Sunday, February 26, 2012

Predictions of spoilers?

Hello lovies!

Quick little blog about pretty little liars,

Yes I am aware of who killed Alli in the books and who A is in the books. If you all weren't aware The producers mentioned they were changing both in the tv series! Also the biggest tip off of the change is Jason being spensors half brother. I loved the emails of your rude spoilers, thankfully someone already spoiled it a long time ago and its not that big of a deal. :p

So what do you guys think of my list so far? eh eh??? MELISSA!!!!! Yea??? I totally think she did something to Alli! whether it was killing her, being A, or smacking her around.

I can't wait to find out...I know we are all gonna be like :O :O :O :O and then go OH EM GEE!! and then say oooohh they totally had an Aliby to be A!!

mks back to homework! and shtuff!

<3 Silvia

RE-POST; Silvia's Advice: How to deal with stress.

Do to a copyright complaint I had to remove a picture...which one not sure...So I just took them all off. From now on all pictures will be my own or properly given acknowledgment like it should have been in the first I apologize. I am a photographer in the making so I know what it is like.

Hello my lovely bloggers,

I wrote my Glee review and didn't hit the post button and at some moment my internet got turned off and it didn't save so I have to rewrite it. So with that said all that yuckiness leads me to my subject of the day;

Subject: How to deal with Stress.
Questions: Silvia how do you deal with Stress? What is "stress"?

As a student and worker I know what who and what stress is. It is the worst friend to have over for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Stress comes in so many different forms of appearance. Many get Headaches, Rashes, stress knots in muscles, eyes, stomach, name a body part im sure you can get stress building up there.

I have had stress headaches better known as tension headaches and you just feel this pounding and squeezing all in your head. Rashes I have only gotten when i was planning for events, and its an irritation in the skin that you feel the need to scratch or you scratch an area of skin because you think it's irritated but its not and you just need something to do to release some stress. Stress knots now this is called something funky in Spanish but basically it's when your muscles start tying up in a knot from overwhelmed stress. I have had all three of these forms of stress including a stomach virus which are often caused by stress. All these facts come from the many doctor visits i have had in the many stressful moments in my life.

Yes stress can get so bad you can be sent to the doctor or worse you can be hospitalized.

Now that you know about the different forms of stress how can you deal with it?
here a few things that have helped me in times of stress.

1.) Coloring

Yes you read right coloring as coloring in coloring books. I have found that if you color a picture you can release any stress anger into the crayon. They use this Technic in child psychologist's offices. If the child's crayon is light brushes on the paper he or she is emotional if it is pushed hard on the paper he or she is stressed/angered. They also have lines and circles and what not to determin more. I have found that coloring helps relieve a little stress.

2.) Video Games

Wah? did Silvia just tell me to play video games? Yes I did playing video games often takes the mind off things for a little while and lets you take any anger or stress out on the game. So if you have a game system play a fighting game, some intense sport, something that will help you.

3.) Exercise

The most rewarding way you can release your stress is exercise. Go to your local gym or your own gym jump on a machine and just let it all out for an hour. Dont over do it cause then you will be wishing you hadn't and then get stressed some more because you are in pain.

Don't have a coloring book where you are simply draw on a piece of paper with a pen just doodling for a little while will help.

Don't have a game system, it's simple just exercise.

Don't have machines to exercise on take a jog around the blog a few times, running helps all your thoughts rush through your brain.

What do you do to relieve stress? Do you do any of the same things as me?
Email me your answers.

So my blog is late but its better than not posting one right?

I love you all so much im soo sorry I have not been on top of things lately.

<3 Silvia