Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Update: BLIZZARD!, Cold, School, Glee, and Super bowl.

Hello my lovely blogspot friends,

How have you all been? I hope wonderful if not tell me why email me, i'm here to listen. :)

So today an official Blizzard warning was sent for the chicago midwest. Which is crazy insane you would think the way people were acting they sent a blizzard warning to florida. People are bombarding the grocery stores, targets, and walmarts it is beyond insane over here. I am crossing my fingers that my classes get canceled because I don't want to get on the train and possibly end up either stranded on the tracks or stranded in downtown, both would be horrible because tracks are scary to be stuck on because they are electric you can blow up and trying to get a hotel room downtown in a blizzard is next to impossible not to mention im under 21 so i wouldn't even be able to check myself in! So keep your fingers crossed they cancel classes and I don't have to travel in scary conditions and it's important to go if there is classes because I have a test in my history class and a field trip in communications class. which they want us to travel from the school to a gallery then from that gallery to another gallery....in that snow? no way! pshhk who do i looke like a cave woman? psshk! So thats the big news in the midwest...BLIZZARD!

I'm finally getting over my cold with is a blessing because a month sick is crazy! My grandma is slowly getting better because she is older her immune system isn't as fast as someone younger but, she is back to her old self. :) I gave in and started talking medicine i usually try to avoid medicine as much as i can and get better naturally. So i started taking a target brand medicine for vicks daily congestion relief and it worked fabulous, i also started one a day vitacrave gummies which is a vitamin for your immune system and that has been working as well. I was taking the big vitamin pills but i had a bad reaction to the pill it'self i think it got stuck in my system and created build up making some serious acid reflects.....GROSSNESS! i know!

School has been okay I made my self to eager for it and my excitment went out the window when i discovered im taking the boring classes all spring semester. But when i get my proper supplise i will be able to take the fun and exciting classes, sorry i can't say which school im attending but i want to be safe if you know what im talking about. I also refuse to fallow any of the professors on this page because they have all their info out in the open...um HELLO! some crazy guy can come and rob you or snatch you and do bad things! I like to stay safe! i got my hairspray and lighter ready to blow someone up!

Oh Glee reviews! I haven't forgot! i bet you all thought i forgot! pssshk who do you think i am? I have been working hard on them all weekend. I rewatched all the episodes and rewrote the reviews the old ones i had excluding rocky and never been (because they got deleted) were waaaaay to professional i read them and was like who the heck is this? it's not me! so i made them a little more unprofessional and little more laid back. I made them more into a recap and inserted my opinions where ever i desired as to the ones i wrote first it was a full on recap and then a small opinion paragraph which im sure some would have liked but thats not me. So it's going back to normal my reviews are all not the same, they have been changing because i can't stick to one style but for now this is how they look:
title, original air date
Recap and opinions
song list with star ratings *****
youtube video of favorite song from episode.
<3 Silvia

So i hope you all like that layout thats how it's going to be for awhile and might slowly change through time. I am working on screen stills right now since apperantly you have to give aknowlegment to where ever you got it, and i just type in the title into google photos and grab the best one. So im just going to get my own since i have the dvd but when the show premiers i might grab them from hulu. im not sure we will see when the time comes. Oh im also adding more photos to the glee reviews which makes me super excited! i like alot of picture not too many but a few more to explain the review a little more.

I've gotten a little more serious on the Glee reviews because it's in high demand I didn't think it would be but it is. I'm glad you all love my reviews and i will keep writing them if i have the passion and time to do so. the biggest review as of now is grilled cheesus which is at 780 something insane! i was expecting only 90 like the others.I love you all soo much!

So whos excited for the new episode after the super bowl? I know I am! i'll be sure to review as soon as i can but no promises i have two big projects due that week. Oh and the new episode on tuesday! EXCITING! GLEE OVERLOAD! happening! :D who are you cheering for in the super bowl? I don't like the packers and i kept an eye on the steelers along with the bears. this year i wasn't really into football but i had my eyeballs out on the scores and stuff. So GO STEELERS! :)

I'm enabling the comments but with approval starting tomorrow evening when I post the glee review. you all wanted it back so i figured it couldn't hurt to put it back and give it a try but, you all have to show some silvia blog lovins! Silvia's advice will start in March for sure! maybe mid february. you excited i know i am.

So if you lasted through this long blog that probably made no sense! I <3 you! sorry for all the spelling errors it probably drove a bazillion people crazy. Glee reviews every evening starting tuesday evening unless, my power gets knocked out from the storm wednesday.

Hugs and kisses,

<3 Silvia