Sunday, May 23, 2010

My taste in music=My personality.

Hello my loves,

So it was brought to my attention for the past week on my taste of music. I have never really thought about it until now. I used to like certain music because everyone liked it, if you didn't like this certain music you weren't all that and then some. Okay so let me get into my background kind of to really let you understand what I went through growing up under peer pressure.

Until I was about 12 in the 6th grade I never had to deal with peer pressure I did what I thought was right, I did things that were me. Once I hit 6th grade that was it I did what was the in thing to do, I did what my friends were doing, I learned what my Heritage was and followed it just like my friends. In sixth grade I was around people that listened to rap, r&b, and latino music. Thats what they liked and I told my self thats what I had to like when I was around them. When I came home I secretly listened to what I thought was good music. I like the simple pre teen music such as Play, Jesse McCartney, Jessica Simpson, and Hilary Duff. Only my best friend knew about what I really liked. Along with all the other peer pressured things I did that I might mention one day in a blog. I never came out and rightfully said what I liked, I even went to the extreme to get rid of old cd's of the backstreet boys, Britney spears, and Nsync. I did this till about sophomore year that I finally started owning up to my own music.

Well coming back into the present, I have loved and lived with the music that makes me so happy to sing and dance along. I truly believe I have came a long way to owning up to my favorite music. I am such a broadway girl, pop lover, I like a little rock and so on. Well.....not everyone likes what I like and I am constantly judged for what I liked whether its a stare when you hear my music blasting out the car window, friends going through my ipod, or they even say what kind of music do you listen to?
I'm quite frankly tired of it! if you don't like what I listen to oh freaking well you don't have to listen to it, but keep your opinions to yourself. It truly does hurt when your judged over something that makes someone feel so happy.

I will continue to listen to what I like to listen to and not stoop to my peers level and listen to what they listen to if I want to fit in. I am going to be me and blast glee on my stereo and sing so loud the neighbors will have to file a Restraint on my singing just like Rachel berry. Everything I listen to fits my Bubbly personality and i'm not going to change it! I just have to find some friends that will listen Glee, Legally blonde, Wicked, Avenue Q, and so much more.

I encourage everyone to listen to what they want to listen to, don't listen to music because its really popular on the radio. That goes along with everything else.

Always follow your heart my loves and never like something you don't like!

<3 Silvia

Never let someone rain on your parade!