Tuesday, September 28, 2010

M.I.A, and Upcoming events.

My lovely readers of the blog world,
I am so very sorry for disappearing on all of you. I was suppose to write a blog for Thursday evening but then i became overwhelmed with things that were happening around me. Friend problem, Bank problems, Cell phone problems, internet problems you name it i probably had it. Pure craziness happening in the little city I live in.

So let me fill you in with a few exciting things happening in my life. Numero uno

Yes indeed that is Michael Buble in concert and im going, My best friend got tickets. she totally shocked me, shes lucky i had control of my feelings cause of not i would have jumped up and started dancing around the room looking like a fool. hehe =O She's Amazing i know!

Numero dos:

LADY GAGA!!! in Concert! My hair in coke cans and poker face glasses! yes my lovely readers i am going to a lady gaga concert! I have been in touch with my childhood best friend alot lately and discovered she too is obsessed with lady gaga just like me! gahh!! So when she called me asking if i wanted to go i was like YESSSS! and in that moment i remembered why we were such awesome friends...so much in common! hehe

So this winter i will be going to two amazing concerts with two amazing people! Gah I love them so much! Then in December i will be going to see Wicked with a h/s Friend.
I have some good plans ahead of me. :)

Friday night i will have haul for you all. maybe depending on if im tired. if not saturday morning.

So this week i have 4-5 blogs planned for you all
Tonight: Glee: Audition Review, I might have to rewatch the episode.
Tuesday afternoon: Silvia's Advice
Tuesday evening/ Wednesday: Glee: Britney/Britany review
Thursday afternoon: Silvia's Advice(last for september)
Friday night/ Saturday: Birthday Shopping haul.

As for Silvia's Advice I think in the month of october i will only do it once a week. or I was thinking One Silvia's advice and one Silvia's Beauty Review where i talk about a beauty product pro's and cons.

Well i need to finish this blog so i can write my review.

I love you all!

<3 Silvia