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Review/ Recap: Glee; Rocky Horror Glee show

“Rocky horror glee show” Air date: October 26, 2010

In the beginning they start the show just like movies with big red lips. The lips are Santana’s and she sings “science fiction double feature” I wonder what lipstick they used to make those lips so bright. Rachel and Finn are rehearsing in the auditorium to “There’s a light (over at Frankenstein’s place)” when Carl interrupts them half way through on a motorcycle shouting at Will for messing with his woman. Will goes back to the reason why this all started and it’s because Emma mentioned to Will that she went to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror. Will notices how much Carl has gotten Emma out of her Germ phobia shell when she has her crust on her bread, attending a filthy theater, and decides to go trick or treating. Out of Jealousy Will mentions he is doing Rocky horror for the fall musical, Emma is shocked they he picked such material to do.

When Mr. Schuester enters the room to tell kids Brittany is telling Kurt she is being a Peanut allergy for Halloween. She’s being what? Haha we should write a book of all the crazy things Brittany says. When Mr. Schuester announces the exciting news the Glee club shows a little concern but eases up when will assures them it’s okay and they will be charging admission for their regional’s trip. Mr. Schuester starts to mention characters Rachel jumps up and says she will play the role of Janet and Finn will play Brad. Artie already assumes he will be playing the guy in wheel chair (doctor Scott) and Mr. Schuester agrees and tells Kurt he wants him to play Frank N. Furter He refuses to play such a role and Mike Steps up to take the role. Sam takes the role of Rocky and Kurt takes the role of Riff Raff and the girls have to double as Magentas and Columbias. When Finn learns he is going to be in his boxers for a scene he gets really self conscious.

Sue tells the world they lost the true meaning in Halloween which is fear. After Sue’s segment she is approached by the local stage managers from the news while she is carving a pumpkin with her face on it, to tell her will is seeking stage rights to “Rocky Horror”. Sue gets upset at the words Rocky Horror she remembers people throwing toast at her sister which she thinks because of her disabilities(and we all know its part of the show bet her) and gets angered and agrees to do an undercover expose’ which she thinks will win her a Emmy.

When the glee club is in glass getting ready to practice Santana and Brittany criticize Finns body again. Rachel gets mad and tells them that was rude and Quinn fires back and tells them boys do the same thing and Santana tells them about what Artie said about her boobs earlier (if he can make an omelet when she’s done with the ostrich eggs she has in her bra). They then practice “Damn it Janet” with Finn in his costume glasses which I found to be super adorable on him and couldn’t help but laugh for a good two minutes. In the middle of the practice Sue walks in and pulls Will to the hall to tell him she heard about him doing the Rocky horror and she’s okay with it because, she cares about the performing arts. Will then offers sue the part as the criminologist and she agrees and tells him she will be at practice along with her rewrites because, she has say in the final script. We all knew it was too good to be true when sue was acting nice.

Sam discusses work out and eating habbits with Finn and Artie and tells them eating a chili dog makes him feel guilty and works extra hard the next few days to work it off. Will asks Emma to help him with the costumes for the show and she accepts with excitement. In the mean time Mike interrupts and tells Mr. Schuester he can’t play Frank because his parents read the script and don’t want him to play or dress like a “transvestite”. Will tells sue he lost his Frank N Furter and the show is cancelled and she finds a way to make it work. She walks into Emma’s office where she and Carl are discussing their Halloween costumes and she gets the bright idea to ask Carl to be in the musical. When Carl shows up in class Will gets angered and told Carl he has to try out like everyone else so he sings “Whatever happened to Saturday night?” (hot patootie-bless my soul) while Will sits with dissatisfaction and everyone is dancing around. When Carl is done Sue yells “we don’t need an Eddie!” Will is quick to agree and Carl fires back that Eddie would be more appropriate for the show. Will is being such a hater, I don’t like it one bit! Mercedes interrupts the tension when she says she wants to be Frank N Furter and everything is set in place when she becomes Dr. Frank and Carl becomes Eddie.

In rehearsal Finn tells Mr. Schuester he is saving his underwear debute for the opening show, the Sam interrupts and asks if he can have longer shorts because he thinks the one he is wearing is too short and he might show some serious nuttage. Mr. Schuester tells them they can’t talk about that now and continues the rehearsal when Mercedes belts out “sweet transvestite” I think she made an awesome Frank even though it’s suppose to be man her voice fitted the part. In this number you really notice how detailed the costumes and make up are I had to watch it 20 times because I was so amazed at how great they were and so close to the original.

Mr. Schuester convinces Sam that playing Rocky might not be a good idea after all since he felt so uncomfortable and then takes over his role. He asks Emma to help him practice “Touch-a touch-a touch-a me” a little uncomfortable about it she practices it with him while Santana and Brittany watch. Emma strips will and herself during the practice and dance around the room. When the two almost kiss Emma realizes what just happened she runs out of the room. What a steamy performance may I just say, who knew Emma could be so touchy.

Finn tries to work out more to be in shape when Sam tells him about not playing rocky he think it’s because of his self confidence of his body. When Finn starts to think he will be replace too Sam tells him no he’s not because “being Brad isn’t about being hot it’s about being confident and who you are and how you look no matter how douchie you look Brad is cool with being uncool”. Aw what a touching moment between them. Finn sees what Sam is talking about and gets more confident meanwhile, the glee club tries to rehears a scene without Finn there and it gets interrupted with Mr. Figgins calling him to his office where Finn is for walking around the halls in his boxers to get ready for his scene. Finn was facing one month’s suspension and summer school and Mr. Schuester fights to get that overruled. Mr. Figgins informs Will that 9 people signed up for after school therapy for what they witnessed after a bit of convincing Mr. figgins lets Finn off with a warning and tells Will going on with the show is putting himself and the Glee club on the line for hate and for whatever reason he’s doing it better be worth it.

Carl interrupts the practice of the show and tells Will he’s not quitting because unlike him he believes in the power of the arts and not using the show to pick up other mens woman. Later when Becky reveals that Sue called the Rocky show an obomination she shows him the tapping of her expose’ dissing the show revealing she was undercover the whole time. Becky then tells will “Give me my chocolate or I’ll cut you!” When Sue shoes Will that the show is bad exposure he agrees with her and decides to pull the show and Sue gets mad because he ruined her chance at winning a local Emmy. Will confesses to Emma and admits what Carl is doing is good for Emma and he loves her enough to let her go. He later apologies to the Glee club for putting them through the craziness and tells them the show is canceled but they are still going to perform it for themselves. The show ends with the kids performing “The Time Warp”.

Overall the show was absolutely amazing the costumes were outstand the makeup was fabulous and the storyline was exciting and interesting.
Songs and ratings:
1. Science Fiction Double Feature ****
2. Damn It, Janet****
3. Whatever Happened To Saturday Night?*****
4. Sweet Transvestite*****
5. Touch-A Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me****
6. There's A Light (Over At The Frankenstein Place)****
7. Time Warp*****
I hope you all enjoyed my recap/review I will see you in the next review.

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