Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Review: Smashbox Eye Shadow Palette in Classifeyed

Hello makeup lovers,

So I bought this wonderful smashbox eyeshadow pallete 20 days ago and let me just say this is an incredible pallet! i absolutely love it! It was the first time I was trying smashbox and there was a sale going on so i couldn't resist. The colors are very pigmented you can do 4 looks with the 6 colors which all can be bought separably as well. I love con binding the purple and brown together! vanilla, light bronze, brown, ivory, light mauve, and deep eggplant are the colors. I like mixing vanilla and light bronze together for my lid color and putting the purple in the crease then highlight my brow bone and inner eye with the ivory. I highly suggest if you can get your hands on these colors do so, i'm not sure if the pallet is still available for sale but I know the colors are on the site as individual sale or in trios. check them out.

<3 Silvia

Review: Maybelline falsies mascara

Hello lash loves,

Okay so I bought the new maybelline falsies mascara about two weeks ago and here is my review and opinions on the product.

So this product is said to give you the full effect of false eye lashes without applying any glue and so on. well I didn't think it made my lashes look full or have the effect of false lashes. When i applied the product it went on thick right away and it was hard to get mascara on all the lashes without putting too much on in the process. Now at all my local targets, walmarts, and drugstores every tube of mascara were waterproof so I got the waterproof tube of the falsies and I have to say it was not waterproof at all. I wear contacts so my eyes are constantly moist so sometimes waterproof is a must! 4 hours after applying the mascara it started running off the lashes and some were like chipping? i'm not sure if thats a correct word to say for a mascara but thats what it was doing so 8 hours into wearing the mascara I had no mascara on my lashes what so ever. The shape of the spoolie is a good shape for defining the lashes but the bad thing is it has too much mascara on it when you pull it out so it can be messy.

I give this product 2 stars because it does give you volume but it doesnt last for a long time nor does it stay on like a waterproof mascara should.

have you tried this product? did you get the same results or different from me? let me know.

<3 Silvia

Thursday, July 22, 2010

falling down 8 stairs...

Hello my loves

So today wasn't such a wonderful day as i hoped and planned. The morning I woke up late and took a long shower with little time to get ready. I went to go put on my capri's that was perfectly fine when i washed them but something happened in drier and they ripped. So I was stuck wearing sweat pant capri's cause something told me not to wear a skirt. I had no time for makeup so I shoved my smashbox pallet (review coming soon) 3 brushes and a eye liner and my purse which already had mascara and other stuff from before. So I get to my best friends grandmas house and it was all happy and love in the air for her grandpas birthday. I love celebrating birthdays! I went to work and just climbing the stairs in the morning didn't feel right. So we start work and I am cleaning the day care bathrooms when i'm done I start doing my potty dance and being the worker that follows the rules i go up stairs and down the other stairs to use the employee bathroom assigned well thats when it happened my worst fear and nightmare.

I get to the second set of stairs noting that it was wet, terrified of falling i make a free hand to hold on to the railing but holding on didnt help at all i fell down maybe 6 stairs hitting each one with my butt and trying hard to keep my head up and make sure the bucket of water i was holding didnt spill on me. well i failed it spilled on my legs and splattered on my face. in complete shock i stood up as fast as i could and made my way down stairs because i still had to go potty.

The worst of it all was that my boss didn't care one bit that i fell and injured my self my elbow was bleeding for crying out loud. nope she didn't care I was on here i dont care list because im not her kind, or im not part of her family had one of her family members fell she would have called a paramedic or sent me home right there on the spot but nope i got a did someone fall? ooh well mop up the mess. she has lost all and any little respect left for her.

I am back to fearing stairs like I once did from the ages of 3-16. which sucks but i fell down once and got two black eyes and i fell down again and bruised my tail bone.
my legs tremble in a horrible shake going down them and my heart races until i reach the bottom.

I feel much better than i did when i got home but i still have some pain. I just have to sit on a neck rest pillow and move slowly. debating on work tomorrow. hmm....well my loves lesson is if the stairs are wet hold your bladder and wait for them to dry.
even though the guy mopping the stairs didn't ring out the mop good enough.

goodnight loves

Monday, July 12, 2010

Starting fresh & haters

Hello my little love oranges,

Okay so in my last blog I promised a bunch of blogs and lately I get on blogger and want to write about my day and say no because you have to do all the blogs you promised before you can free write, well i truly missed blogging so im just going to clear all the blogs i promised and just write blogs as they come to my head. Although I still want to do a twilight blog and vacation blog. as for the hills i started doing the blog and for one episode it was 3 paragraphs and looked forever long so i stopped but if any of you want that blog email me at Silviaklopez90@gmail.com you can also email me anything you would like my to talk about. =) I heart all my lovely readers.

okay on to a subject that has been burning in my system.

