Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dancing with the stars disappointment and parts of glee.

Hello my loves,

So tonight was the season finale of dancing with the stars and let me tell you I have never been so disappointed. I have been cheering for Erin and Max's along with Aidan and Edyta(sp?) since the very beginning along with cheering for them I was not so happy they had Nichole on the show for the simple fact that she was already a dancer and knew how to dance more than everyone on the show and she started at the top from the very beginning as for everyone started from the very bottom and worked their butt off to try and get to the top. Even though she danced amazing and I sometimes was like wow! to me it just wasn't fair she got so far. So to see she won I was um well disappointed.

I was also mad because I sat their and watched her win while I missed Glee and the hills I occasionally flipped back and forward to glee so I got to see parts of it. The beginning to me was so hilarious when they are judging tina for her sudden wardrobe into goth. The principle then blames it on the twilight movies and everyone is turning into vampires. Then Tina says "my mom doesn't let me watch twilight she thinks that Kristin Stewart is a bitch" i about died laughing. I got to see the girls preform Bad romance and poker face. um the boys did a number from kiss and the whole Finn and Kurt drama, WOAH! talk about ripping off the band aid. Once I see the full episode i'll write my opinions on it i guess.

There is not much to write about from my brain it feels a little over whelmed.

Goodnight my loves.

<3 Silvia