Friday, May 28, 2010

Graduation Memories

Hello my loves,

I had a long long blog but decided to just focus this one on graduation specifically.

It has been one whole year today May 28th that I have been out of high school and officially received my diploma from well my counselor lol because they hand you the actual paper after the ceremony and I remember the counselor handing mine with tears in her eyes. I worked my butt off to graduate, I slacked so bad my freshmen year failing almost all my classes and partly my sophomore year. Beginning of second semester I was asked to prom yet again, because I was asked my freshmen year but I had my Quinceanera that weekend so couldn't go plus I had a low GPA any who I was asked by a friend and so I worked so hard to get good grades and I did but then the guy took back his invite because he started dating this girl and asked if he can take her and I couldn't tell him no so I didn't go to prom but I ended up with great grades and pretty dress for the summer. I wasn't mad at him or anything just a little bummed My counselor sent me to Summer school to earn credits for my world history class from freshmen year. I worked really hard in summer school and after summer school was over a week later I lost my grandpa and it was his dying wish I work hard in school and be successful in what ever I did as long as I was happy. So my junior year came and I worked really hard I was in school every single day except one because I was so sick. My counselor called me in and told me I was doing so good and she mentioned I made honor roll, I hadn't been on honor roll since 2nd grade. always close but never there I still had a few credits to make up so I had to attend credit recovery(night school) and make up my Us History credit(10th grade) and English credit(9th grade) so when I finished my junior year I was 1 credit short of being a senior. So come senior year after 1st semester I was offically considered a Senior, but I had to pass every class to graduate. So I had to stay for 7 periods both semesters and I signed up for work corp. so I got a credit for working after school. So I passed all my classes and graduated with 2 extra credits! =) So my counselor was very proud and the following year and probably years to come she used my story to inspire other students just like me. So when I think graduation I think of my long journey of success to get that special piece of paper.

So my awesome friends who are graduating this year I would like to say Congratulations and welcome to the real world! It's a little intimidating at first but i promise you will enjoy it after awhile.

Wishing love and happiness,

Love always,

Silvia <3

Heres a picture that went into my thank you cards. one blog i'm going to just post a bunch of my favorite pictures from high school.I had to paint my schools name out cause well I don't want any stalkers lol