Saturday, February 23, 2013

Silvia's Spring Shopping List

Hello my darlings,

I haven't been on blogger in almost a year. CRAZY!! A lot has happened in a year and i'm not ready to talk about it just yet, but know a blog is coming soon about it. I really need to start writing on here again, I miss it, it helps, and gives me something to look forward to again. Any who I just wanted to talk about a few up coming purchases i'm going to make, really its a list for me to keep track. haha everyone ready? 

My first thing on my list to purchase is an:

iPad Mini
My biggest reason for wanting/going to buying one is because of school. I just recently bought a Macbook Pro for school but its biggest purpose is to edit photos. What I need an iPad for now is books, my school books to be exact. I just paid over $400 on paper books for this semester when I could have rented digital copies for under $200! thats half the price! Several other reasons would mainly include my classes, I have a speech and business class next semester (summer) it will come to great use when presenting business plans and speech notes. Another reason would be entertaining travels, I take the train and it would allow me to work on a speech or business plan at ease without having to wip out a 15inch Macbook Pro and need an entire seat.


Wacom Intuos5 Tablet Small-Medium
It's a great product for easy and better photo editing in photoshop. Why I need it? I hate mouses and track pads when I need to edit photos. They never work the way you want and drawing on a track pad is a lot more easy and in control when it comes photo editing.


 Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro Lens
Is there really any other reason to give to get another lens? I am starting to expand my lens collection. It takes photographers years to do so, and i'm ready to start now. Along with the lens I will get a UV filter and lens hood.


Epson Luster Photo Paper 8.5x11 and 13x19
Every photographer needs photo paper, these are the ones I love to use. I will have 3 photo classes in
the summer so a big bulk pack will be needed to print all my assignments and portfolio.


Kelly Moore Chapel Book bag

I absolutely adore Kelly Moore Bags they are amazing quality and so stylish! Reason why I want another one is because the one I have is the B-hobo and it is amazing for on the go photographers. I like to use it when I am sight seeing and other things but I need a bag that is good for travel. If I need to bring a few camera things to Chicago, I just need a transport bag and this would be my it bag. it will be great come the summer I can put my camera, lens, flash, and mini iPad all in it along with my basic wallet and small makeup bag. It will all be there in one bag, no need for 2-3 bags. 


New iPhone

 My current iPhone has maybe 3 months left in it's life spand and its time to upgrade. I've had an upgrade for over a year now but I was waiting for the 5 to come out and when it did I couldn't do it at the time. Now I can and i'm sure when my phone loads an app for the last time the 5S will be announced. ;)



I am in dying need of new earphones but i'm tired of paying $30 for a pair that die on my in months at a time. So i'm ready to walk on the dark side and buy beats. Right now i'm stuck between buying studio beats or heartbeats by Lady Gaga. I mean not only are they made by my favorite singer, they look really awesome. Aslo there is a $50 difference. So I have to really think what is important to me. 

So that is my upcoming purchase, I know its a lot some really crazy and others simple and unnecessary to even list. I can do a small simple review on them when I purchase them. It will be one at a time for sure, I'm not crazy enough to purchase all at once. 

Until then,

Remember to smile! :)

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