Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random: family, school, my life, and Lady GaGa

Hello my lovely readers,

I haven't wrote in forever so I felt the need to inform you all on my crazy life. psshk i wish it was crazy...well it kind of is.

My Family:
My family is doing very well, we are all still broken inside but moving on slowly. My grandma is out of town spending time with her sisters who she hasn't seen in a while. She defiantly needs this time with them, I honestly think it's the best way for her to heal. In the mean time I am dog sitting her pup two days out of the week so she's not that lonely at night or during the day. She's a fragile little dog. Currently my other grandma's sister and brother in law are in bad health so i'm praying hard for good health for them.

My School:
My school is freaking hard! I swear college isn't easy and it isn't cheap. I swear people just don't understand how expensive being a student in photography or interior designing. You are constantly buying supplies for classes such as matte boards ($5-20), envelopes($4), gallery tickets($20), photo paper($20-30). Then you got your one time expense of a camera body ranging 980-1,200 and lens ranging 400-1,400 and one lens is never enough for the school either by the time you graduate they want you to have at least two to three. Lunch.... transportation...proper clothing for the windy city. It's really expensive after you add everything up monthly. I probably spend $200 monthly plus $480 for monthly tuition. I wasn't the lucky girl who got a lot of financial aid, I got $600. Hard shizz man! then the classes are complicated and boring all at the same time.

My life as Silvia isn't the easiest life to live, it can be fun but its hard. it comes with a lot of duties. I'm not looking for love at the moment but I am looking for someone to be by my side. I found someone great but times are rough for the both of us and I think our problems collided are only a warning of a train wreck. Maybe one day who knows, but he is sweet and adorkable! I've been approached twice and then i melt with adoringness and then we are face to face and it's silent...come on man! you made your move, I made my move, now king me! This is why i hate the internet sometimes.

Music: I have been listening to A LOT! of Lady GaGa lately I swear she is my soul! I walk down the streets of chicago dancing and singing to myself and i get these stares like what the fudge is her problem? she's weird! one day i'm gonna just shout "BABY I WAS BORN THIS WAY!I swear i get looked at like im some alien sometimes and it's so annoying but, I ignore those fuckers and do my thing. Oh the concert was amazing!! I had a wonderful time! she was beyond amazing! gahh!

^^^That's the make up I wore to the concert^^^

I just recently bought the new Viva Glam GaGa lipstick from mac, it looks amazing!! I also bought the new maybelline mascara so you know what that means review coming up.

Well thank you all for reading up on whats going on through my life, I might talk more about that guy...I am unsure at the moment though.

I love you all more than you will ever know!

<3 Silvia