Sunday, July 31, 2011

Will Apple's iPhone sales succeed in September?

iPhone 5 worth getting excited about? Many apple fans were expecting Steve Jobs to reveal the new iPhone back in the late spring when he always reveals the new iPhone. Instead a white iPhone 4 was release and that was it. Now rumors are the iPhone will be released late September but how many apple fans will run to buy it?

The First iPhone came out June 2007 selling over 1 million phones before September 10 at the price of $499 for 4G and $599 for 5G.

The Second iPhone (iPhone 3G) came out June 2008 selling yet again over 1 million phones but in just 3 days! This year apple lowered the price to $199 for 8G and $299 for 16G

The Third iPhone (iPhone 3Gs) come out June 2009 selling yet another breath taking number, 1 million phones in 2 days! Apple kept the same prices but raised the phones gigabytes $199 for 16G and $299 for 32G.

The fourth and current iPhone (iPhone 4) came out June 2010. Apple changed the appearance of the iPhone and kept the price the same making their fans completely in awe. Apple put the phones on pre sale on their website and sold 600,000 before they even came out. When the phones came out they sold an additional 1 million. That’s a whole bunch of iPhones! Later apple release the iPhone to Verizon and sold an additional million iPhones. There is said to be over 5 million iPhone 4’s in the world today.

My reason for going into a time line is because of Apple’s timing, why release the new iPhone in September? Why not in June like the other 4? A lot of customers have their updates in June to get the new iPhone, why screw them over? Better yet why screw your sales over? Does apple really have that much confidence in themselves that fans are going to spend $400-$600 to break their contract for the latest iPhone?

It makes a patient person like myself a little upset because I waited till I had an update on my contract to get my very first iPhone (iPhone 4), which was in October. I had to wait 4 long months to get this awesome phone as well as for it to be restocked. Now if I want to update my phone I won’t be able because I will have to wait even longer because apple decided to start releasing iPhones in September.

I guess die-hard apple fans will be devoted and buy the phone and others will wait for the next phone.

The new iPhone is rumored to have a bigger screen and features like an android. If that’s the case I can defiantly wait for the next best thing and I’m sure a lot of other people are with me on that ;)

<3 Silvia

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