Saturday, May 15, 2010

32 Questions about me; Silvia =)

Hello my loves,
I didn't realize how bad I have been neglecting Blog Spot. A lot of my friends haven't joined blog spot, just click on my link from facebook and read my latest post and they were telling me "hey what happened to posting on your blog?" haha so I am back in action and i'm going to write my little fingers off. I have been reading new moon and i'm so close to finishing and then i'm working on my make up skills. I should bring my make up business on to blog post, hmm we will see. Well I get asked so many questions from new people i meet or my friends of like 10 years lol so I thought i would put some of the personal questions they asked along with some common survey questions I hope you all enjoy.

1.) How tall are you?
I am petite, I am 5'1.4.

2.) Why do you like Musicals so much?
Why not? I love musicals cause they are full of life and excitement. There are no boring moments in the show and they are so easy to follow and enjoy.

3.) What is your favorite Color?
My favorite color is PINK! I absolutely adore it fits my personality. My second favorite color is Purple. =)

4.) What was the hardest part of high school?
Hmm I would have to say finding where you fit in at high school. when you get there you are this tiny little freshmen trying to adapt to so many new things. you have a much bigger opportunity to join things such as sports, clubs, and different activities. When you find what you like the most then you find your click of new friends. As for classes it depends on how well your middle school prepared you for high school.

5.) What is your favorite clothing?
I don't have a favorite clothing brand or store to shop at, if i see something i like and it happens to be on sale its in the buggie, i am not too picky and what ever i pick really shows my personality.

6.) How many times have you fell in love?
Well I thought I fell in love once but i was 14 so I dont think that counted because I didnt fully understand the meaning of love until now. So I haven't truly fallen in love yet but I plan to one day soon.

7.) What is one thing you regret?
I regret not being myself when I was younger I think life would have been a little more easier and not as much drama, but you live and you learn.

8.) What is your biggest fear?
My biggest fear is Tornado's I am not a fan of bad weather and when a sign of storm comes my eyes are glued to the weather channel, I even have a weather applications on my phone. its horrible I have come face to face with a half tornado and i was freaking out!! they aren't fun!

9.) What is your favorite book?
Well since I getting back into the swing of reading books i dont have a new favorite book yet, but I definitely am loving the twilight series so far.

10.) What is it about your best friend you love so much?
Oh there are many things I love about her, What I love about Maricela...hmm that she is not afraid to be herself if she likes peanut butter and pickle sandwich she will tell you " I am Maricela _____ and I like peanut butter sandwiches with a pickle on the side" (which she doesnt but if she did she would) and she is very caring and funny. ahh what isnt there to love about her? I would put a picture of me and my best friend but idk how she feel about that.

11.) What is in your purse?
Many, many things. Maybe one day I will do a whats in my purse blog lol

12.) How many purses do you own?
umm well the last time i counted it was 28 I probably have more now. hmm

13.) Edward or Jacob?
Edward so far I'll update you when I finish the books.

14.) Favorite drink?
I love water with crystal lite and Diet coke.

15.) What is something in your room no one would expect you to have?
umm well im not a dirty girl so i dont have "toys" in my bed drawer lol hmm probably my supply of water in my closet i have to have it there just in case you never know lol

16.) Favorite Male singer at the moment?
Michael Buble

17.) Favorite Female Singer at the moment?
Lady Gaga of course

18.) Favorite Group?
Does the glee cast count?

19.) Favorite Movie?
err I have way to many.

20.) What are you excited about?
To start Make up school in September!

21.) Favorite lipstick and lip gloss?
Lipstick Benifit Good to go and Lip gloss I like Smackers lol and Mac dazzle glass.

22.) What are your self insecurities?
um my teeth, my two front teeth are crook-it and I haven't come across the money to get braces yet. I am working on it though but I learned to accept it and smile, but sometimes I feel like people are staring at them and I don't smile or feel down. Nobody is perfect though.

23.) How are you improving to fix it?
I just smile and I know one day I will earn enough money to fix them you are never to old to get braces.

24.) What aggravates you most?
People that put other people down because they aren't happy.

25.) Worst movie?
hmm what is that one movie called with cameron diaz and the stupid button?

26.) Current hobby?

27.) What is your favorite candle scent?
I love ocean breeze, and this one candle called Edward Cullen from

28.) If you could be friends with one celebrity who would it be? and why?
ooh thats hard um I am going to have to say Lady Gaga because she is so real, not into the big celebrity thing shes all about her fan and actually cares about them. I am sure I would change my answer in a month but for now i will say Lady Gaga.

29.) Favorite Perfume?
My most go to perfume is Fancy by Jessica Simpson and second is Charmed by All my children

30.) What is an ideal gift to get you?
A great big hug! i love hugs but I apprieciate anything I love getting homemade gifts from the little ones, I love anything pink and sparkly, Picture frames with a picture of a fun time, I like jewelry (fellas) lol j/k, flowers make me melt, or some thing with a nice phrase like best friends on a snow globe or something.

31.) Current cd on repeat?
Glee Soundtracks

32.) What shows are you currently into?
ready? All my children, One life to live, Dancing with the stars, Glee, The Hills, Modern Family, Cougar town, Romantically Challenged, Happy Town, Ghost Whisper, Medium, Ncis, Platinum Weddings, Girl meets gown, and i think thats it, or that i can think of.

Thats it, if there is a question you want me to answer email me, let me know and i will slab it right on here with an answer. I'm going to do another question thing that i seen on a fellow bloggers site so i will copy and paste and do that too.

Song for this blog: Autobiography by Ashlee Simpson

<3 Silvia