Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Important message from yours truly Silvia

Hello my love,

I just want to write a quick blog, no worries i'm writting my regular blog later this evening. there are three things I want to cover,

1.) When I link sites its for you the viewer/ reader to be able to click on and see the product and discription if you want to buy it. it's not me saying click this link and go and buy it. When i link a Marykay web site i link my Marykay lady website, if you have your own rep type in Marykay.com/(sellers name) and you can buy from them.

2.) this weeks blogs will be a little serious I was asked to very important and serious questions that any young reader may have and i want to answer it in the best way. Today will be about relationships and thursdays will be about sex and all it's consiquences. I just ask for any readers support these are very tough to talk about i have been thinking about it all day i do not want to write the wrong thing. I wont be going really deep into the subjects but I still ask for your support and any question you might have please send it to my email. i will be writting the blog about 7:00pm chicago time.

3.) You all have been loving my makeup blogs i know because you send me awesome emails saying you do. i find it sooo funny that no one comments on the blog but they send me personal emails. dont be afraid to comment i'll read them i promise. :)
I cant promise a makeup blog every week but i will promise i wont stop writting them. i Have a big trip to chicago planned for october 1st so i will be writting about that. I will be going to some cosmetic places.

love you all muchos