Thursday, February 17, 2011

Back to normal, 2nd blog, Cameras, and Summer Field Trips

Hello my lovies,

So with 2 weeks of long thinking I have come to the decision not to continue writing glee recap/reviews. They were so much fun but a lot of work and it took the fun out of watching glee. How ever this doesn't mean i'm going to stop talking about glee, I might write a short paragraph about the episode of all my reactions with out a recap. So let me show a short example below of this past weeks episode.

Take me, or leave me had me sing at the top of my lungs when Rachel and Mercedes belt out the broadway number. I about peed my pants when puck walked in the room with a bieber wig. Boys had me running out the room covering my ears crying for mercy, it was horrible and should have been edited out. Will and Sue going to sing with children with cancer was the sweetest things ever. Rachel and Finn being nice to each other gave me hope for Finchel again. I don't really feel bad for Quinn, your not hannah montana you can't have the best of both worlds and you should have thought about being with sam before lying. I think Sam and Rachel should give it a try instead of Santana and Sam. etc.

[Favorite song, youtube video]

<3 Silvia

So thats what they will look like, I will more likely be doing them at school on my lunch break so thats why so short and simple. I used to do all my reviews like that and I started making them longer and more professional but I had to remind myself why my true followers kept coming back. so i'm going back to when i first start short simple and unedited. Moving on...

So I am thinking about making another blog, I got the idea from Kalel Cullen blog page and what she does is take 10 pictures of what she did that day and uploads them as a blog. I think thats an Amazing idea especially since i'm currently studying photography, it's a great practice for me and I can display some of the work I do in school. I am super excited to get that started but that probably wont happen until the end of April when I get my DSLR.

I have to wait for all my yucky loans to go through and then I will have some cash to FINALLY get my camera...let me tell you they ain't cheep...I wish we could use the little 600 dollar cameras to practice but noo...we gotta get the $900 camera body and $600 lens. Plus other equipment I am also getting the "proper" computer for photographer which is an iMac lovely right? arg, i'm so used to PC's but i will learn i guess. You know what sucks the most is i have to rearrange my room all over again =/ I don't think my makeup table is going fit where my dresser is and the my dresser by my closet plus a small desk for the imac. I can't mount my tv because my walls have old dry wall, it's going to be a big mess but i will make it work I hope. It sounds like I am complaining because well I am but I am also extremely excited for some changes.

Oh and I have also decided to do some fun field trips in the summer, I'm going to all the Chicago Museums and attractions oh and zoo! Gonna work on my portfolio and have fun with my friends. I am Super EXCITED! I always loved going to stuff like that, i think i am more excited to go to the shedd aquarium. I have been there in like 13 years! crazy!!! and i'm like 20! haha Oh and the Zoo I love the zoo! that one i might go twice, once with my friends and once with my family.

Okay my lovies I think I wrote way too much! I will let you all know about the second blog I am working on Silvia's advice for next month. Need advice send me an email my address is on the top to the left.

Hugs and Kisses,
<3 Silvia