Thursday, February 3, 2011

Review/ Recap: Glee; The Substitue feat. Gwyneth Paltrow

“The Substitute” featuring Gwyneth Paltrow Air date: November 16, 2010

Sue becomes principle after she makes Lauren purposely sneeze on Mr. Figgins whiles she has a nasty cold causing him to get the flu. When Will greets Sue in the morning she stops to correct him making him call her Principle Sue. She proceeds to tell him she plans to destroy Glee club while walking away Lauren sneezes in Wills face. Will starts feeling sick when he is in Glee practice and starts losing It when he see the Glee club as little children. Which I thought was so adorable because they all look like the actual characters (at the bottom of blog there is direct links to photos and videos). Will goes home sick and Terry pays him a visit to nurse him back to health. Rachel thinks she is head of the Glee club while Mr. Schuester is gone, and she drives everyone crazy. Mercedes shows he obsession of tator tots in the lunch room when they bring in a new batch.

We meet Ms. Holly Holliday when she becomes the Spanish substitute for Wills Spanish class and teaches the class how to say Lindsey Lohan is crazy. Kurt interrupts class to be Ms. Holliday to because the Glee substitute and becomes very happy and accepts. Puck tries to pull a trick on Ms. Holliday and puts butter on the floor, it makes Rachel slip and fall but Ms. Holliday doesn’t fall for it and slides right through without falling leaving Kurt to slip and fall right behind her. This scene had me laughing for a good 4 minutes uncontrollable silly I know but I couldn’t help myself. Ms. Holliday comes in and speaks their mind when she tells them their performance at regional’s wasn’t good because it wasn’t song they picked, When she asked them what they wanted to sing they were completely speechless. She shows the class what she got when she performs “forget you” while Rachel sits in the back mad and the others are dancing and singing along.

Sue starts her evil ways as principle when she tries to cut the football team and ban tator tots from the cafeteria. Mean while Will is dreaming about performing “make em laugh” with Mike. Rachel pays Mr. Schuester a visit to talk about Ms. Holliday taking over glee club because Sue likes her and the rest like her too. Mercedes gets insanely upset when Sue takes away her tots. Ms. Holliday wins Rachel’s love when she accepts a duet invitation to Rachel’s singing and dance number of her dreams. Terry is still comforting Will while he is sick, Terry does more than comfort when she rubs Vicks on his back and things gets a little steamy. Mercedes creates a riot in the cafeteria when she holds up a tots sign.

Rachel and Ms. Holliday perform “nowadays/ hot honey rags” with an amazing dancer performance. When will returns to school Sue send him right out when she informs him that he is fired and she is at the top because of her healthier eating plans for the school. So there is no reason for Mr. Figgins to return because he is fired too. Mercedes goes out to dinner with Kurt and Blaine after she has been feeling neglected by Kurt. When she finally gets to hang out with them both she zones out because she has nothing in common with their conversation and has nothing but tots on the mind. Will confronts Holly about taking his job and getting the kids too excited with too much freedom. She tells him that a connection with the kids is important and it’s hard to get a good teaching job and leaves it at that. Mercedes causes trouble for herself when she does 17,000 worth of damage to Ms. Sylvester’s car. Sue is in an uproar when Holly shows now big concern for what Mercedes did.

Holly goes to Wills apartment where she has a break down and tells Will about Mercedes shoving tots up Sues tail pipe and she didn’t know what to say or do in the office and let Mercedes get suspended. Holly tells Will about her past (trying to be traditionally nice gets her knocked out and her air jordens stolen) which leads her to be mellow and fun and not committed to anything for a long time. Terry walks in on Will and Holly having a conversation and instantly gets jealous. When Holly introduces herself Terry insults her name by asking if she was a porn star or drag queen then introduces herself as Wills wife, and Holly says to will “wow your wife is a bitch” giving Will the opportunity to snap at Terry calling her his EX wife and tell her the night before was a mistake. When will asks Terry to leave and never come back again she gets mad and tells him if she leaves that’s it! What do you think about that one night mistake? Hmm do you think they are going to make that night a longer story than expected? Hmm When Terry leaves he tells Holly he is considering her lifestyle with no consequences.

Kurt confronts Mercedes when she sneaks in tots telling her she is substituting food for love and Kurt for a boyfriend and asks her to take care of herself and give herself a little more respect. Mercedes agrees and considers talking to Anthony who Kurt suggested to her earlier. Dave threatens to kill Kurt if he spills what happened in the locker room. Sue returns Wills job after the New Directions convinced her to bring him back. When Mr. Schuester talks about doing a number from singing in the rain that was made in the 1950’s the kids get upset and he goes to Holly for advice. They all sing Singing in the rain/ Umbrella.

I simply adored this episode I think Gwyneth really brought fun and happiness in the episode and I really hope they consider bringing her back for more episodes.

Songs and ratings:
1) “Forget You” *****
2) “Make ‘Em Laugh” ****
3) “Nowadays / Hot Honey Rag” *****
4)“Umbrella / Singing In The Rain” ****

That was my recap/ small review I hope you all enjoyed see you in the next review. Don’t forget to check out the photos of the mini and big gleeks below.

<3 Silvia