Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lady Gaga's You and I video gets creative.

One of the most talked about news in the entertainment world today is Lady Gaga's new video for You and I. Lady Gaga planned on premiering her video on thursday on her 10,000 tweet via twitter. She couldn't stand the wait any longer and premiered the video Tuesday afternoon with 4 tweets away from 10,000 she simply said "F*ck", "Thurs" "Day" ">Link<" and linked the video premiere on the last tweet.

The video is one of the many creative video's she has done in the past but, this one really sticks out the most. Maybe it's because it's a slow country rock like beat, or maybe it's because she really outdid herself in the costume department. Not only was Gaga in a Mermaid fin, she was dressed as a man! She almost looked like Al Pacino. She released pictures of herself dressed as a man before the video released leading the whole debate is that her? or is it an actor?

In the video you can clearly tell it is Lady Gaga herself. The video shows all aspects of her creative side, how strong she is as a performer, and how well she does at putting her visions together in the editing room. Some singers will be there to shoot the video and leave to go out and do something else, Gaga is in the room editing with them making sure it is perfect. Perfect indeed it is. Not only does she have amazing costumes in this video but she really expresses the different sides of love.

She has the forceful side of love, she has the bad side but you just can't resist, and she has the love that sits around listening to her playing music. She really shows her passion for love in this video.

Maybe this will be her next big Video! Her current number 1 video is Bad romance at 406,937,264 views.

The official Television premiere for "You and I" is on Thursday at 7:49 on Mtv.

<3 Silvia

Picture Credit: Screen shot by myself from Vevo video player.

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