Monday, August 1, 2011

HP free Xbox offer out of line?

Back to school sales have been advertised all through summer, but the end of July and first weeks of August Advertisers like to blow up the commercial world with back to school ads. They have the really cute uniform commercial, college furniture commercial, and then they have the technology commercial for college. The one commercial that makes me want to throw a pencil at the screen, is the HP desktop/laptop commercial offering a free Xbox.

HP names furniture items a college student is bond to buy like a small fridge then suggesting that all they receive is a free ice tray. Then they mention a beanbag and suggest that all they get is a bunch of beans. Then they reveal their big deal of buying a desktop or laptop (mainly laptops) and you can receive a free Xbox. What is HP encouraging college students to do in college?

Isn’t a laptop and the internet enough? Now to add a game counsel to temptation. I think HP went the wrong route with this commercial with college students because it only encourages them to take it to college with them. They are going to want to play it every night instead of college. I rather have spent an hour on facebook than spent three on playing games. Sure it sells their product a little more, but it sells it for all the wrong reasons. For that I think HP isn’t a college friendly product this year.

Apple is offering a $100 app gift card for every purchase of laptop of iMac. With that app gift card you can buy software programs, editing programs, E-textbooks, and even some music. If you have a few bucks left on your card, you can buy a few games such as angry birds. Who doesn’t like to play angry birds to pass time in between class?

Hewitt packer is only concerned about selling their products this year, but really if they would have just put a good sale they would have done fine. They now Dre beats in their speaker systems making their laptops a little more wanted. A good sale and maybe a free gift card for music downloads would have done their sales good. No need to offer a free Xbox! Especially when parents and students are paying a lot of money for school.

<3 Silvia

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