HATERS! ahh we all have them and they suck total sour candy! I have some really mean haters! gah! okay so I get many of my haters from me talking to my guy friends and then when they decide to get a girlfriend they hate me horribly for talking to their man. It's like excuse me? he was my friend first before you put your nasty hands on him. So usually what happens is me being a good friend I distance my self from them so they can have their little relationship. then when they are over with we are bowling and splitting a pizza with some friends. other haters come from my positivity I am one positive pop tart! I am sometimes called little miss Elle woods because i'm so positive sometimes I have my downs but who doesn't? plus I wear a lot of pink lol well any who I was once told I was hated because of where I was in life? which isn't really far with me still only being 19. I am high school graduate starting makeup school in September. Im not sure of the other reasons why i'm hated. I just shrug it off and go on with my life but in the back of my mind I think why do people hate me? I try to be nice and not give them a legitimate reason to hate me. I truly wish we can all be nice and love each other but that doesn't happen in the real world huh?

ooh well this is me! im Silvia Lopez love me or hate me I will not change for anyone if there is not a good reason too! how do you deal with hate?

well im off to pack for the beach tomorrow and get some rest remember my little love oranges wear sun block when going out into the sun!

Goodnight loves,

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Where the heck have i been?

Hello my little love bugs,
haha im going to be like olgakay and make a new name for all my readers each new blog.

I have been gone for way too long that i have forgot how to blog. haha no I didn't but that would be a lame excuse! I have been busy the last blog i wrote was about glee's season finally and that was well early june i believe, please excuse my spelling/grammar. the things going on since i been gone........

I landed a job....finally.
So my best friend got me a job where she too landed a job for a summer program dealing with GED testing, nursing classes, and job search classes. which is pretty neat to experience. when i first started my boss was such a pain she would forget i thought she was insane rude and unfair. I in all honesty didn't think i was going to make it long enough. We all started in the janitorial category cleaning the school getting ready for the programs. let me tell you we worked our butts off and outside in my area it was always ranging in the 92 degree weather. we cleaned the most nastiest things you can think of. when i came back to work after vacation there was no more cleaning and its all crafty art work. along with office work, which is harder than most think. This job is something else, when i first started working my first job was one of the toughest jobs a teenager can do. I worked at a grocery store as a cashier with a thick book of rules 3 cameras watching every move and a tough union that cost a lot of money. also all the rumors and evil eyes i delt with because i had lots of pull for a 17 year old just starting. getting a day off required pending approval, leaving early required 3 manager approvals, and call offs or days off ment no pay. this job is not like that at all and i honostly thing the boss is spoiling every worker for paying a day we called off or missed, paying full day after leaving early, and little rules. in the end the job isn't bad and i hope it gets more exciting the job has field trips that you get paid to go on. insane! although i will have to quit early september i wouldnt mind staying after all but come the end of august i have to look for another job =( aw man.....

I went on vacation!
I finally went on my vacation to tennesee i stayed in a cabin on top of a big hill for 5 days and did many many exciting and fun things that i will have to blog about separate so i can plug in some awesome pictures. I had little time to blog.

I was reading Eclipse!
I finally got to reading eclipse and it was awesome and my favorite so far. although i have about 5 chapters left i seen the movie already! hehe im a stinker i know. i will write a comparison of the book and movie in a separate blog because i would like to include twilight and new moon and just call it a twilight saga blog. i am seeing the movie again soon with my friends mom. trust me its a must see!!!!! =)

My family was in town!
I had lots and lots of family in town! from different parts of texas and florida i still have family in town actually.

I promise i will catch up on all my blogs i have been slacking on! i have about 6 more hills episodes to review cause i have lots and lots to say about the hills. I also want to do a months favorites like they do on youtube but just for blogs cause im not comfortable in front of the camera yet maybe when i get my room situated. also some new music im digging and fashion alerts i've come across along with new makeup im looking at lots and lots to come in july i have finally found a way to juggle work, sleep, family, and internet all at once.

I love you all sooooo much!

<3 Silvia

sorry no song for this blog.