Friday, September 3, 2010

Silvia's advice: School Organization

Hello my school monsters,

Subject: School organization
How can I keep all my class folders and notebooks organized?

When I am in school I am so organized when it comes to folders, notebooks, and binders I called myself OCD for being that way. The benefit for being organized in school is you will know where everything is, it's easy to concentrate on studying, and you will feel great about yourself. So here are my tips and ways to staying organized for school.

I had a separate notebook for each class and each notebook was a different color and properly labeled on the right hand corner for fall semester and bottom left hand corner for spring semester. This way if i went back to look at notes I know what semester im looking at and wont get them confused. My label usually read like this "Young adult litature, Mr. Yiakos(he totally taught health lol), Fall Semester, Silvia Lopez(sometimes Lopez, Silvia)". On the inside of my notebook would be all notes or self assignments. Each subject note would be properly labled with chapter number and page number of book readings, along with full date. This way when I went back to study I had the chapter,subject, page number, and date taken all right there.
*but to be honest I was horrible at studying only because I never made enough time but I had amazing notes.

Like Notebooks each class had their own folder and color all properly labeled on the upper right hand corner. I would have the clear like folders but with color and on the right hand side was all or any hand back assignments and on the left was loose leaf paper and any notes I wrote sloppy and I needed to rewrite again in my notebook at home. I would also have a calender facing up on the front of the folder with important assignment dates and lab days as a reminder.

If the class required a binder I would go to target for a 1 inch avery heavy duty binder with a window to lable the binder and decorate it to my liking. In each of my binders i had binder seperaters with the tabs on the side and i would label each tab with Notes, Quiz's, Assignments, Hand backs, and Projects. All depending on the class but that was the usual routine and in the back would be loose leaf paper.

Each and every student should have a planner for school and I dont think i need to talk about this too much but you use this planner to write down all homework assignments any social events and important save the date information. I would be lost if i didn't have my baby planner.

I loved taking totes to class cause i would keep all my folders and notebooks in there and carry my books. In my tote i would also have a mini purse along with a magazine or book to read when i had nothing left to do in class or to enjoy during lunch break.

Well i didn't really give too much advice I just shared what I do for classes when im in school and what not i would think thats advice through experience. hehe

I get all my school supplies from Target and Staples.

Happy school days!

<3 Silvia