Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Silvia's Birthday/Christmas/Want list.

Hello my dearest friends and family,

I know my birthday is very close. I firgured I would make a little birthday list that can be converted into a christmas list then into a wish list after. haha I don't ever ask for anything I just let it be known that a girl does have a wish list and if you truly want to get me something from it...well here it is.

1.) Wine Glasses 4-Set (Check**)

2.) Z-stem Martini Glasses 4-Set (check**)

3.) Cover Girl Lash blast Mascara-WATERPROOF-VERY BLACK

4.) l'oreal carbon black lineur intense felt tip liquid eyeliner
(totally available at target, and walmart...just not on their website for viewing!)

5.) Urban Decay Primer Potion
(Tube or Potion bottle is coolies =) sephora and ulta have them.)

6.) Glee-the power of Madona Soundtrack

7.) Glee-The Warblers Soundtrack

(available at Target too)

9.) Back to the future dvd set

10.) Pretty Little Liars Complete First season

11.) Pretty little liars-Wicked-Paperback

12.) Pretty little liars-Unbelievable-Paperback

13.) Pretty little liars-Twisted-Paperback
The author hasn't released the book in paperback yet. =( but my whole collection so far is in paperback.

14.) Victoria Secrets Gift Card
So let me explain this one before you all think i'm getting all greedy with the gift cards.
I need me some underoos. lol and I got two $10 coupons from cousin Vicky (victoria S.) so heres my thinking I get a $25 dollars I get the 5 for 25 deal use the coupon it cost 15...use the gift card i have 10 left come back an hour later...pick out 5 more underoos give the other coupon it's 15 something...hers my gift card again...bam 5 dollars...heres my angels card. I got 10 panties :D yea? if not i'm still going to do it...hahaha but a gift card would be nice. :)

15.)iTunes Gift Card

My list is done.....seams like A LOT! and VERY EXPENSIVE! cause well it kinda is. You have to remember this is my wish list for my self as well. i'm just sharing it with you too. =)
the top two things on the list are being purchased for me by my bf and madre being why it say (check**) lol the rest isn't. I love little care baskets. thats why I included mascara and eye liner cause those are my favorite in the entire world! the primer is expensive! I figured eh...why not..sounds like i'm making a list of things i need. haha The three glee cd's I don't have what so ever! I know thats crazy talk!

Well I'm off to bed! lots of homework to do later. Cause I have a birthday to celebrate on Monday. :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dear Friends: My health isn't doing well.

Hello friends...

I'm not doing so well...i'm trying my best to hang in there but it's really hard.

My health isn't the best it should be and i'm fighting small battles compared to some people but for my age they are big ones.

I Have severe migrane headaches diagnosed by a doctor that said could be something more i'm waiting to get cat scan.

I was just told today I have hypothyroidism which I don't have full details yet but the ones i've seen online.

Both are mild conditions at the moment but I am beyond scared. Never in my life did I imagine I would be going through something like this before my 21st birthday. I've always pictured myself planning a party at a bar or casino. Not appointments at a hospital to go into a tube for observations.

It truly puts that aspect on life "enjoy every day as it was your last."

I'm really scared and i'm praying for the best. For those who are reading if I may ask, can you say a prayer for me? I would greatly appreciate it.

My appointment is 21st until then I will keep you my friends updated.

I love you all so much.

<3 Silvia

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

By Request....

I've put the comment boxes back on the bottom of each blog post. I don't like having comment boxes there but we shall see how they go. :)

Hope you all are having a wonderful week...i'm working a few blogs right now for this week. yay! :)

Also...I'm thinking about getting a tumblr...hmmm

<3 Silvia

Friday, September 2, 2011

My top 6 favorite Glee project contestants.

I watched the glee project from begining to end, not know if I was going to love it because to be honost I didn't want new people on the show. I fell in love the show and i'm excited to see the winners be guest stars. I know I am beyond late but here is my top 6...well 7 because I planned this blog mid season and well you know people get kicked off. haha So just go with it...i'm aware of what happened with the show.

7.) Damian Mcginty
Lets just say I wasn't a fan of his first episode but his innocent boy charm had me cheering for him a little bit. He showed a little bit of his Irish personality and made everyone smile with his silly dancing rain boots routine.

6.) Alex Newell as much as I didn't dig Alex's sassy attitude at moments I could not deny his amazing talent! Especially in drag! He has pure talent and what his kid has gone through in life, there is a reason why he sings like he does. I knew he would make it to the top 3.

5.) Hannah Mcialwain
I loved Hannahs funny personality and they way she wasn't afraid to openly admit to adoring Damian. I can't help but think maybe the emotions of that caused her to go home and I was sad to see that happen.

4.) Marissa Bleicken I originally had Marissa at number 3 in the beginning but because I had included her she is number 4.) I loved her personality, she was fun, I loved the duet she did with Samuel! that was my all time favorite! She was one of the most open girls on the show. I was beyond sad and shocked when they kicked her off.

3.) Lindsay Pearce
Her bitchy attitude made me dislike her the first 9 episodes. I could not deny her amazing talent! Her singing was Phenomenal and her acting was beyond amazing on que and off! Sitting there watching the show I was just imaging all the different stories the writers could make if she won..sadly she didn't. Maybe they can make her 2 episode walk on role like sunshine and ship her off to vocal adrenaline. if they do I called it first!!! =p

2.) Samuel Larsen oh man! I had a hard time deciding who should first and second and honestly as i'm typing this I want to change it so bad! but i'm going by the list I made half season through, I'm being fair! I just loved his rocker vibe! his shyness! everything about him and his performances amazed me! I kept seeing him as Puck jr. but the one who was opposite of everything puck believes in.

1.) Cameron Mitchell I loved Camerons free spirt nerd side! He did great on almost all the assignments except a few. He showed devotion to what he truly believed in. I was really disappointed to see him quit I think him and Quinn would have made a cute couple or or him and brains are a rolling with that one.'s with Quinn and rachel is so jealous because he sings outstanding so she throws on a noun out fit and they roll around the stage singing some love song. hahaha WHAT?!?!?!

I look forward to seeing The winners (in order of how announced) Samuel, Damian, Lindsay, and Alex as guest stars on the show! So far Damian's name is Rory and will start showing up in episode 4 according to Michael Buckley.

Hope you all enjoyed!

<3 Silvia

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