Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunscreens Review

Hello my loves,
92 degree weather is what we Chicago people have been waiting for! When you start off the summer with a big heat wave you only then know the rest of the summer is going to be HOT! When the weather is hot, you have to wear your sunscreen! wearing sunscreen is so important, the many threats of skin cancer from the sun is crucial and something to be concerned about! I got a little burned on my legs today from just driving around for 2 hours. So here are a few of my favorite sun screen products. going from high end to drugstore.

Mary Kay all over sunscreen I simply Adore this sun screen! It is one of the sun screens that doesn't feel greasy on your skin, although on the bottle and web site it says it last 80 mins. For me it last about 2.5 hours then im ready to reapply it. It also feels like a moisturizer when you have it on! The cons about the product is it is a small bottle and really has about 20 applications in the bottle. 4.0 oz $14.00 you can purchase it from your local Mary Kay consultant. To find one online Click here.

Clinique sun SPF 50 body cream The one thing about this product that I simply LOVE! is it is uva/uvb protection but its also an anti aging protection from the sun. who doesn't love that in a sunscreen? another thing I love about this sunscreen is its super gentle for sensitive skin, my legs sometimes break out into a rash from some other sunscreens. Cons about this product is you don't get very much product for the price you pay for. 5.0 oz. $20.00 you can find this at the local Clinique stands or at Clinique's web site.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 55 I love when i put on this product it goes on a little creamy and dries with a matte feel. Through the first hour you can see it working when it absorbs the oil your skin is producing while in the hot water. this product is intense! Works great on those really hot days. Cons I would only use this product if I needed intense protection because it is small and a little high in price. 3.0 Oz. $10.99 you can find it at your local drug store or Target.

Sport Performance Ultra Mist Sunscreen SPF 50 Continuous Clear Spray. The ever famous Banana Boat! I love using this stuff when I go to the beach, around the pool, water parks, and anywhere I know I will be running around. It's totally a reasonable price and works for everyone. I prefer the mist because it goes on more even and great for a fast application. it's 6.0 Oz. and cost about 5.99 at your local drug store or Target. It last longer than a squeeze bottle in my opinion.

Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40. My all time favorite sunscreen for my face is this! I can replace my moisturizer for this in the summer and never feel dry on my face. I did a full review on this product in my Clinique 3 step system review here 1.4 Oz. $17.50. It last about a month depending on how much you apply.

Neutrogena Sport Face Sunblock Lotion SPF 70+ is possible the best drug store sunblock for the face. It feels like a moisturizer just like the Clinique face sunscreen but it gradually starts to feel a little oily after your second application. Other than that it works amazing on those hot days but is also amazing enough to use every single day no matter what you are doing. 2.5 Oz. $9.99

Mary Kay After-Sun Replenishing Gel. Even though we are using these amazing sunscreens the sun is so strong and can still give us a sun burn so after being in the sun I like to put on a nice even layer on the spots that have gotten sun burned. It really cools down the burns and relaxes the skin enough for me to be able to do what ever task I need to do or get some rest. 6.5 oz. $12.00

Softlips chapstick is my favorite lip sunscreen! it's just great and im sure everyone has heard of them so no reason to go on about their goodness! for a two pack its $2.50 at your local drug store or Target.

Please keep your skin healthy and safe this summer and try some of these products. if you have a product that you swear by let me know I am always willing to try out new things. I hope you all have a wonderful evening and if you are in areas with hot weather stay cool and hydrated.

<3 Silvia