Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Silvia's advice: Joining Extracurricular activities

Hello my loves,

So all of today i have been thinking what advice should i give today because i don't want to keep putting back to school advice because im not sure how it will apply to everyone, but the reason why I starting making these Silvia's advice is to help a lovely girl named Alli be less stressed about her first year in high school. So bare with me for the next few blogs they will be about back to school. I think tomorrows blog will be a video or pictures of a back to school make up you can rock every day and takes less than 15 mins if I can find my memory card and edit or put together in time for tomorrow evening. So lets end this blab with some advice.

Subject: Joining Extracurricular activity clubs.
Question: How will Extracurricular activities benefit me?

when you start school you will see and hear a lot of announcements about joining many different clubs. These clubs are basically there to 1.)Keep students involved with the school 2.) keep the kids out of trouble 3.) a good way to meet new people and make friends. The biggest pay off of joining many clubs is putting them on college application, colleges look at your list of clubs to determin how a.)social you are b.)personal interest and c.)how much community service you put into your school. When your in college depending on the school they still have some clubs you can join as well. When your out of high school and college job application now ask what kind of activities were you involved with in school. They recommand you list them all on your resume along with what you did when you were in that activity.

When I was in high school I listened to the afternoon announcments for all the different clubs and write down the ones I was most interested in with a date and time for sign ups. I was involved in a total of 5 extracurricular activities. Environmental, Philanthropy, Tech, Drama, and Yearbook. All very much fun I made many new friends in the clubs some becoming very close friends, I also made me some money in tech club, and went to prom for free because of tech. =)

Don't ever feel like you shouldn't join a club because you'll look like a school dork, because your not! You help make your school look better and I can only hope and promise it will make school alot more fun for you. plus you have a better chance at getting a fun job because you were so involved and social. So go out join all the clubs that sound fun to you and have a blast.

With love and encouragement,
Silvia <3