Thursday, February 3, 2011

Review/ Recap: Glee; Never Been Kissed.

“Never been kissed” Air date: November 9, 2010

Finn and Sam discuss how they forget about putting out since they both have girlfriends that wont go all the way. When Sam asks Finn how he gets passed it he tells Sam about his mail man story Sam finds his own mailman story when coach Beiste walks in yelling at Artie (to wear a jock strap) and she is picking a mean wedgies. Puck is welcomed back to school after being in juvenile jail for driving into a store taking out a atm machine. Mr. Schuester reveals the sectionals competition an all boys school The Dolton academy Warblers (which Santana has jokes in her head) and The Hipsters a bunch of elderly getting their GED. The Glee club thinks its wrong to go against a bunch of cute old people but Puck convinces them they have nothing to worry about. To get the kids excited and ready for sectionals Mr. Schuester makes a 2nd annual boys vs. girls competition.

Puck helps Artie with advice and pushing him around the school for his community service. Kurt continues to be bullied by Dave and it starts to get to him and Mr. Schuester notices it. When Kurt tells Mr. Schuester he’s not being challenged enough he mixes up the competition by having the boys sing songs traditionally sung by woman and girls the opposite as well. Sam and Quinn get a little close and steamy and when Sam needs to put his mind in a different place he pictures coach Beiste in lingerie cutting meat and, when Quinn tells him to say her name he pictures Beiste in a cheerleading outfit and says Beiste’s name instead of Quinn. Uh oh that is never good in any situation. Quinn tell Sue about the incident with Sam and convinces her to make the story public so they can bring Beiste down.

Puck shows Artie that cash is kind and pulls out his guitar and starts singing “One love” with Artie and walks around the grounds showing people that they should pay up. A little demanding don’t you think? Puck offers to help Artie with his Brittany situation and take the money they just got and take the girls out for dinner and put his skills to work. Artie accepts and Puck community service. Kurt sneaks into Dolton Academy and is welcomed by Blaine when Kurt asks where everyone is going. When he realizes that people their think Glee club is cool he is welcomed in by a performance by the warblers singing teenage dream. Mike reveals the Beiste secret to Tina and she gets turned on by it and brings mike into a room to get steamy. When they are getting steamy Tina pictures beiste in a tutu and says her name aloud, when Mike makes notice of what she said Tina denies it and walks out.

Sam is questioned about Beiste by Quinn and is quick to accuse him of getting it in where ever he can including the boys locker room with Beiste. Just then coach Beiste happens to walk by and Quinn shouts “it’s a lovers swirl and it’s your fault” to beiste. With a shocked reaction Mike walks by Beiste warning her to stay away from his girlfriend. Mr. Schuester questions Sam about what just happened and Sam confesses to picturing Beiste when they are trying to think about something else. Mr. Schuester yells at them for doing such a thing and reminds them that it is hurting her. After Kurt is busted for spying Blaine, wes, & david sit to talk to him and offer him a latte. When Kurt learns they have zero tolerance for bullying he confesses to Blaine about his troubles at school. Blaine completely understands where Kurt is coming from and gives him advice to stand up to his bullies because, he got chased out of his old school by bullies and he regrets not standing up to them.

While the girls are discussing last years competition Puck and Artie walk in and offer Brittany and Santana a deal for dinner, If they show up at breadsticks and they don’t find hot dates that night they might show up. Of course them being…well…dumb they fell for it. Later Puck and Artie are at dinner with the girls and Puck is sharing a lovely story about his “waffles” while Artie is playing hard to get with Brittany. When the check comes to the table Puck wants to bail without paying the check but Artie can’t bail so he stays behind to pay and Puck gets upset that he paid and leaves Artie behind and takes the girls back to his house.

The girls perform Start me up/ Livin on a prayer with full out leather outfits and rocker hair and makeup. Was it just me or did this look make them look their actual age? Hmm Sue tells will about Coach Beiste quitting but shooting off confetti cannons and gives thanks to his glee kids for finally kicking her out. When Kurt gets pushed into the lockers by Dave he builds up the courage to go after him and stand up for himself. He shouts to Dave “What is his problem” and Dave keeps threatening to hit him Kurt tells him to go ahead and hit him Dave kisses him instead. When Dave pulls away and goes in for another one Kurt pulls back, Dave then runs out mad at what he just did. So many questions got answered when this happened it’s like oh that’s why he was beings so mean especially to Kurt. Talk about shocker of the season!

Mr. Schuester tells the boys about Coach quitting and they are shocked and he tells them to find a way to bring her back and they should be ashamed of themselves. He is then called into the office with Puck when his probation officer finds out he isn’t doing proper community service she threatens to put him back in Juvenile jail if he doesn’t find another community service and raise his geometry grade. Blaine comes to McKinley high to help confront Dave about what he did and he comepletely denies everything and starts to threaten Blaine for bringing it to attention. Kurt gets really upset and tells blaine he was never kissed before yesterday. How horrible for Dave to take something so precious away from Kurt he’s such a bully! Arrrg!

Will goes to Shannon to talk her into staying, Shannon tells Will that she is just a who wants to be treated like one sometimes. She confesses she’s never been kissed and Will consoles her by saying she is beautiful and gives Shannon her first kiss. Will asks Shannon to come to the Glee room because the boys have something they want to tell her. Artie convinces Puck to stay after he catches Puck getting ready to run and confessing that Juvenile jail was horrible. Artie offers to tutor him in geometry while he picks up garbage on side streets and Puck apologizes for everything he did and accepts Arties offer. Kurt continues to be bullied.

The boys perform Stop in the name of love/ free your mind as an apology to coach and compliments her on how pretty she looks.
I thought the episode was fabulous because it shows the troubles of bullying it is not fun at all! Nor is it funny to watch! I think the show had a good idea in the message of bullying but didn’t fully go into it too much. Oh one more thing did anyone feel like in the girls performance Rachel and Brittany weren’t Rachel and Brittany? I felt like I was watching Lea Michelle and Heather Morris perform. Which is not a good thing…but I still loved it. :)

Songs and ratings:
1. One Love / People Get Ready ****
2. Teenage Dream *****
3. Start Me Up/ Livin' On A Prayer ****
4. Stop in the Name of Love/ Free Your Mind ****

That’s my recap/ review I hope you all enjoyed it, see you in my next one.
<3 Silvia