Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shopping list, Making an old lady mad, & making a worker laugh.

hello loves,

so i promised i would write a blog about what i bought today......i didnt buy anything exciting at all but, i will tell you what i got anyways you are warned right now boring blog ahead.....kinda funny stories at the end.

My most exciting product bought!
1.) Winter boots I was sooo excited to get these boots (click the link to see the picture) i was waiting and waiting for my local target to get a shipment of them. I was super lucky because i got the last pair in my size. =D

2.)Blow Dryer I wanted a new blow dryer because my other one was too big and bulky i bought it 5 years ago and it was time to upgrade so i bought the new conair i series. the whole line looks amazing i want to go back and get the curling iron and straightener as well. Should i get them all in pink? or should i get the blue and green? hmm maybe pink.

3.) 17 again the movie with zac efron

4.) Edward Scissor hands the movie with Johnny depp

5.) Cd sleeves to put the new 30 dvds i got within the last 2 months lol

6.) A flat brush and round brush for my hair, i was in need of new ones

7.) Glee volume 1 cd, i bought vol. 2, vol. 3, and journey to regionals a while back but never bought 1 i think its cause i had the least favorite songs but i figured why not. then i went on itunes and bought some songs that arent on the cd's. now i just have to buy the madona edition but i will get that when season 1 part 2 dvd comes out on tuesay. im getting ready for season 2 can you tell? lol oooh i heard they are doing Rocky horror picture show! im EXCITED!

8.) A new swiffer sweeper and refills

9.) kleenex

10.) Cheese in a can called easy cheese lol

11.) a package of gum

And that was it, after i stopped at the little food stand got me dinner.

How boring was this blog? lol omg got to tell you bloggers 2 funny stories

Old lady:
Okay so i was in the food market section of my local target and i was looking for the cheese can thing and every time i wanted to look into an aisle an old lady would get in my way and prevent me from looking. i kid you not i ran into 5 of them and i was thinking what the heck? its 5 in the evening shouldnt you be in bed already? and as im going down the 13 aisle of food one would pop out of no where. well i finally found the cheese and went on my way to get kleenex. So when i get to the kleenex this old hag is right on my ass with her cart so i finally find the tissue i want and i threw it in the cart well i guess i was in her way so she turned her cart around to go the long way around so i start walking and there she is so i run and cut the prune off and shes was all ughh so im walking a decent pace until i spot the swiffers so i stop and she almost hits me then i paused and shes getting ready to go around so me being a teenage rebel i start walking getting in her way and then i stop really fast and slowly turn into the cleaning she goes around me you just hear her go uughh really loud and im in the aisle laughing my butt off! thats what she gets for being so impatient!

Hot worker:
so when im in the aisle with all the mops and cleaning stuff laughing like Chelsea handler just told me a joke i see a handsome head pop out of the side of a cart full of stuff to put on the shelf looking at me laughing he's just smiling. well the handsome heads cart was in my way of the refills so i went around the long way to get to the refills and im looking trying to figure out the difference of them all...i mean is it really necessary to have 10 different scents? of a wet wipe that goes on rubber mop? so i see this lady grab the original and so i grab one too and say ooh so this is the one out loud like a crazy person. and i hear him giggling behind his boxes i look up and give him scrunched up (I probably looked disoriented) face and he just smiled.
So i threw the container in my cart (i literally throw every thing in the cart lol) and move on to the drier sheets cause im mighty low on my snuggle sheets. So there he is moving along to the laundry soap. So i am in front of the sheet looking for the original blue snuggle sheets and i cant find it, i say out loud "man do they not have original scents anymore? my goodness what is the world coming to" the handsome head is shaking and he is just smiling at me while breaking down a box. So i look at him and just smile and say "i guess not huh?" so then my phone goes off and it's katy perry's song Peacock hahaha i know wow! and its the part thats all "let me see your peacock cock cock" I answer and smile to him as i walk along. two aisles down i ram my cart into a aisle end thingy as im trying to turn into the hair dryer section. I'm pretty sure he was laughing or smiling at me.

I have some weird experiences at my local target, and im always by myself when they happen no one to witness the fun.

well no more blogs for the weekend. I hope you all enjoy your weekend be safe!

<3 Silvia