Friday, May 7, 2010

May, Glee, books, hot studs and their cars.

May 6,2010

Wow it's may already, May is my favorite month of the whole year I love it more than my birth month October. Now thats saying something lol i love it just because its so fresh its nice out side not too cold not too hot, just right and there are the occasional rain showers that make the flowers grow and smell so good. I have so much to talk about I cant even remember it all. hehe

Okay i cant remember what it was so i will just talk about my last few days, I was sick yesterday with some kind of bug giving me the worst pain ever! if i was eligible to throw up thats what I would have been doing, but i'm ineligible to do so. I was so dizzy i couldn't lift my head up it was horrible. So laid in bed and watched glee all day. yep thats right I fell in love with a new show, I already watch so many but this one is a must watch!

Glee is an amazing show packed with all kinds of music with from many generations! I've heard of the show before but never watched it, i kept hearing about it on twitter and thought oh well i should watch it online then, i go on every website possible to try and find glee season one part one. I couldn't find it at all so i go on the target website to see how much it was and it was only 18.99 so I decided to buy it and watch it after the first episode i fell in LOVE! Its simply amazing and i believe you all should give it a chance if you haven't already.

I've finally started reading new moon again, i started it back in February but never got past page 20. Now im on page 200 something but i would have finished it but i dont read on weekends and then i got sick and what not so i havent been able to finish it but i will get it done by next wednesday for sure and then start on Eclipse ASAP! I'm debating on if i should read Breaking dawn right away after Eclipse or should i wait i little bit because the movie wont come out till November 11,2011 but im so curious to see what happens so maybe i will read a book in between Eclipse and breaking dawn just to get a little break i love Twilight but reading in such a fantasy sometimes gets to be too much. I actually have a list of books to read lol so here is my list

Breaking Dawn
L.A Candy
Sweet Little Lies
The last song
Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

I'm trying hard not to look into books because then i will buy them right away and not get to them right away because i have them. I also have a thing were i cant barrow a book because I one take too long to read it, I like the smell of new pages, and im scared to damage a book thats not mine. I also hate to loan out my books because when i read them i don't even break the spine at all when im done it still looks brand new and thats what i like them to look like and usually when i've loaned books i get them back with pages folded and little pencil marks. So i try my best not to loan out books and avoid it as much as i can. sounds mean i know but im just Ocd about that. So thats why i purchase a book rather than check it out from the library or borrow it. plus its always good to have your own copy! =) who knows you might get it signed. ohh and all my books have to be hard cover with exception of Nicholas Sparks I have his books in paper back, im not sure why but I started my collection of his books in paperback so i keep it like that.

On a happy more funny story....

So I was at the gas station getting gas, now if you know me i cant pump gas on my own to save my life so my mom was doing all the work and I was sitting in the passenger seat and we are behind this kid he comes out with some light blue jean loose fitted and an Hollister shirt he's Mexican and he's driving a 2007 Mustang in cherry red and he gets out stares at me for 2.5 seconds and continues to try and swipe his card for gas he's trying every way he can till he realized the card is upside down. so he gets the pump to work and he puts it in and what not and then stands there with his hands in his pocket looking around then he does the "MANLY" gesture...ladies you know what im talking about oooh i have to stretch my arms far out, leaves one arm up folded and hand behind his head. "OH MISTER YOUR SO MANLY AND HOT YUMMMY!" (hahaha yea right) so his gas is down and he gets in the car he strolls his way to the drivers side and gets in being sure to bend the booty. so my mom pulls behind him to get out on to the road and he does a burn out and me and my mom are laughing "HE IS ONE STUD!" men and their cars they think they are so cool and think woman are turned on by mustangs. pshhhhk please show me a 2010 mustang in black with a clutch then i will think your a stud.....if your driving an automatic it just SCREAMS sissy! I might be high maintenance but i was raised around good cars and you are not a manly man if your gonna drive a mans car with an automatic stick. oooh guys these days.......

Goodnight my loves!

<3 Silvia