Sunday, February 20, 2011

Random: Rain, Camera, Computer, and Lady GaGa

Hello my lovely readers on blogspot or google or where ever you came across my blog,

I love being able to write blogs without having to appologize for being lazy and not writing a glee recap/review...don't you? Soo thursday evening I got sick :( I was cleaning my room and had the windows open because it was super nice outside and I wanted to air out the closed room. well I fell asleep after 3 hours of cleaning on my bed of no covers (they were in the wash) and during the 40 mins i was knocked out the temp. dropped and I got sick. It's sad I know, I had just gotten better from my month cold. After lots of medication I am starting feel better so lets cross our fingers
I stay this way.

It has been raining all day here in's nice because well i'm tired of snow and I had been wishing for a rainy day. I love rainy days...especially rainy spring days. Too bad it's not spring yet..but soon my love buttons soon!

Some of you wanted to know the camera I have to get for school So heres some photo's

Pretty fancy huh? It's a cannon 60D with a Sigma 30mm f1.4 EX DC HSM Auto Focus for Canon. I'll be sure to take a picture of myself with my baby. Pretty Esited! and for those asking which iMac...if you must know 21.5-inch: 3.06GHz. Annd for those wondering where I live so they can rob me...I live on the north pole next to santa clause and a block away from the tooth fairy.

I've been getting myself ready for the Lady GaGa Concert coming up next Monday. So exciting I don't have the best seats but just to be in the same building as GaGa is a thrill! I'm doing her telephone makeup just less dramatic eye brows because i have to take public transportation to the united center and it's the same route i take to school so I can't be looking crazy haha

well I have to get my homework in order for Wednesday, I got doctors appointment tomorrow and tuesday my mom is getting her tooth pulled...I need to get my license already so I can drive legally. grrr! anyone want to take me? i'll buy you dinner. :)

Love and kisses,

<3 Silvia