Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Silvia's advice: Healthy snacks for school and work.

Hello my lovely readers,

So I have been sitting in front of my laptop thinking and thinking, how should I tell my lovely readers about relationships and sex, it's not something you just talk about on blogspot, but to make sure that I say all the right things, give the right examples, and have some reliable resources that you all can look into for more advice after I share mine. I'm asking a few of my friends on their views of relationships and sex and I will put it all together. I think I will post this blog subject the last week of september to give myself some time. So for now I will talk about something else.

Subject: Eating healthy snacks for school and work.
Question: What kind of healthy snacks can I eat during the day at school or work?

When you are at school or work you get the munchies to eat some snacks and most places have those lovely snack vending machines with a bunch of junk food that is not healthy what so ever. So you then have to bring your own snack in your backpack, purse, and or brief case. So below are a few things I would recommend to bring along with you, and I personally like as well. they are not 100% healthy but they are much better than junk food.

If you are a chip lover I recommend you buy the baked potato chips. They are slowly starting to come out with all kinds of flavors but so far all I have seen is regular potato chips, cheetos, and doritos. I would have these only two times a week.

Vegetables: Vegies are a really good snack to have at work, school is a little more harder to eat because of the crunchiness of the veggies might disturb other students but it would make a great side at lunch. as for work its great to whip out of your lunch bag and start snacking on while you are reading reports or what ever it is you do. Sometimes you can go a little crazy and bring along a small ranch dipping cup to give your veggies a little favor. I like using hidden valley light ranch dipping cups.

I used to bring a small bag of fruit to school for a snack, I would slice apples into bite sizes or put some grapes in a back. Some fruit were a little messy to cut and put in a bag for school so I stuck to apples and grapes. As for work I made a small bowl of mixed fruit.

I loved whipping out my can of yogurt in class. Yogurt is one of the most popular snack of all ages for students and working people. Although yogurt isn't something that you can keep in your purse for 3 hours plan out when you can bring yogurt.

The best beverage to drink during the day with your healthy snacks is water. "Silvia I don't like water" well try out Crystal lites packages to add some flavor to your water. Still don't like that idea try Vitamin water its flavored water with vitamins added in the water. Still don't like that idea and only want to drink pop well try the coke zero or pepsi max. Any kind of diet soda is better than regular soda.

Well my loves I hope this helped you in some kind of way to start eating healthy during work or school. when you eat health you get more energy in your body to get through the day without yawning or falling asleep at the table. Don't think you have to eat healthy healthy healthy you can always have a small fix of your favorite guilty junk food snack.

What is your favorite snack to eat during the day?

<3 Silvia