Friday, February 18, 2011

Love: Arguments, Jealousy, Compliments, and moving on.

Hello all you lovely bloggers,

So i wanted to talk about something I have been dealing with, I was gonna wait till next month to make it an advice question but I have to get it out now, LOVE.

Yes the magical 4 letter word is my quick topic. Love is beautiful and I don't think I have been in love, the love I thought I had was petty school girl love because when I go back and think about it I think I was more in love with the idea of being in love. Which wasn't love at all Arguments, constant jealousy, and lack of compliments. Now I know what you all are probably thinking well everyone argues, gets jealous, and compliments are just luxury and something girls feel they need.

Yes arguments happen all the time but when you find yourself constantly arguing about little things can start to gett ugly, one can say something they don't mean at them one moment and scar the other person for a long time. Try to work on your arguments and if they can't be resolved then are you truly in love with them?

Jealousy, yes it can be cute but is it cute when your other half ask you 100 questions about someone you were talking to and then accuses you of liking them more? NO! it gets annoying after awhile especially when it starts moving on to friends and family. Jealousy can drive people apart or create abusive situations that sometimes leads to death. Many murder cases are of someone killing someone because they "THOUGHT" they were having an affair with their girl or guy. It's really sickening what some people do when their jealousy levels are super high. Take my advice lady and gents Moderate your jealousy, it's okay to be a little jealous but not too jealous.

Compliments, Every girl and guy needs to hear a compliment every now and then. A simple you look nice in red, your hair looks adorable, This dinner is amazing, I like your ____. Just give a little compliment and I am almost positive it will brighten their day and make your relationship strong.

I have had a two bad relationships in my life time and i let it stop me from trying to find love again. In my mind any relationship I get into that guy will be just like *Brody and he's just going to hurt me all over again. I couldn't bare to try love again and just get heartbroken all over again, it will take forever to heal my soul. Little did i realize I was never healed at all, avoiding possibilities of love and putting my guard up at all times was me still emotionally healing on the inside.

I have finally let my past go, *Brody is no longer going to stop me from being happy again. If he moved on and found love again I know I can too. All the possibilities that could have happened in the 3 years I was broken I can never get back So I have started fresh. I am in a new environment at school with new guys, new friends, and new possibilities. I forgot how much fun it is to be flirty cute inviting conversations and introducing yourself with a whole new insight.

I am currently looking for a new ring to wear that doesn't look like a commitment ring i am thinking of getting a cute little silver heart, no rhinestones just a simple silver ring for my right hand and I will keep my pink heart ring on my left finger because it is my promise ring I got at my Quinceanera and taking it off only makes me break my promise.

So my lovely readers,
Live, Love, and laugh each and every day. Don't be afraid to love good things can come out of it.

I love you all so much

<3 Silvia

*Changed name.