Monday, September 13, 2010

Shopping with me at Sephora, Bath & body, Target, & Ulta

Why hello my lovely bloggers,

So over the weekend I went shopping with my friend Gabi and I got a few things I thought I would share my purchases and what I think of them so far while I watch glee season 1 volume 2 again. :)

So when i went to sephora I didn't have anything in mind of what I wanted to get or buy anything but then....I came across this.

First I smelt the shampoo, body gel, and bubble bath bottle and it smelt AMAZING!
then I look up and there is the lip gloss I had no choice I had to buy it! It smells amazing, it looks amazing, heck it tastes pretty amazing! you can get it at Sephora for $10.00.

Next item I got was Benefit's Bad cal lash I heard many good and positive reviews on it I just had to try it. Now I only the trial size just in case I didn't like it because i'm very picky about my mascara. The brush its self is huge! and it gets every lash on your eyeball! the mascara is very whats the word i'm looking for creamy? I dont know but its perfect! When I go back in a couple weeks I will be purchasing the big tube. Benefit bad gal lash is $9.00 for the small tube and $19.00 for the big tube.

Bath and body works:
Usually I just walk in just to smell the new products sometimes i'll purchase a good sale product. I smelled the most amazing candle! Its from bath and body works but its under the brand Slatkin & co. and the scent is.....AUTUMN APPLE! it smells just like a freshly cut apple! every time I smell it I want a apple! they had a sale 2 4oz. candles for $10.00 so i got 2 because they were limited edition. Autumn apple is a must if you like apples :)

So the target I went to was mm maybe 40 minutes away and so far the only target i've seen with e.l.f cosmetics on it's shelf. So I took advantage and got all the things I have been wanting to order from the web site. so far I like every item purchased with the exception of the studio fan brush, the brush hair smells horrible and I have washed it twice and used the mac brush cleaner as well. So the list below is every I got not much to say they all have good pigment and work just as good as high brand cosmetics.

Waterproof eyeliner $1.00
Brightening eye color In drama $1.00
Wet gloss lash & brow clear mascara $1.00
Therapeutic conditioning lip balm In strawberry cream $1.00
All over color stick In pink lemonade $1.00
Tone correction Concealer $1.00
Fan brush $3.00
Complexion perfection $3.00
Studio Blush In candid Coral $3.00
Contouring blush and bronzing powder $3.00

So i'm not an ulta girl I love ulta but I dont have a ulta close by to run to when ever I need to but they are opening one a bit closer about 20 mins away so I will be showing my face at ulta more often. Well I got Nyx jumbo Pencils, and Nyx Pencils. These pencils are amazing I always had to borrow friends pencils which I know isn't healthy but I loved them so much! I finally got my own and I adore them and using them everyday.
Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk $4.19
Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Black bean $4.19
Nyx Slim eye pencil in black $3.59
Nyx Slim eye pencil in Velvit $3.59

Last but not least I got the Redken satin wear blow dry lotion. $4.00 .825 oz. and $16.00 for the big bottle.

And that is what I bought over the weekend. I love them all i would go more into details about the products but I haven't really gotten the change to really try them for a long period of time.

Tomorrow is Silvia's advice Tuesday, I'm still trying to figure out what question I want to talk about. well we will see.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening!

<3 Silvia