Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Are the Bachelor Pad games discriminating?

The Bachelor pad season pad has just began and it is already getting some high speculation from it's latest episode. Monday's episode showed games asking the females to strike one man who they believe is the dumbest. When the females were done the roles were switched and the men had to strike the women who they thought was the least attractive. Not only were these hurtful questions but they were hurtful all together, they were striking each other with eggs filled with paint.

In a man's perspective, most will laugh the response off. From a women's perspective getting hit with an egg by a man that symbols, your not attractive hurts only that much more. One poor girl got hit repeatedly over and over again through out the game, including one really hard throw.

The guy who threw the egg really hard felt guilty later and took her on a date after he won the challenge. how nice? kinda?

Some of the games these reality shows are coming up with are going way too far! Especially right now when we are struggling to teach teens/ young adults about self love. It doesn't help to flip on a disney partner channel and see a show like the bachelor pad making males and females dis each other for money. I can see if it was on a cable network channel such as MTV because thats not a family channel, but this is Disney ABC.

It's understanding that games should be a little hard, but they shouldn't be emotionally picking at your self confidence like that. dating show or no dating show, it's harmful to the person on tv and the people watching.

<3 Silvia

Photo credit: www.daemonstv.com