Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Review/ Recap: Glee Season 2 Premiere; Audition

Glee Season 2 Premier!!! How awesome was that episode?

Warning it's long.

So lets recap/review this episode Silvia style;

The show begins with a new school year the kids are coming back from summer break and there are new juicy things to gossip about such as Rachel's controlled relationship with Finn, Puck getting "fixed" so he wont go through what he went through last year-wah? I know thats crazy!, Quinn being back to herself again, and much more.

We Meet 3 new Characters in this episode First up is Coach Beiste Pronounces "beast" it's just spelled fancy. Before we are introduced to Coach Bieste we learn that the Cheerios and Glee clubs funds have been cut 10%. Sue and Will aren't to happy about this and get angered. After Will reads some comments on Jacobs blog and decides they need to bring in some new members so New Directions Preform Empire State of mind (song reviews at the end) to make the club more upbeat.

Will agrees to team up with Sue to bring Coach beiste down which sounds like a bunch of trouble. While all of this is happening Finn Is hanging up flyers to bring in people for auditions when he discovers Sam Evans Singing "Every rose has it's thorn" in the shower, sound familiar anyone? When Rachel is hanging up her flyers in the girls bathroom she is introduced to the exchange student "sunshine" and then go into a fierce/friendly song battle of telephone. I found this whole scene hilarious.

Will and Sue start their pranks by sending 50 pizza's to the school in Beiste's name, when the deliverymen says she has to pay for them or he has to and his baby will be reusing pampers for another week, Beiste pulls out cash to pay for them and their prank back fires when she gives the pizza's to the team and offers Sue and Will some pizza. Over the summer Tina became close to Mike and dumped Arti when he didn't spend enough time with her. So Tina and Mike are now an item and Arti wants his lady back and gets the idea of joining the football team and asks Finn to help him get on the team.

Finn hunts down Sam Evans and tells him all about glee and uses his popularity to bring him in. When he agrees to audition he comes to meet Puck and Mike. Puck makes a statement about Sams mouth being big asking "how many tennis balls can he fit in there" making the moment awkward and a reply of "I don't know I never had balls in my mouth, have you" hahaha I found this scene super funny for the lamest reason. Sam Then Pre-auditions with "billionaire" and the boys join along.

After Rachel discovers that Sunshine is really good she feels the competition and makes notice of Sunshines height saying she's shorter than me. She asks someone to slushy Kurt, Mercedes, and herself in front of sunshine so she will change her mind about glee club Mercedes and Kurt tell Rachel no. Sue make a plan called "the mean girl plan" where they don't let coach Beiste sit with them at lunch and after Will tells Beiste no she then makes note that she knew Sue was the school bully and was told Will was the cool one but obviously they were wrong, making will feel bad for what he had done.

Coach Beiste is then seen crying in the locker room and takes out her emotions on Finn when he brings Arti in asking her to let Arti try out by saying Finn is off the team for making her turn down a kid in a wheel chair. She then starts yelling at him to get out when he says "calm down dude". I felt bad for Coach Beiste at first then got mad at her then felt bad again. After Finn was kicked off the team he felt the need to be apart of a team to be popular so he tries out for Cheerios. Which was the funniest scene in the whole show! didn't see that part look it up on youtube!

When Quinn was turned down to audition for Cheerios again she went to Sue to tell her about Santana's summer plastic surgery. When Sue calls Santana in she tells sue she got her boob job to be noticeable. Sue reminds her of the no plastic rules and demotes her from the top of the pyramid and says Quinn will take her spot as top cheerleader, which leads to a huge fight between the two in the hallway. Which I found to be completely shocking and yet a whole new side of Quinn.

Sue Reaches an all time low when she gets Britany to lie and say Coach Beiste Touched her chest, when Will finds out that Britany is making false Sexual Accusations he convinces her to tell the truth when she does she says that she didn't touch her breast but she kinds wants to touch hers...oh Britany. Rachel goes to tell sunshine about auditions and gives her the place and time to go. Which turns out to be a crack house. Making sunshine a no show for auditions and Sam as well didn't show up. Mike and Tina find out about what Rachel did to Sunshine and tell Will and everyone isn't happy with Rachel. Rachel then apologizes to Sunshine and tells her to come to the auditorium the next day to try out. Sunshine Auditions the next day with the song "Listen" and is welcomed to the Glee club.

Will Apologizes to Coach Beiste and Sue then comes in with some whole grain special cookies that are actually made out of dog poop. When Will tells Sue the pranks are over she informs will he will pay. They all later find out that Sunshine is leave Mickenly high to go be in Vocal Adrenaline because they gave her a condo and green cards for herself and her mom, also because she can't trust Rachel. Turns out Sue called the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline. Finn finds Sam to ask him why he didn't show up to audition for glee club, Sam tells Finn he couldn't join because he's the new guy trying to fit in.

Rachel and Finn talk about what she did tells her she was selfish because they could have used Sunshine to beat Vocal Adrenaline, Rachel tells Finn to do it already and break up with her, when he reminds her that hes not in football any more and he's just a glee loser. They both tell each other they wont breakup with each other and Rachel keeps assisting she did it for the team. She then closes the episode with "what I did for love".At the very end she walks into the classroom to apologize. I found the last scene to be very emotional and hard to take in at first.

The show was awesome, there was way too much going on to really talk about what i felt about certain parts so thats why the blog is mostly recap. Hope I filled you in on the Episode "Audition"

-Empire State of mind ***** I am not a big fan of rap or R&B and I hated this song when it was sung by Jay Z and Alicia Keys! When Glee Sung it I seen it in a whole new light. It was nice to see them sing a song from a different catagory and see Cory Monteith Rap =)

-Telephone ***** I love this SO much I think the one major reason is the competition between Lea Michele and Charice. Lady GaGa would be proud!

-Billionaire ***** I like this version better than the original and I think its a clean version. :) plus Chord Overstreet is gorgeous!

-Listen ***** Woah! do I need to say more, Charice has some lungs on her!

-What I did for love ***** I have always loved this song and Lea did the emotions of the song justice!

I hope you enjoyed the review next review is the Brittany Britney episode Which should be more of my opinion than a recap i promise, unless you like the recap then i can do both.

Love you all!

<3 Silvia