Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Got a Geeks Number?

This might sound Rational but its true and yet funny.

Girls do you ever feel like when your not looking your best you meet the cutest guy and he's talking to you like your some goddess in the building? well i always run into situations like these i'm either in no makeup, have my geeky glasses on, or have that little black spice on my front tooth. Now don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with glasses, but I have grown to love my red glasses that make me think of ugly Betty's glasses and aren't all that attractive but feel more comfy than my black sophisticated bottle caps.

Well on Monday I get a call from geek squad informing me that my lap top is ready to be picked up at my local best buy. So i throw on a clean t-shirt, recycle the pants i wore the day before, wipe my face real quick from left over makeup, throw my bangs back in a clip, and throw on matching flip flops. I rolled on out of the house looking a hot mess with my mom. I get there and its a little crazy and a man 5'8 black hair spike up with axe gel and green with a tint of blue eyes said how may i help you and i hand him my geek squad folder and said i was here to pick up my laptop and he views the papers and says i will be right back so im standing around and i sit down and about 10 mins later he come back with my lap top and says im looking through the files and hes talking about a bunch of stuff i'm not sure what it was and words i didnt know the meaning too and i just shake my head and say ooooh, awww, really?, no way. my usual i have no freaking idea what your talking about sounds. haha well he goes on and then he said im going to turn it on and check out whats up, so when he flips it open and turns it on let me remind you he is talking to me trying to get me to conversant but i cant because i have no idea what he's talking about so i just smile he turns on the laptop and see's this picture...

now let me share my background information on why i have this picture. okay this picture is of Joe Penna aka Mysteryguitarman on you tube. check him out he's awesome! well he posted this picture on twitter and couldnt help but put it on my background simply because it gave me the greatest laugh around. well i hardly ever close tabs so i forget what my background is and before my computer crashed well thats what it was. so back to my day...

He looked at the background a little shocked, but he just smiled and continued to talk to me and he's talking about how he just wants to check something out and what not i say sure go ahead. So then he starts talking about how he owns his own business and then i got interested because well when i hear someone has their own business i find it fascinating. So the 5'8 black hair spike up with axe gel and green with a tint of blue eyes male continues to talk about what he does and why he's working at best buy and so he practically flaunts that he has 55' tv and blueray player at home worth about 3,000 bucks and he only paid 1,500. He continues that he works at best buy for two days does his own business and goes part time to school for something. finally my mom comes into the picture I was getting a little uncomfortable because i didnt know what to talk about and my mom was all friendly and flaunting her miss goody two shoes daughter. Then my mothers mouth opens and says the words "Do you have a business card she can have just in case something wrong happens with her computer she can call you instead of coming to best buy" roll out of her mouth, nice move MOM! haha he seemed so happy to write it down. oh and the 5'8 black hair spike up with axe gel and green with a tint of blue eyes male goes by the name Paul. =) he was so sweet and talked about his services and then he was talking about how i can probably do some of this stuff at home by myself and if i didnt know how i can ask someone to do if for me and if i knew anyone.

Then my mom starts talking about her nephew, my cousin how he is a wizard at the computers and so on, then he asked what school is he going to then i mentioned the school and then a whole new conversation sparked about a school i had no clue about. then he asked the question when did i get my lap top and i said May 7, 2008 and said aww thats when iron man 2 comes out and asked yet another magical question have you seen iron man 1? no but i know the 2nd one actually looks good then he goes into iron man. haha but he was so funny about it and convincing me i had to see it! now when i see the previews i think paul from geek squad. haha

Finally the scan was over and he said some other things and we said goodbye and my mom threw in the "if something happens we will give you a call" oh mom your so darling! he was simply a pleasure to talk to and he seemed to have interest in me talking to him and what not. he was so sweet and if something does go wrong i will call Mr. Paul. best part? he didnt have a ring on that left finger and he said he lives at home to support his mom! awww so sweet!!!!! ooh and he kept assuring me that they pick up the computer or you can drop it off,and when they are done they will drop it off to you. haha what does that mean paul? lol

Whats the best lesson taken from this? that you dont need makeup, fancy clothes, the perfect body, or a perfect smile to stand out to someone. if a guy can obviously show he's into you and you arent looking your best that just means he lookes behind the outer beauty he looks deep within and past perfect and thats one good guy there and you should hold on to him.

best service at Geek Squad i must say!

What is my background picture now you ask?

None other than my idol little Miss Woods comma Elle. =)

<3 Silvia