Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dancing with the stars, Glee, and The Hills Review

Hello my loves,
Im writing my blog a little more earlier than I usually do for two reasons, one I have to gossip about tonights episodes, Two I have to finish reading tonight I told myself I would be finished with this book by Wednesday and well tomorrow is my deadline lol.

Alrighties so let me start with tonights Dancing with the stars results episode. I am so HAPPY! Erin and Maxs is in the finals I have been voting for them and Aiden since the show started I think she is so talented and wonderful. In my own personal opinion Nicole is great but it is just not fair that she is on the show and on top because before she was obviously a good dancer and danced many times before the show so I personally believe she doesn't belong on the show. Dont get me wrong she is sooo talented and great dancer but its not fair. So I am fully happy that Erin is in finals and I will be cheering for her. Also did you see Miley Cyrus's performance? talk about cheap! My gosh miley your 17 not 23 and a stripper. Although I have to admit I loved her boots and makeup but not something I would let my 17 year old wear.

Moving on to Glee, I feel like glee was more of a sad Glee don't yall think? I loved it though but it was sad like with Archie (I think thats how you spell his name) and how his hopes of walking and dancing were shot down. Then Rachel trying to find her mom and turns out it was Ms.Corcoran. Did I not say Lea Michele looks Idina Menzel? lol how about that performance of Dream on? talk about chills! it was amazing!! I am sooooo EXCITED for next weeks performances Glee goes GAGA! I bought the volume 3 soundtrack and let me tell you im in love with i've also listened to poker face and bad romance 10 times! I have to get used to the censored parts though with the french part and then the part when gaga says "I'm a free bitch baby" glee says "i'm a freak baby"

Last but not least The Hills, My goodness what the hell went on today???? okay so the beginning starts with Kristen and Heidi meeting and talking about who knows what then goes on to Kristen meeting a bunch of friends at a club and Spencer showing up going off on Brody and Audrina for no freaking reason! I'm thinking WTF! why did he call her the lamest girl in the club? is he really that freaking mad she never chose him? What did Brody do to him? he was just being a good friend i think in my own opinion. Then later when Audrina and Kristen meet up with Heidi for a supposed lunch they try to talk to her about Spencers crazy actions and Audrina mentions that Spencers owes her an apology and Heidi says for what? and doesn't even acknowledge that her husband was wrong and try to even apologize for him. Then the whole second club scene ignoring a whole bunch of people is completely ignorant and how Spencer said he cut all communications out of Heidi's life and she only writes poetry, read books, and pets puppies. WTF!!! who the hell does that. also did you notice all the freaking rings she was wearing on her hands? she looks stupid like that! spencer too! what the hell are they doing performing their own cult? seriously! now the ending with all the girls together was truly a tear jerker to see friends come together and help Stephanie and Holly is truly a bond. poor Holly just cant except her sister she once had is gone bonkers. I can truly feel their heartbreaks and pain and couldn't help but shed a tear or two.

Wow what a night it was tonight on tv I am really happy Jersey shore will be starting again soon I think thats how they made it sound and they are reairing all of season one. alrighties my loves thats all i have to say for the night tomorrow night i will be writing my reactions to the ending of my book, im currently reading New moon, i know im behind but im slowly catching up. Talk to you all soon.

To end a goodnight with a good song One less bell to answer/A house is not a home

<3 Silva