Friday, June 24, 2011

Hello!! Englishhnesss.......history?

Hello my lovely and dear readers,

those who have sticked around I thank you! I apologize for not blogging, I haven't had the urge to blog like how I used to blog. Have no fear i'm back and hopefully I can get my views back up in there in thousands....this has been the lowest month of views since last year when I just started. It makes me sad that I let that happen, I know half the views are for the pictures but the other half are from people googling certain things and then end up staying on the site to read a few post which I absolutely adore! I do it all the time. I've been thinking about making a tubler but still undecided.

I am currently in an english class this semester and I have a pretty awesome teacher who is more modern with the reading styles of english stuff. In high school all my teachers where for instants freshmen year, I had an hours teacher who was all about hard work and boring books. I wasn't even in honors and she made us keep up with her honors class. she was absent 45% of the year. sophomore year I had yet again another honors english teach but she was cool as ice cream but then left the school at the beginning of the year because her husband got a job in arizona. so we got stuck with a student teacher who was cool too I guess but she was a student about nervousness. Sophomore year I wrote the best essay's, poems, and short stories! one of my essays was in the running for some essay contest...didn't go very far but it was awesome! Junior year, haha well...the teacher was awesome but just not english material, we watched a bunch of movies and read some boring modern books. I took a second english course and had the teacher for suspension...he was an interesting cup of tea! I had a high b average in english 11 and 115 percent in my second english class.

after all that goodness my counselor wanted to put me in honors english finally my senior year and i was like no no no! (amy Winehouse style) being because the english teacher was insane! and crazy! also against all religion. So she put me in three english courses....she was so mean! haha no she wasn't but gah! so I had english 12, contemporary english, and journalism. my english 12 teacher was bias and rude so mid year i switched to a more nicer teacher who turned out to be a pushover with other students and gave us all the cliff notes for each assigned books. contemporary english (I think thats what the name of the class was current issues.. basically article reviews, current issues, and all that jazz) that lady was something else. let me tell you she was soo snobby but yet so serious! is was frightening! Journalism...he was a cool dude and we became friends. man was he serious about his journalism though!

My english teacher for Eng099 (I know! i was shocked too...stupid placement test!) is super duper nice! she keeps the english lessons modern with today events. The class is going over your basic english needs for proper writing. All the stuff you learned in high school is taught again with a better understanding. Which is great for me because I never fully understood the meanings. getting to the whole point of this "short" blog I get to write 10 blogs for extra credit. Though i'm slightly confident i wont need it, i'm an over achiever and feel like i need to do it! So 10 blogs with a funny title are my extra credits. :D Hopefully you will enjoy them, and I promise to get back to normal with reviews and maybe some "short" recaps.

I love you all and I look forward to writing again. I see your emails and it makes me want to keep going! :) i've replied to you all the past couple weeks. hope you enjoyed the emails.

<3 Silvia