Monday, September 20, 2010

top 10 favorite glee episodes-season 1

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10.) BAD REPUTATION: Physical! Who doesn't love this episode for that reason, it's about time they show Sue and her hidden talent. The students come across a glist and are shocked by who's on it and where they stand and turns out Quinn wrote it to boost up her popularity since its gone done with the pregnancy. You can't touch this! Has and always will have me LAUGHING extreemly loud when I see it. It's just one of those performances you have to watch over and over because of it's silliness. We also see sues soft side when she visits her sister who has autism. Run joey run, I have to admitt the biggest reason for me liking this episode is because of the run joey run and how horrible but good it was. the song is just a bad song but glee made it amazing! Then the ending song Total eclipse of the heart just gave me chills.

9.) Laryngitis
Rachel becomes sick with a soar throat, later Finn takes her to the doctor where she discovers she has tonsillitis. Finn still has feelings for her and starts singing his assignment which just happens to be Jesse's girl. After Rachel complains about how her voice is her life how will she go on if she loses her voice Finn takes her to his friend Jon's house whome had a bad accident and lost all feeling from the shoulders down. She them realizes that she can't rely on just one talent. Meanwhile Kurt changes his style and status to be more like his dad because he is feeling left out when his dad starts hanging out with Finn more. When he starts dressing "straight" Brittany because attracted to him. Rachel goes back to Jon's house to help him with his one talent he wishes he did while he can which is singing.

8.) Wheels
New directions works together to earn money to be able to pay for a bug that will hold Arti's wheel chair. Although before they didn't want to work to earn the money and simply said his dad can drive him to sectionals. When he admits that it hurts they then take the challenge to sit in a wheel chair for 4 hours a week and make a bake sale to earn money. Rachel later gets the lead solo in the famous song Defying gravity from wicked. Kurt gets mad and later petitions to try out for lead. Puck over hears Quinn tell Finn that he needs to start helping with the medical bills, he then tries to do good by giving Quinn his left over money from his last job. With Quinn having to leave the cheerios Sue has to have auditions for a new cheerio. mean while the glee club is selling cupcakes which no one wants to buy from kids in wheel chairs, you then see Brittany bring becky whome has autism and buys her a cupcake and is super nice to her. Later Beck tries out for the cheerios and sue accepts her. Sue writes a check to the principle for new ramps in the school for handicap students, Will discovers this when Arti wants to donate the money they made from the cupcakes(that puck spiked with mary jane) for ramps and volunteers to just ride with his dad......woah full

7.) Funk
Vocal adrenaline shows new directions what they have in store for regionals and they go into a funk when they see how good they are. When glee has the assignment to sing about something that is funk will leaves the assignment up to Mercedes Quinn then gets mad and says she can sing funk and says she wants to try it. She then later sings "this is a mans world" and Mercedes gets offended and tries to out beat her when Quinn later opens up and they both are on the same level and Mercedes opens Quinn in her house with open arms to stay. When Jesse calls Rachel to come outside to see him all of vocal adrenaline eggs Rachel and the members of New directions gets mad and want to pay back which they have been doing all of the episode. Later glee gets Vocal adrenaline back by singing a style that is weak in the knees for them, funk. they sing "give up the funk."

~~~~~~~~~I'm going to write why i liked the episodes from here on~~~~~~~~
6.) Vitamin D
The biggest reason for me liking this episode is the way the guys and girls united together and all the energy they put into their performance. I love it's my life/confessions, and Walking on sunshine/halo.

5.) Preggers
SINGLE LADIES!!! my goodness this episode is one of the funniest episodes on glee every time single ladies is shown in the episode it was the best most epic part! I also love how they show the soft side of finn in this episode. :)

4.) Hell-o
I have to admit the only reason why I love this episode is because they introduce Jesse. Also because of the songs they perform such as Give's you hell and Hello.

3.) Theatricality
LADY GAGA AND KISS! are the main focus in this episode. In the episode you truly understand the artist by everything that happens such as dressing the way you like and being friends with whom ever you want to be friends with. I love that they mention twilight. all songs performed are some of glee's best!

2.) Sectionals
Everything just comes out in sectionals and its like a big relief you had building up the first part of the season. I love the way new directions worked together to overcome the leaking of list to make new songs to perform at sectionals Don't rain on my parade made me cry of happiness. THEY WON! :)

what is there not to love about this episode? Finn and Rachel become close again right before their performance of faithfully and unite for any way you want it and love touching squeezing and ending it with don't stop believing which started the show. the best performance though had to be BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY! by vocal adrenaline! gah! amazing! during the song Quinn is having her baby so with that and the song you can't help but shed a tear. Although they lost it was still amazing show and i love that they put that in the episode it just sends the message that not everyone wins and you will always have another chance to try again.

well loves that is my list of favorite episodes sorry i didnt continue to recap the episodes it became to be to much time spent i was going on 2 hours just by 7! wow! i know! I want to write another blog with just a list of my favorite songs from glee maybe i will do it at work if i have time.

other than that regular blog tomorrow following a review of the new episode of glee if i find myself taking notes to remember what to write about lol we will see if not it will be up next monday. lots and lots of show reviews coming up now that all new shows are on now.

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