do for classes when im in school and what not i would think thats advice through experience. hehe

I get all my school supplies from Target and Staples.

Happy school days!

<3 Silvia

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Silvia's advice: Perfume or body mist for school?

Hello my little butterflies,

Blog Subject: Perfume Vs. Body Mist for school/ classes.
Which is better to wear for school?

When I wake up in the morning I get showered up and pretty for the school day put on the traditional deodorant and then I reach for a scent to spray on my body and I go back and fowards from Body mist and perfume. When I was in high school lets just say kids didnt always smell good in the small closed rooms you forced to sit in for 60 minuets. So your first instinct is to spray a little extra for that smelly kid next to you. Once you stepped into the classroom your classmates would space back and go woah what department store did you walk through this morning? So as a sophomore you learn what not to do from your freshmen year. So when I was a sophomore I asked for a Body mist for my birthday and Christmas to wear to school and I would wear it every day except for the days I dressed in nice tops and had the heals on, I would spray the expensive perfume I saved my pennies for. When i was a junior i would go every other day back and fowards and as a Senior I told myself Silvia you are an adult now you should wear perfume ever day.

So here are some questions you should ask your self before you decide Mist or Perfume

-Will it be hot today?
-Will I have a big class today? (you dont want to suffocate others with perfume)
-Will I have an Athletic Class today? (gym, weight training, Aerobics, etc.)
-My clothes today are they casual? (sometimes i went in pjs)

If you answered yes to any of these questions you wanna go with a Body mist.

-Is today a cold or decent weather day?
-Am I wearing something dressy and sophisticated?

If you said yes to those two question then Perfume is open for wearing.

You never want to wear perfume on a hot day because the smell is usually too strong for your self and others around you plus you dont want bugs coming after you from your strong sweet smelling self.

If you have big classes that day you don't want to sit in the room with this strong scent that can give someone with strong allergies a headache, plus a big class means extra body heat causing the classroom to heat up and its just a miserable feeling trust me.

If you have an athletic class that day you want to be able to spray some body mist when you are all done with the class so you can smell fresh after, some schools dont allow showers after class for the simple reason of not enough time. So applying perfume again may be too much and a waste of an expensive bottle im sure. *sometimes if you apply perfume in the morning, if you can find a body mist that goes well with the perfume you can apply the body mist later combining the left over perfume creates a nice smell. I like combining Bella Bilara(Mary Kay) and coconut passion(Victorias Secret)

If your wearing a casual outfit its always good to wear a nice body mist or soft perfume never dress up a casual outfit with perfume unless your going somewhere were you need to dress up your outfit a little.

Well my love buttons I hope my advice helped you choose the right thing before you head to class if you need advice for good perfumes for school send me an email

<3 Silvia