Saturday, July 30, 2011

Casey Anthony the new face of Halloween?

Casey Anthony to be the newest Halloween mask has many biding. An EBay seller put a latex sculpture of Casey’s face for auction after using it for a skit online. The seller earned a whopping $999,900.00 for the mask.

It is way too soon for something like this to be occurring, especially when they don’t know who killed little Caylee. Though I still believe 90% of all evidence lead to Casey killing her little girl or taking part of her murder. To sell a mask with this woman’s face on it is only bringing attention and praise that she wants after being set free. She if currently selling interview times for 1 million dollars. The only thing going for her right now is the humiliation being created with Halloween mask, t-shirts, and other novelties. Hopefully Halloween company’s are a little considerate and hold off at least a year on the mask. Though the mask should never be created, it’s the business world and they want money. For Caylee’s memory and justice I hope they hold off a little while longer.

<3 Silvia

Photo credit: Google search engine

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