Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Silvia's advice: Perfume or body mist for school?

Hello my little butterflies,

Blog Subject: Perfume Vs. Body Mist for school/ classes.
Which is better to wear for school?

When I wake up in the morning I get showered up and pretty for the school day put on the traditional deodorant and then I reach for a scent to spray on my body and I go back and fowards from Body mist and perfume. When I was in high school lets just say kids didnt always smell good in the small closed rooms you forced to sit in for 60 minuets. So your first instinct is to spray a little extra for that smelly kid next to you. Once you stepped into the classroom your classmates would space back and go woah what department store did you walk through this morning? So as a sophomore you learn what not to do from your freshmen year. So when I was a sophomore I asked for a Body mist for my birthday and Christmas to wear to school and I would wear it every day except for the days I dressed in nice tops and had the heals on, I would spray the expensive perfume I saved my pennies for. When i was a junior i would go every other day back and fowards and as a Senior I told myself Silvia you are an adult now you should wear perfume ever day.

So here are some questions you should ask your self before you decide Mist or Perfume

-Will it be hot today?
-Will I have a big class today? (you dont want to suffocate others with perfume)
-Will I have an Athletic Class today? (gym, weight training, Aerobics, etc.)
-My clothes today are they casual? (sometimes i went in pjs)

If you answered yes to any of these questions you wanna go with a Body mist.

-Is today a cold or decent weather day?
-Am I wearing something dressy and sophisticated?

If you said yes to those two question then Perfume is open for wearing.

You never want to wear perfume on a hot day because the smell is usually too strong for your self and others around you plus you dont want bugs coming after you from your strong sweet smelling self.

If you have big classes that day you don't want to sit in the room with this strong scent that can give someone with strong allergies a headache, plus a big class means extra body heat causing the classroom to heat up and its just a miserable feeling trust me.

If you have an athletic class that day you want to be able to spray some body mist when you are all done with the class so you can smell fresh after, some schools dont allow showers after class for the simple reason of not enough time. So applying perfume again may be too much and a waste of an expensive bottle im sure. *sometimes if you apply perfume in the morning, if you can find a body mist that goes well with the perfume you can apply the body mist later combining the left over perfume creates a nice smell. I like combining Bella Bilara(Mary Kay) and coconut passion(Victorias Secret)

If your wearing a casual outfit its always good to wear a nice body mist or soft perfume never dress up a casual outfit with perfume unless your going somewhere were you need to dress up your outfit a little.

Well my love buttons I hope my advice helped you choose the right thing before you head to class if you need advice for good perfumes for school send me an email

<3 Silvia